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Sacred Mods

92 files


    Allows you to have an alternative startup screen.
    16:9 ; 4:3 ; and Non-Resized versions.
    Find Installation instructions here



  2. Invisible Armors

    This mod turns the basic armor types (armors that look very similiar and at use by multiple characters) invisible. Armors that are unique looking (like set armors and armors specific to a character, as visible on the screenshot) are not yet included and will be added in future updates. 
    Use this mod only if you want to see the model of the character!!!



  3. Temptress (wood elf)

    Thought about Adelina's model for some time and I decided to give it to the Wood Elf. She wanted to be an adventurer anyways now she can go anywhere.
    Included the Temptress and Pirate models as their animations are the same
    - Vilya



  4. Schniepel

    As much as I'd love to properly finish it, this mod is likely to remain unfinished until I come across all dwarf armors to erase their texture to see the model properly. 
    Anyways EVERYTHING you need to know is written in the txt file. This changed the appearance and animations of the dwarf. 
    IF I get proper feedback from a dwarf user I can improve it
    - Vilya



  5. The Withered Rose

    Not all of the elves followed the path of righteousness... Some strayed off the path and joined the Dark Elves, some elevated themselves above the Ice Elves, and some remained loyal to their heritage. But one's heart was touched by Darkness. From an early age her presence caused the vegetation to wither. Often she was seen holding a purple rose that soon withered by her touch. The elves cast her out and named her The Withered Rose. She disappeared for a while and lived within the caves of the world until one day a Dark Elf found her, this Dark Elf shown her that all things in life have a secret meaning. She took up her bow embraced her gift of Darkness and set out with the Rouge Dark Elf to cleanse the world from the Deciever. 
    - Transformation
    - Thorn Bush 
    - Recuperation
    - Poisoned Tendrils
    - Plant Cage
    - Companion of the Woods (if player requires it, they will summon a gargoyle whose texture can be changed instead of the Unicorn)
    - Call of the Ancestors
    - Most of her Bow skills have a new purple-ish glow 
    - Vilya



  6. Undead Mages

    I remember seeing the Skeleton Mage on this site some time ago but I did not find the blue version. I did some digging grabbed the animations and the blue texture and now you can choose which form to use. 



  7. Fallen Angel

    Seraphim were made to watch over the world. Each of them had the ability to call down 'favours' from the Gods. The Seraphim were protected by holy magic to ensure they would not fall to the Darkness, but one of them escaped before she could be 'blessed', not wanting to become a mindless minion. It was not long before she was ensnared by a Dark Being. She was unprepared to resist its power but instead of killing her the Being offered her a choice. The choice, to live freely and be undetectable by the Gods at the cost of her Light. Having no better option the Seraphim agreed and her Light was gone, instead Darkness embraced her and branded her. She became the Fallen Angel, a Seraphim whose light was dim, armed with the powers of the Underworld, and an indomitable spirit. Though her purpose remained unknown the pact she made with that Entity will forever haunt her mind, what if she had not escaped? Would she truly be an artificial being with no thoughts and emotions? Or would she be just like now... but bright and not dark. 
    Changed whatever I could;    
        - BeeEffGee bolts 
        - Irritation
        - Lightning Bolt
        - Light Shield
        - Celestial Light symbol
        - Strength of Faith 
        - Energy Bolts
        - Sparks for Combat Arts when striking enemies
        - New Weapon Glow
    Here is a video: 



  8. Glorious Knightess

    I know it took longer than most of you expected. Nowdays my schedule is all about recovering the energy my 'daily routine' takes away from me. Anyways the vampiress got this skin, which changes the bats to birds and found an unused wolf texture which I added. Most spells got new FX, but they combo hits and such were untreacable for me.
    - Vilya



  9. Angel of Xmas 2.0

    Santa's little helper has arrived with style. After some hours of texturing the Seraphim will light up the night sky like the Sun itself with her celestial powers. 
    - Vilya



  10. Citizen (Mage)

    With RuDDick's help I was able to turn this into reality. Citizen's can be finally used as heroes. 
    Notes: Due to them lacking MANY animations their attack/casting animation might be weird. I tried to find the most suitable animations so I hope it will be enough.
    Be sure the check out the Pictures folder
    - Vilya



  11. Witches

    Witches are few and far between. Play as one now!
    Shareefa meets herself, what could go wrong?
    Pirate Seers have reached Ancaria.. What visions will they reveal?
    - Vilya



  12. Orcs (Gladiator)

    Now you can play as an orc! Their varations are added, feel at home in Khorad-Nur!
    - Vilya



  13. Nobleman (Dark Elf)

    So the pair of the Noble Lady has arrived with all his forms. Added Captain Vernon as a special gift. Play as the great traitor Demordrey if you want, scare the people as a spectre the choice is yours! 
    Notes: SOME skill animations are broken due to nobleman lacking spells (duh)
    - Vilya



  14. Anducar

    So the time has come for the main villain to do some reflecting and make up for his mistakes. 
    Anducar has come to Ancaria to purge it of the evils! 
    Added colored varations due to him lacking casting animations (he has like 2 to be exact lol, tried adding white but did not mix well looked like was bleached)
    - Vilya



  15. Santa has arrived

    Santa has finally arrived in Ancaria! Who might his little helper be remains to be seen.
    Vanquish foes with the power of the North Pole, for Santa has lost his patience and is ready to leave the enemies in snow
    - Vilya



  16. Mages & Criminals

    Hello once more, on the streak of xmas gifts...
    I FINALLY found these files. The mages from the game and added the robber and slayer enemies too as they share models and animations.
    ALL variations of the mages (including Lareniar) are here, with the possibility to add blue fire to spells (like recent my mods). ALL the characters's pictures can be found in the ___Pictures folder once you downloaded it, in case you don't want to check them one by one.
    This mod took much of my time, as I had to do some digging due to some files being german and english both. I long ago promised you these skins so now use them well.
    - Vilya



  17. Priests

    Made another skin for BM. Sakkara Priests are quite common in some areas, now you can play as one. 
    Do note that using the bright version will change the appearance of Sakkara Priests.
    - Vilya



  18. Shaddar

    Hello (again)
    For those who wanted to play as Shaddar now can.
    Both forms are available, informations can be found in the txt.
    - Vilya



  19. Matriarchs of the Arcane Powers

    Hello people
    It's been a while... For my grand return (lol), I'm granting you these skins. Everything you need to know is in the txt. 
    Revamped the High Priestess skin into the Sakkara High Priest (will change the apperance of Sakkara Priestesses) 
    If you want the armors (for Battle Mage) to be invisible download to files from here and put them in the PAK folder
    - Vilya



  20. Reborn mod Winter Theme

    Winter screen for the Sacred Reborn 4.6 main menu. 
    Res: 1364x768
    Put the file into the PAK folder. That´s it.



  21. pureHD mod for Sacred

    pureHD — минималистическая версия HD мода. Позволяет выбирать произвольное разрешение (вплоть до 1920 × 1080). Имеет несколько новых консольных команд. Особенностью является открытый исходный код. Предназначен для программистов — создателей модов. Использует Sacred API и Ecx Library.

    pureHD is a minimalistic version of HD mod. Allows you to choose any resolution (up to 1920 × 1080). It has several new console commands. A special feature is the open source code. It is intended for programmers who create mods. Uses Sacred API and Ecx Library.




  22. Web downloader for Sacred NL

    Sacred NL — новый концепт старой игры Sacred Underworld, созданный с помощью расширения mmG. Мод позволяет выбирать произвольное разрешение — Custom HD. Мод без ребаланса и ретекстур.
    Имеется режим Хардкор!
    Sacred NL is a new concept from the old Sacred Underworld game, created with the mmG extension. The mod allows you to choose any resolution — Custom HD. Mod without rebalance and retexture.
    There is a Hardcore mode!



  23. Sacred Gold Balance.bin

    Hello guys! 

    I am a total war modder and I recently play Sacred so I changed some things. Here are my settings for the game and I decided to share my balance.bin 
    Short kill count required for almost all regions, new skill every 5 levels etc
    Tell me what you think



  24. Better Underworld Character Selection Screen

    Hi everyone! Second appearance for me here in this section.

    This simple mod removes the blue ugly... thing in the bottom of the character selection screen, as well as the heroes reflection on the water when selecting the hero for the Ancaria campaign. I removed the reflections because the official ones are not updated to be used with the dwarf and the daemon, in fact there is no file with the correct reflections in the texture.pak file.

    Let me know what do you think about the reconstruction of the vampire and gladiator platforms and if you have some ideas to make them look better. Works with Sacred Underworld and Sacred Reborn.



  25. Sacred Underworld Main Menù Graphics FIX

    Hi guys! First appearance for me in this section, with a fix, as the file name says, for the main menu graphics of Sacred Underworld, which are glitched in the bottom right corner.

    I edited a tga file extracted from the texture file, and I fixed the alpha channel to have the correct transparency. Fortunately, it was only one tga file, GUI_UW_OPTIONS12.tga, to have a strange alpha channel, with a shade of gray instead of a pure white to give 100% opacity on the rocks. As a follow up, I also fixed SUI_UW_OPTIONS12.tga and SUI_UW_OPTIONS1.tga of the Sacred Reborn mod by Overlookers to have the correct transparency as well.

    P.S. This bug is a bit difficult to see in my screenshot, but in the game it is very noticeable due to the water animation behind the rocks.



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