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  1. What a delightful entrance into the forum.. two big bags of goodies for us... a first post, and..... a glorious new mod that can give the poor little guardian some time away, maybe with the monster family on a beach somewhere with monster snacks Happy to meet up Kitty and was thinking of what you mentioned about wanting to add more elements In SacredWiki theres a section called Sacred Media, and within it you'll find loads of items collected from game and contributors... maybe something there you like ? https://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred_2:Fallen_Angel Sacred 2 Media Screenshots - High-resolution screenshots from Sacred 2. Video Garden - In-game videos and game animations. Renders - High-quality character and creature renders. Fan Art - Drawings and illustrations contributed by players. Artwork - Early sketches and designs. Box Art - Box art that rivals the best. Wallpapers - Official Sacred 2 Wallpapers. Avatars - Official Sacred 2 Avatars. Thanks again for your finding us... were a little way off the beaten universe tracks, but we got our own little Planet Sacred here chock full o'fans! Welcome to DarkMatters! gogo
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