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Unbended from Ye olde Sacred Designers

  1. Unbended Wiki

    Heads up for our latest project, inspired by the heir to the Sacred Universe, Unbended... now looking for inspired and hungry wiki worker contributers!

    36 posts
    4 topics_no_number
  2. Unbended General Discussion

    News and general discussion about this new Sacred fan favorite!

    1,094 posts
    50 topics_no_number
  3. Unbended Class - Gambler

    Never call me a cheat...

    30 posts
    1 topics_no_number
  4. Unbended Class - Blademaster

    I am my Lord’s eye, hand and blade.

    12 posts
    1 topics_no_number
  5. Unbended Class - Crystal Mage

    We merely use, what the world gives.

    27 posts
    1 topics_no_number
  6. Unbended Fan Art

    Fan art from the community

    19 posts
    3 topics_no_number
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