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    Boss Arena

    There is no need for additional players.
  2. It's strange to see that Undead Legion sword reversed like that. I was sure we tested that sword for dual wielding (to be fair to the devs it was meant for right hand use only, by skeletons), and for that matter, I'm certain I rotated the icon as well.
  3. So if I understand you correctly, a scaled-down character would clip into the mount, whereas a scaled-up character might hover above the saddle?
  4. @dimitrius154 Would it be possible to allow the modelscale parameter in creatures.txt to take effect for player characters? If it works the same as with NPC's, it would be an elegant way to resize the player characters in D2F and have all armor scale with them.
  5. My grandfather is the same way. Heat is nothing to him.
  6. Hello and welcome. I also had a similar problem with installing Sacred 2 Gold from disk (it simply never recognized the 2nd disk). I eventually had to send it back and purchased the GOG edition instead which I still proudly play and recommend. Games on GOG are easy to install and Sacred 2 is often on sale for as low as $5.
  7. Mechanical failure of course. I work in I.T. and the #1 cause of hardware issues by far with our field employees is HDD failure. Whether it's the slightest jostle or simply father time taking his toll, mechanical hard drives all have an expiration date. We're making a big push to only use SSD and M.2 drives in equipment going forward. I've made the decision to do the same in my personal life, which is why my new PC has no spinning drives in it. I saw it coming this last time, and backed up pretty much all data that I wanted. I just didn't think to back up any 3DSMax files. I don't
  8. I don't have the files from the processing of any D2F models anymore due to a hard drive failure. Basically all I have archived are the original source files (mostly pulled from DeviantArt) and the final gr2 results.
  9. I agree something needed to be done there. Could it not be solved in the other direction? Such that a set bonus is only active when said relics are in the "active" slot? With all 12 relics active at once it seems the player is incentivized to keep extra relics in the inventory and swap out all 12 relics at once when facing a new element rather than the quick "hot swap" intended by the devs.
  10. Yes indeed, they appear to be driving the plot of BG3 as the main antagonists. I put together a mind flayer halloween costume a few years back.. Wish I still had pictures from back then.
  11. I'm reminded of the Ithilids from Dungeons & Dragons. More commonly known as the "Mind Flayers". And of course the Great Old One himself, Cthulhu.
  12. @dimitrius154 Some time ago I believe you added this questscripts.txt change to the Addendum, involving the mage Ambul from "Days Gone By" quest transforming into a ghost: changeCreature{ tcid=546, delay=3, creature="energy_HE_ghost_m", mortality="IMMORTAL", effect="FXTYPE_GEN_TRANSFORM", faction="FACTION_ENEMY_HERO", behaviour="Enemy_warrior_brave_ex" } However I believe the "IMMORTAL" flag is incorrect, as he is supposed to be a kill target. Since I ported over the code into EE I've had several reports of Ambul becoming unkillable at this quest stage.
  13. Hello and welcome. Pretty sure they're just lichen-covered rocks.
  14. What's the practical result of this error?
  15. Hello! I do not currently have any plans to add any more content to Enhanced Edition. A monster is the product of multiple assets & scripts all working in tandem, so there's no quick and easy way to copy over monsters from D2F. I consider Enhanced Edition to be basically complete, and unless there's any egregious bugs reported that I can fix, the current version of EE will likely remain the final version. I am looking forward to creating one last version of Diablo 2 Fallen, hopefully to release later this year. I've made several changes and have more planned. It has been "on pause"
  16. Yes indeed, I keep the Nexus up to date with all the latest versions.
  17. Hello and welcome. I am biased since I worked on CM Patch and Enhanced Edition but IMO those two are all you need for the best experience. Character Editor is good for cheating and experimentation. Wardust's mod has gotten a little out of date and doesn't have good compatibility with Enhanced Edition anymore. Also in EE I did lots of texture changes of my own (lots of HQ/Elite textures added for formerly low-resolution ones) so that wouldn't play too well with Wardust.
  18. Hello and welcome. This was a bug we did not catch until too late, unfortunately. To fix it, please use this version of the creatures.txt file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jrd3L-1cCZeK5bq7KRZT0ludzH14k7jh/view?usp=sharing Copy the file into the server folder of the Sacred 2 installation and overwrite the existing creatures.txt
  19. For total authenticity you will also want to change the icon(s) and also the text inside global.res.
  20. Hello. CM Patch 1.60 was not installed correctly, then. The bugs you report are from missing files from the CM Patch. EE will contain some of them, but you need the CM Patch as a base for it all to work correctly.
  21. Priestess of Torment. That buff's only available if you use Alternate Spells. She's a summoned minion buff in the Voodoo aspect.
  22. Moderator note: I have merged this topic with the main Sacred 2 Multiplayer thread.
  23. Sorry, their presence is hard-coded into the exe file.
  24. Yes indeed, damage on top, armor on bottom. These bars represent the values that the enemy possesses, the same as when you look at your own character's tooltips. It is also reiterated in the Last Opponent Window: In this case we see the Sakkara inflicts 230 damage, about 50/50 physical/fire. It is armored against physical, magic, fire, and poison, being most resistant to fire, and most vulnerable to the absent element (ice).
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