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  1. Not sure if ps3 has it but look up torchlight. You can make specific builds for each character type, has tons of loot, randomized levels, and a never ending dungeon (levels never end)
  2. Why mess with what works? Sacred 3 should follow the obvious successes of the previous two games. No need to rewrite the script. I won't bother if it isn't similar to the other 2 games. I need to able to create my personal builds and wander freely.
  3. Update: Level 80 in platinum. No deaths and using Inexorable Subjugation to create a killing horde, usually around 5 active at most times. Even though there's no offensive skills, the dual wield remains a good and simple choice against most enemies while subjugation recharges [which is quick]. Mob killing remains simple and easy. Bosses/mini-bosses offer no difficulty. LocNar
  4. Not only the Forest Guardian for me but the Tree Spirit in the higher levels; damn thing keeps healing itself. As for the boss levels; I think your character needs have a spell for protecting yourself and an attack that can stun them. Early in the game, I notice the bosses and mini-bosses have the upper hand as your life is low and attacks are low. As a temple guardian, the second arm can really help in close up fighting. Also, the beam attack seems to work well.
  5. Just an update. The toon is now level 108 and has completed the main and character specific quests in Niob. Little difficulty during his quick romp through Niob. In fact, the only tough character to beat was the Tree Spirit mini-boss because he kept re-casting the heal spell on himself. I have 75 hard points to get mastery in Death Warrior Focus Tactics Lore Benevolent Champion Focus Hafted Weapons Armor Lore Combat Discipline Now working on the side quests and will add points to the focuses and dam. He has over 100 skill points from +all skill gear and
  6. My SW is a boss pwner: cast combo--> Rousing command+augmenting guidon+killing spree then frenzied rampage until dead. Normally he kills bosses under 20 secs without taking a scratch. The FR reboots itself every time so I just keep re-casting it. Funny thing, the only mini-boss I ever had trouble with was the Flame Lord. The other night I couldn't get any damage on him. So I ran away...
  7. Build Update: This one's for Axel! Here's some updated data: CA mods: Demonic Blow- Vehemence [works so well with a crit hit] + Poisoning + Trauma [for bosses] Rousing Command- Persistance + Impulse + Surge Grim Resilience- Foritfy + Readiness + Safeguard [Massive defense boosts for Noib] Frenzied Rampage- Double Attack + Double Strike + Vampire Augmenting Guidon- Elite + Tutor [works on consoles] + Leadership Killing Spree- Control + Burst + Sear Reflective Emanation- Backlash + Antimagic + Riposte Masteries and points: Master Death warrior focus, hafted weapons, an
  8. Frantic, Welcome to the Sacred world! It is a great game! As for your SW tanker, there are some builds for this on the website. But to summarize the builds, you should begin with your 2 buffs, Grim Resilience and Reflective Emenation. These two buffs working together and modded correctly will give you plenty of health, defense, and survivability. The main CAs I've used with great success are demonic blow as the main attack and Frenzied Rampage while using Augmenting Guidon+Killing Spree+Rousing Command to clear large hedious mobs. Tactics and a weapon specialization is criti
  9. I never found the minotaur lord, but I like the Werewolf lord, BloodFang or something? Just the way his body goes when he dies is pretty cool I think the Minotaur's name is Helios. You can find him in the NE section of the desert. Head into the Sands of the Thousand Antenna and go east and north around the lake. His cave entrance is on the north end of the map. Zconnor
  10. Howdy all! I've been wanting to create an Inquisitor. I had previously made a dual wielding offensive crusher and also a corpse exploder but was never really satisfied with them. Then I started this Inquisitor and found almost by accident that he's a very successful crowd controller and effective overall character. Some of the mods can be messed around with but the major points are laid out below. You may scratch your head a bit but he's proven himself well with no deaths and barely taking any significant damage. Attributes: Level 1-50ish: Vitality Post 50ish: Intelligence Sk
  11. Not sure if this has been discussed but my main problems with my dual weilding melee Inquisitor was too little life and feeling like a god CE'ing everything in site and progressing too quickly. I like the 4 levels per area method. Niob just crushed my first attempt when I got there. Any mob would make me run like a lil schoolgirl. Fortunately, I re-evaluated the build and made the necessary changes. Now he rocks the joint. Zconnor
  12. Ah, the dragon king! I like him. But! My fav is the Octoglamus. Freaky looking thing in my book. I like to watch him lose those arms one at a time while I'm smacking him down to my size. As for the mini-bosses, I prefer the Minotaur lord. Nothing like using my inquisitor to 'hire' the other minotaurs in his cavern to waste him for me! Zconnor
  13. Thanks for all the replies! With everyone's help I figured it out. To play co-op and on the same team, I need my son to log in under his mother's account and create a character [a SW]. He then accesses this character after I've started the game with an offline character only on campaign mode. This way we share the experience but no the items. I'm the host but he seems to get most of the drops. Even if I open a chest, he seems to get the drops! I can't collect them unless the time limit ends. Weird, but then again he's my kid so I don't mind him getting the drops. The no-tra
  14. Howdy all! I have a question about the XBOX 360 co-op. My son wants to play co-op with me on the Sacred 2. But I'm having a problem. Not sure if this can be done but: Can he log in as a guest under my account and use one of my characters on the same team? So far I'm not having any luck with this. He can log in under my wife's account but she doesn't have LIVE and we can only play offline and we aren't on the same team, even with both characters playing the same mode [light or dark]. Thanks for any help! Zconnor
  15. Thanks for replies! I think I'll use the two skills for bargaining and toughness. As for the bosses. It takes longer to kill them but he doesn't have much trouble. Casting dislodged and subjugation really helps. Zconnor
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