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  1. Firewound the Grim (under seraphim ilsland) had its name displayed but it's considered as a boss when fighting. Izual (under seraphim island) had not its name displayed (boss too). Stormtree (swamps - marigold fields) had not its name displayed. Leoric (swamps) had its name displayed. Achmel the cursed (desert) had not its name displayed. Radament (Khorum) had not its name displayed. Witch Moon (desert) had not its name displayed. Witch doctor Endugu (jungle) had not its name displayed. None of the Council members had their name displayed. Mephisto had not its name displayed. Fangskin had its name displayed. Sharptooth slayer had its name displayed. Ancient Kaa the soulless had not its name displayed. Diablo had not its name diplayed.
  2. Yes, it seems it affects all super uniques. For now, I've come across Pindleskin (under Dragonmaw) and Colenzo the Annihilator (Nor Plat wall) and they didn't have their names displayed. Here is a late screen I took of Colenzo, we don't see its name: Thank you very much for the patch and investigations.
  3. Hello Denoshir, what is your sound system? 5.1? Stéréo, headphone? I know that in some other games, the surround may cause some sounds to not be heard. Try disabling any surround you have applied on your speakers, try different sound options in Sacred 2 (there is a badly translated option that says "effects on center speaker", uncheck it). You can reinstal directx too, maybe it will help.
  4. Still no way to have the unique champions have their names displayed? (in the french version). That sucks a lot to not know who we are fighting. I don't remember what was causing that. Thank you.
  5. There is a problem with runes for the Druid: one is called Explosion Artique (Artic Blast) but when you go to the Combo master for exchange, it is called Rafale (don't have the english word sorry). Same for Vignes empoisonnées which becomes Boule d'énergie at the Combo master.
  6. Hmm, I don't think so because there are no revelant options in the D2f optionsDefault.txt about music, effects, speech volume for example which are always reseting back to default. Plus, I saw there are some key remapping and my keybinds are not touched by that. And the last time I had this issue, it resolves by itself, I don't know how, but I haven't touched any files I think. And for the walk problem? Thank you my good Flix. Edit: I've deleted the optionsDefault.txt before reinstalling D2F and it worked indeed, it keeps my settings now. Thanks.
  7. Hello to all, I still have the issue (reinstalled) where D2F doesn't keep my sound options changes. Any ideas why? And also, my character is walking. I must have accidentally pushed one touch but can't find any to always make it run (I have to maintain pushed shift). Any solution? Thank you.
  8. Yes Nimonuil is a real nightmare, I often loose a mount against him, especially when his HP are low. He must have some kind of terrible magical attack at end. And you have to beat him twice!
  9. I have a problem with D2F: it doesn't keep the changes I make in sound options. It reverts back to default at every start. Any way to fix it? Thanks. edit: now it keeps them, don't know what happened, problem solved.
  10. Very nice to you from proposing, thank you very much. At the moment I'm happy with the color, will see for the next release, I keep it in mind. Thanks.
  11. Hello Vishanka, I've tried the Beautification Project because it looks lovely but I think one side effect is that the flying leaves are all brown now. Il looks ugly. Have you noticed it and is there a possibility to have them green? Thank you.
  12. I don't know if you can change them however you can disable them, check the link (default skills): http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred:Configuration_File
  13. Ok, thanks. Usually I do the Unique mount quest that's why I haven't noticed. Have you missed my previous post with the multiplayer island blacksmith? I have crashes involving mss32.dll. I have put version of mss32.dll instead of the current and I have no crashes so far. I know it has already been changed but it seems I have problem with it.
  14. Another thing: I'm in Gold and wanted to do the special mount quest but the questgiver in the Temple of the Gods in the Jungle has no interrogation mark on his head. Is there a prerequisite? (like maybe making the regular mount quest first which I have not done here).

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