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  1. Thankyou for the response, sorry I couldn't reply earlier but I've been at work. I guess I'll keep plodding on and hopefully I'll get lucky within the next day or so
  2. I'm playing in SP mode with the latest CM patch installed. I also have the balance.txt modified to drop rares/sets/uniques (as I found in the forum) as I do not have alot of time to make a shopper. I've found testing that I can get the full set of whichever set I want for the respective characters (not tested dryad or inquisitor yet), but for some reason I can't get the full set for my HE. I have 7 out of 8 parts of the Armaments of Hell Set, but I CANNOT get the Bracers Of Phlegetos to drop. I'm now level 53 on chapter 6 and halfway through bloodwood section and I'm using the AL
  3. Using parts from this guide and a couple other places I've finally completed the game (and I've had it since it FIRST came out!!), so thankyou VERY much for the posts about DM ! I've gone down the elementalist/dragon magic route, using GoW as my main dealer, 2 protectors (modded), and a combo of GoW & defenders (5) modded for extra damage. Although I struggled a bit early on (didn't realise how good GoW actually was), once he had it I never looked back at the build and have now just started Gold at level 42
  4. When sacred2 first came out I had a trainer/mod that enabled all portal stones to be activated, meaning you didn't have to run/horse.mount everywhere. Now I've re-installed sacred 2 (with Ice and Blood expansion) I've been trying to find one again. Sometimes it's nice to explore, sometimes you just want to get on with the next part of the story So, I was wondering if anyone knew if there is one, or indeed a way of accomplishing the same thing (maybe through text editor?). Many Thanks PS.. I've been routed to this forum a few times now in the search for builds etc and have to
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