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  1. Yes Nimonuil is a real nightmare, I often loose a mount against him, especially when his HP are low. He must have some kind of terrible magical attack at end. And you have to beat him twice!
  2. I have a problem with D2F: it doesn't keep the changes I make in sound options. It reverts back to default at every start. Any way to fix it? Thanks. edit: now it keeps them, don't know what happened, problem solved.
  3. Very nice to you from proposing, thank you very much. At the moment I'm happy with the color, will see for the next release, I keep it in mind. Thanks.
  4. Hello Vishanka, I've tried the Beautification Project because it looks lovely but I think one side effect is that the flying leaves are all brown now. Il looks ugly. Have you noticed it and is there a possibility to have them green? Thank you.
  5. I don't know if you can change them however you can disable them, check the link (default skills): http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred:Configuration_File
  6. Ok, thanks. Usually I do the Unique mount quest that's why I haven't noticed. Have you missed my previous post with the multiplayer island blacksmith? I have crashes involving mss32.dll. I have put version of mss32.dll instead of the current and I have no crashes so far. I know it has already been changed but it seems I have problem with it.
  7. Another thing: I'm in Gold and wanted to do the special mount quest but the questgiver in the Temple of the Gods in the Jungle has no interrogation mark on his head. Is there a prerequisite? (like maybe making the regular mount quest first which I have not done here).
  8. I wonder what happened to the blacksmith of the multiplayer island. Found him with this aura when teleporting back, never saw that but not a big deal.
  9. It's a High Elf with Alchemy skill if that matters.
  10. I disabled it and I've started effectively on the multiplayer island with a new char. Thank you very much noble warrior
  11. The Arena, on multiplayer island, but I think I got confused and it's only available in Diablo 2 Fallen? The Free-for-all quests mod. Yes, it was in the past.
  12. Hello Flix and dear community, I've just created a new character in multiplayer mode (cm patch 0160 + EE 3.1) and the NPC for the Arena quest on the multiplayer island is absent. Is it a bug on my side or intended? A liitle note too, it seems that now, the player, even in multiplayer mode, is starting the regular main quest on its original location, it's not starting on the multiplayer island anymore, I think it's a new behaviour too. Could it be so that we start on multiplayer island. I've already lost a High Elf char in the past because of the beginning apprentice (the Ice & bBlood splash screen popped in and the time I close it, I took two lethal fireballs). Thanks!
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