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  1. So, can I buy the UK version or MUST it be the International version? I found a site (UK based) that has a copy with "Deep Silver" on it, but no mention of if it's an Int or just a UK copy. I'm thinking of just nabbing a UK copy if that will get me to play with you guys. Lemme know what's up, it's all so confusing. Any help is good help, thanks all!
  2. Huh, I thought Amazon didn't ship outside UK? Or was it some strangeness about versions being offered?
  3. Okay, sweet. I now know the "I" is what I want. I'm a little tentative about Direct 2 Drive stuff. If I can get a hard copy, all the better. If not, I'll push for the D2D. So, there's an option for me, thanks!
  4. I live in the US and really want this expansion. I'm considering buying the UK/International version (whichever will allow me to play with you guys), but I have trouble finding a reputable site to order from. Has anyone already done this? If so, help is appreciated. I have already checked gogamer.com and they are currently out of stock for the "(I)" version. Is that the same as the UK version? Thanks for the help guys! Von Bek
  5. Try champs in that gronks hand - grave quest. You need kill him last if I remember right. Hes quest boss, might drop blue or yellow head. Its a small cave in middle orcs, with a quest giver wery close to entry to cave. In his health bar, does it designate him as a boss? And have you ever seen any of the other heads I was asking about? I tried farming the mech units in the Great Machine, the plants on the Dryad Isle, and the demons in the jungle but with no luck. And now I saw there are Dryad type enemies which gets me wondering. . . Update: Did the quest, and Gronkar's
  6. I thought of that too! but it says in under his name that he's a T-Energy boss. However, seeing D-molisher's post, I'm wondering if he doesn't drop a yellow orc head, because the Jungle boss is supposedly a Mechanical boss. So, I think I'll give him a good thwacking so see what he gives me. Won't hurt much. Speaking of D's stuff, I've got the same heads Update: Thranak does NOT drop orc heads. Just tried and got a T-Energy head. Poo. . .
  7. So, I've rolled up my dryad and with all the new patches, I decided to try out a caster again, only with a main bent towards Voodoo. It kicks. It really does. Totem is uber, and the summons are grand. . . at least I thought they were good until a blue head dropped. . . and then a yellow. So, this brings me to the point of my topic thread: I'm searching for any and all monster type Bosses and I didn't see any for the Orcs. . . which makes me kind of sad, to say the least. I was wondering if any were added in the new patch or if anyone's going to update the wiki if there are (or send
  8. Von Bek

    Totem Gold Mod

    Anyone know which gold mod is better for Totem CA? The decreased cooldown mod has a linear increase of 100+1 per level, but more totems=more shots/targets The increased attk speed begins to teeter off as you increase CA levels, but it's only one totem and one enemy target at a time. At this point I'm leaning towards taking the cooldown one as that's something only a mod can do.
  9. BV is considered a "spell." It has intensity just like any other non-weapon based CA. So, in that respect it DOES make sense that int would boost it (that and int boosts the dmg of ALL Combat Arts based on a how much in you have and how much damage the CA is doing).
  10. Oi, forgot to say that Feel Cold DOES in fact add a sensitivity to enemies with no visible cold resistance in their armor bar.
  11. I'm currently playing an Ice HE and I've got cobalt strike with my mob killing Frost Flare. Now, I'm modding Cobalt Strike and I want to take both chances to strike another target and the Explosion mod, but there's something I need to know before I take it: does the explosion only go off for the target monster or does it go off for EVERY hit? If it were to go off on every hit, it would work incredibly well with frost flare, and would be able to essentially double the damage on the nearby monsters already hit once by the initial blasts. Thanks in advance guys!
  12. I'm at a loss as to what to pick for this last mod on Crystal Skin. Do I go for the increased ice damage across the board, thus freeing up some of my ring slots and armor slots for -% regens, or do I opt for the reverse of that, and go for high level Combat Arts with low regens? I can't figure out which is going to have the better return in the long run. If anyone can help me out, much would be appreciated. I've noticed more people getting the regen mod, but recently, there's been quite a surge in the damage mod. . . just don't know. . .
  13. First off, spell intensity is much like an attack rating. It opposes your enemies spell resistance. You're not always gonna deal full damage, but the higher your intensity, the more often you deal FULL damage (after resistances and such). Now, for the Feel Cold mod. . . it has a MAXIMUM range. That's right. It has a very "short" (enemies will reach you when they're finally in range for you to start casting spells at them with the lowered resistances) radius. It does increase damage nicely, but I feel the range is a bit of a hinderance. You're an HE and you've got little to no hp. . .
  14. I am loving this build, and I did it more as a support tank for my party member. More things for enemies to smash that are NOT us
  15. So, I'm making an Astral Lord and I've been using Spectral Hand quite a bit and I've read that AL lore has had no effect on it in the past. Well, I was just playing and happened to check how much my dmg had gone up before I allocated my skill points. . . 404 was my max. Popped the point to max out AL lore and lo-and-behold max dmg had bounced up to 408! I shall continue to test further whether this holds true or not. . . And just one thing, does AL Lore really increase the dmg of Nether Allegiance? This has never, ever worked for me in the past. I know it increases crit rate, but flat
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