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  1. 58 minutes ago, dark471 said:

    OK, so something changed.   Sorry for necroing this threat, but it seems appropriate, seeing my Inquisitor.. is a necromancer. :wink:

    It's accurate that in my mods Enhanced Edition and Diablo 2 Fallen, I enabled the Inquisitor/Necromancer to use shields.

  2. 3 hours ago, dimitrius154 said:

    I might be able to release the next iteration around August 15-th. The one thing bogging me down is having to fix the majority of D2F models. I can't add them as is. That would be a Gamma-grade tech-heresy. 

    What are they even being added to?

  3. Hello and welcome.

    Voices are stored as ogg files located in the various speech.zip files in the game's locale folder.  The easiest way to override them is to recreate the folder structure within the locale folder and place the new custom ogg files in there.  In the English release the path would be something like: Sacred 2 Gold\locale\en_UK\speech\tg

    An alternate way would be to use soundprofile.txt (located in scripts/client) to render him silent.  He is profilename  = "Hero Templeguardian" and you can find his various speech events and change the resource = 0.  You could even change the resources to other audio clips instead.  You would have to reference soundresources.txt in the game's "locale" folder in order to see what resource ID is tied to which ogg audio file.

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  4. It's strange to see that Undead Legion sword reversed like that. I was sure we tested that sword for dual wielding (to be fair to the devs it was meant for right hand use only, by skeletons), and for that matter, I'm certain I rotated the icon as well.

  5. 17 hours ago, dimitrius154 said:

    Rider and mount scales are calculated separately, there's no scale substitution, and all player characters can ride horses. 

    So if I understand you correctly, a scaled-down character would clip into the mount, whereas a scaled-up character might hover above the saddle?

  6. 1 hour ago, gogoblender said:

    sorry to hear about this Flix! I know Brad is paranoid about his "data".  when we went away a few weeks ago for holiday weekend, he actually put about a terrabyte from his work and images and took it with us!

    not movies or anything just...files

    I have real sympathy for the frustration you must have gone through and for others who must have lost insane value... was it because of mechanical hard drive failure error or catastrophe?


    Mechanical failure of course. I work in I.T. and the #1 cause of hardware issues by far with our field employees is HDD failure. Whether it's the slightest jostle or simply father time taking his toll, mechanical hard drives all have an expiration date.

    We're making a big push to only use SSD and M.2 drives in equipment going forward.  I've made the decision to do the same in my personal life, which is why my new PC has no spinning drives in it.

    I saw it coming this last time, and backed up pretty much all data that I wanted.  I just didn't think to back up any 3DSMax files.  I don't even have 3DSMax installed anymore, since you need such an old version of the program to work with Sacred 2 files, plugins, and other mod tools.  Generally that's fine since I haven't really needed them.  Pesmontis (and now Dmitriy) have done most of the heavy lifting with models featured in my mods.


    What still stings to this day was reformatting a hard drive back in 2010 and forgetting to back up all my save games from Dragon Age and Dungeon Siege II.  :cstars:

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  7. 9 hours ago, dimitrius154 said:

    @FlixFor some reason(the "triangle indices don't start at zero" is thrown), Tyrael's model fails to get exported to SMD format, would you please send me an SMD, or a MAX file?

    [EDIT] Nevermind, I've managed to get a DAE and backtrack the surfaces via texture application.

    I don't have the files from the processing of any D2F models anymore due to a hard drive failure. Basically all I have archived are the original source files (mostly pulled from DeviantArt) and the final gr2 results.

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  8. 31 minutes ago, dimitrius154 said:

    The introduction is borne out of relic set availability, kind of unlogical to have set boni from several relic sets, but not the normal boni. 

    I agree something needed to be done there. Could it not be solved in the other direction? Such that a set bonus is only active when said relics are in the "active" slot?

    With all 12 relics active at once it seems the player is incentivized to keep extra relics in the inventory and swap out all 12 relics at once when facing a new element rather than the quick "hot swap" intended by the devs.

  9. @dimitrius154 Some time ago I believe you added this questscripts.txt change to the Addendum, involving the mage Ambul from "Days Gone By" quest transforming into a ghost:


    However I believe the "IMMORTAL" flag is incorrect, as he is supposed to be a kill target. Since I ported over the code into EE I've had several reports of Ambul becoming unkillable at this quest stage. 


  10. 6 hours ago, dimitrius154 said:

    @FlixBy the way, while working on the Fallen/Carver/Devilkin/Dark One staves I've stumbled on an ID descrepancy between material.txt and code-wise material ID assignment. Basically, everything above ID 4 has it wrong. 

    What's the practical result of this error?

  11. On 7/1/2021 at 12:30 PM, AstralLord said:

    Hello everyone, I'm not sure where to ask this so I'm gonna ask it here, is there a way to incorporate mini bosses from Diablo 2 Fallen mod in Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition mod or at least to work with said mod?

    Big fan of everything you all have done for Sacred 2 btw. 

    Hello! I do not currently have any plans to add any more content to Enhanced Edition. A monster is the product of multiple assets & scripts all working in tandem, so there's no quick and easy way to copy over monsters from D2F.  I consider Enhanced Edition to be basically complete, and unless there's any egregious bugs reported that I can fix, the current version of EE will likely remain the final version.

    I am looking forward to creating one last version of Diablo 2 Fallen, hopefully to release later this year.  I've made several changes and have more planned. It has been "on pause" until the next Addendum releases and because I needed to spend some time on other games & projects.

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