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  1. Oh my mistake I forgot the fact that one character should find the runes which appertain to his/her class more possibly than the irrelevant runes. So with 100+ runes had already found, a specific one belongs the acting character is absent, this is a bit weird indeed, but maybe game engine uses something like cache to storage some drop rate parameters and doesn't update its value frequently at certain circumstances, so the random may be a pseudo random.
  2. There are 15 runes for each character, so with all 7 characters 105 runes in total. You found 100+ runes and amongst them specific one was absent, is not a very very weird thing Kill more and may the good luck rest upon you!
  3. Hi Knuckles: Thanks for your comfort sincerely! And wish happy Sacred 2 every day!
  4. Hi Cute, cuddly little Podgie Bear: splat squash puddle tatter cuddly All these 5 words I didn't recognize before, I will use tomorrow's sporadic time (like in metro train ) to memorize them And "steroid" even doesn't exist in my dictionary The reason I like my Seraphim build to be soft, fragile, is not noly about easy to bully but also, I could then put more focus on high damage export, this corresponds to the fact that a girl is not only easy to be bullied but also exposes ten times trouble on one if one bullys her
  5. No problem. I should have written that equation down, but thats the answer I got too Glad to see you worked it out too. Because deathblow stacks in a a non linear way I think for z (deathblow threshold) to reach 50% you need radiant pillar at level 150, hard for any seraphim. So probably magnify is a better choice. Glad to see we reached consensus at this moment before new found emerge (if any). I thought no one could understand what I say out of my abracadabra use of English
  6. Hi podgie_bear: Nice of you I learned new word "squelch", I knew only "squeeze" before But I never squelched bossmen, I often been chased after by them and survived within heart-beating health points, because I always build very fragile Seraphim, because I deem girls must to be feminine so be easy to bully Just a joke
  7. Ok now I comprehend Dragon Brother's meaning: (1-z)*(x/y) + Z*(x/(2*y)) < x/(1.33*y) after go through paper scratch that means z>50% Thanks for your hints!
  8. Hi Dragon Brother: You remind me to eat runes which I hadn't concern about right now because I haven't gotten a high level. So I guess maybe the problem lays at how many enhancements about the threshold could be done by ca level. But even if I could awkwardly communicate English sentences in casual situations I couldn't easily comprehend math in English so I will try to read your sentences again and again until really understand . Thanks a lot for your genius formula Hi Furian67: Math is not only awesome but is also killing me
  9. Sorry I can't express my meaning clearly because my English bad, but I'll attempt and any advice appreciated. It's about Seraphim's Radiant Pillar's gold modification, choose between Magnify and Ordeal. Before gold modification, let's say we need to hit (n) times on a monster to flat it to the ground. So (n*1/4) times hit could consume its (1/4) hp, (n*2/4) times hit could consume its (2/4) hp, (n*3/4) times hit could consume its (3/4) hp, (n*4/4) times hit could flat it to the ground. After we choose Ordeal modification, (n*1/4) times hit could still consume its (1/4) hp, (n*2/4) times hit could still consume its (2/4) hp, (n*3/4) times hit could still consume its (3/4) hp, and then, things will change, we will not need to hit (n*4/4) times, but (n*3/4)+(n*1/4)/2=(n*3/4)+(n*1/8)=(n*7/8) times to kill it, because when consume the opponent's last (1/4) hp our damage doubled. But if we had chosen Magnify modification, which has a 1/3 damage boost, (n*3/4) times hit would already flated it to the ground, because when we applied our first (n*3/4) times hit, damage was magnified to be equal with the same damage brought by (n*3/4)*(1+1/3)=(n*3/4)*(4/3)=n times of originally hit, which already consumed the opponent's whole hp, so the Ordeal has no place to take effect Had I got any mistakes to think this way?
  10. I have the similar problem but not crisply same. When my expectation to games be too high, it would be too weary; otherwise it would be tedious. I love Oblivion, that's a game can realize my dream which other games crisply can't, but I would need to put so many efforts into it. First it can switch between first person camera and third. Then, I pinched out a(捏出了个) girl that makes my heart beat. I want it have 1:1 time scale as real time life. I want both jump and kick (like Dark Messiah) and the kick had almost been realized by Deadly Reflex mod. And infinite clothes, landscapes, animations... But then I be so greedy to want more, I found all the things which can be fetched in the near future can't cater all my yearnings so the best way is to create models, textures, by myself, and even to script, to code. This idea means I need to reparticipate college study three or more times, one for 3-dimensional game programming, the second for 3-dimensional modeling and the third for plane art designing (drawing fancy pictures ), but my work is so busy and I'm so poor I need to earn money, and I had become an adult who has so many duties to undertake, and another thing, the most important, I originally wanted to play a game in my limited spare time rather than being a study manic! So I said bye bye to Oblivion several months ago, although temporarily, because that's still a place where my dream could (maybe) realized. Sacred 2 is such a different game, which does not need me to reparticipate college graduate examination 3+ times, which could solace me immediately when I do not have much time, but a little time to roost my spirit away from the relatively tedious and weary real life. The joy is instant but effective and impressive. But my least wish couldn't be realized in it, my most urgent yearning for it is to have a first person camera control, beating the monsters a million times shouldn't be an annoying tediously repeating I expected from a game, and just the first person camera control can vanish that because I could then look into the fantastic graphics in more details. I could look around the walls, windows and doors when I walk through an alley in a town and I could see how funny a kobold's facial expression could be when he get raged while I beat him, and more... If refered to Sacred 1 I wouldn't want first person camera so much because its graphics aren't so gorgeous (actually because it's 2-dimensional how could it be in first person camera ). But it is because Sacred 2's graphics are so luxuriously charming (in some aspects more vivid than Oblivion's initial release without any mods in my opinion) which makes me feel so pity that it keeps the first person camera's possibility out of reach, sighing
  11. wolfie2kX thanks to your advice! lujate, essjayehm thanks to your hints! so it's beneficial to play with enemies rather than sending them into oblivion as soon as one can But if Sacred 2 could have first person camera, I would much more glad to play with enemies because I could then savor their looking in details. In order to be beneficial I would need to tediously consume my time or my laptop's lifetime I would probably abandon that idea. If Sacred 2 could have first person camera I would like it as much as The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion
  12. Thanks a ton to your deliberate reply! Really complex. I was thinking to keep engaged in combat but do not kill (thus do not raise experience points), just shoot or bash in an optimal frequency in order to keep engaged and simultaneously restrict experience points' raising, and then to accumulate a lot of additional attribute points for the next levelup and consequent levelups. But this maybe a silly idea because the thing is not like what I thought, sth like infinite accumulation. Sigh, speaking to me it's hardly to research further because once English sentences tend to be complex, I would be mad by parsing them one by one.
  13. I guess survival bonus on "attributes raised when leveling" be affected by time elapsed. If my guess would have been correct, it would mean if I grind much more time on combat engaging before I achieve next level, I would accumulate much more survival bonuses at the leveling moment, than the case that I level very fast on an efficiency of almost several seconds a large group of mobs and one minutes 20+ groups including champs so then levelup. Does it suggest us not to chase after fast leveling but instead, play more time with enemies before sending them into oblivion, in order to receive more survival bonuses at each levelup thus accumulate considerable amount of more benefits. My guess is from, following would be in details, I myself like a thing in games that's "Joy of Self-Frightening At The Brink of Fate Goddess Almost Grasped Your Heels". To have a crisply 1 hitpoint at just succeeded in getting out of the reach by some things was trying to kill you, is extremely stimulating, and having several hp or even 2 digits amount of hp at the outer annulus of the Collapsar of Aralu entrance, would be sufficient to bring this kind of stimulating. (Btw plz DO NOT risk your life in real life just for this kind of stimulating! ) Sacred 2's Hardcore, especially which at higher difficulty caters me well with the need of that kind of joy, and especially because I could obtain serendipitous rewards for taking risk of letting my character gone forever. But things have two-sides, gaming doesn't mean tediously wasting of time, which is precious to everyone, if one needs to start over sth, the repeating would be tedious. I saw Grubby and Moon's splendid micro-operation in Warcraft3 but no splendid could reach glory of "Crisply Zero Casualties", the same thing Sacred 2 hardcore character could die no matter how nimble or astute one's arpg micro-operation would be, not to say my awful micro-operation or improper ambition of having lots of beautiful "almost ... then still ...". So my hardly cultivated seraphim had died when I was getting around 3 champs each can punch me nearly 1/6 of my health pool with each successful hit and for keeping hp low I restricted potion drinking, after so many stimulating anecdotes made by me my seraphim died. You could imagine in order to build another seraphim to reach the same level how impatient I had been, everything had been no fresh to me any longer so I acted like a berserker in order to reach the same stage earlier, then I found when I reached about level 14 all six attrbutes was equal to 1 minus that of my previous perished seraphim. Thus, does it suggest if I level slowly I would receive about 1 additional point each attribute every 10 levels, at higher level this tiny benefit would be nice. And the benefit can be enlarged by more slowly, extremely benefit by extremely slowly?
  14. A language be spoken natively less than 6 million people must be very cool and very exotic to me If I would have time and sufficient intelligence I would like to learn very exotic languages pelting often one-shot knock-out
  15. Thanks a ton to your help and your welcome! Now I'm lack a commonsense to an English game developed by Germany, wish I would work hard to learn more. But this game seems too complicated to me or my brain seems too simple to grasp this game's extended abundant contents. And even English language seems too complicated for me to read things smoothly or express meanings properly, or with etiquette
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