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  1. A big thank's Dimitrius154. Have a good day.
  2. Good evening everyone. Congratulation, the work as you did is titanic. I play with base game ( gog ) + the mod " Fallen angel ". In the changelog it is written : Starting Island portal in single player. I did not find how to do. Thank's a lot for your answers.
  3. Good evening Flix, Desm, Gogoblender and good evening to all the friends of the forum. A big congratulations Flix for this latest version of your mod and a big congratulations of all the passionate who worked with you on your project and also on Cmpatch 160 ( a titanic job ). I wonder until you go. I'm waiting for the final version to savor all that, but I'm testing everytime the news: great great great... I will continue to make the translation with a lot of pleasure. Have a good night all, see you soon.
  4. A great year 2018 to the whole community of the forum. I am very sorry Flix, I have just returned from vacation. Thank you very much for doing the translation Desm. For the next release, I will resume the work. Congratulation to the both of them. Another great job Flix. The new quest icons are very good. I was also waiting the cm Patch 1.60, a big job and amazing job, congratulation to everyone who worked on it. Thank's Gogblender to continue to manage this site in a remarkable way. Have a good night all, later on...
  5. Hi to all friends. I just read the full change log. There is everything I expected since a long time. I'm really impressed: Starting Island Portal is enabled in singleplayer, stackable items and a thousand other beautiful things. Congratulations to the entire team who is working on this titanic project. A big thank you and a lot of courage for the work ahead... My sincere friendships to the whole forum
  6. Good evening to the whole forum community. Congratulation Flix. Your Mod become fantastic. The new face of the Barbarian is great. With the news hairstyle to come , it will be even more fun. Thank's a lot , Diablo 2 Fallen became a completely different adventure, a game in its own right. We enjoy it all with passion. Thank's again and may the force be with you.
  7. Congratulation Flix. A big thank you For this magnificent adventure. You keep working on your project with a great passion. This is really a new game compared to sacred vanilla. A pure treat for us. Thank's Gogoblender for this wonderful forum and a big hello to the whole community. ( Coucou Desm )
  8. Hi Flix, hi Gogoblender, welcome Icekat. I am still there for the French translation Flix. Thank's you very much to continue to write this fantastic adventure. Friendships to all members of this forum.
  9. Happy New Year to you Gogoblender and to the entire community . It is a great pleasure for me when I am here.
  10. Thanks to you Toubib. I just watched your mod ( difficulty changed ), It is really interesting. I would try it.
  11. Good evening to you, Toubib. I just checked, You can download it, It works for me.
  12. It's a great pleasure for me to make this translation. I am happy for all players from Quebec and Canada. I'm very touched by your message. This site is our secret paradise to share the love of this game and of the Flix mod, Thank you for your message , thank you Flix for the fantastic Mod and thank you to the entire community. May the force be with you.
  13. I have just given the french translation to Flix.
  14. The translation of the new of the beta 7 is completed since some days. But there is a big job: there's a lot of French text of the vanilla version , witch are fare from perfect. I'm working on since the beta 1. ( and there is a lot of work ) . I made about 60% . Will be completed and perfect for the final version. Tomorow, I update the Combat arts ( aspect ) to finally give the french version to Flix. Thank you all for your patience.
  15. I just got home. Employs time difficult for me. But the bulk of the translation is done. I'll keep you informed...
  16. I play with the barbarian. I made 100% of the regions of elves and all his bosses. It's difficult but I managed. It's a real challenge and I think it's great. As against the elite monsters are long to kill and do not offer enough rewards for it. I take immense pleasure. This is no more the same game. Well done Flix. You made a extraordinnaire work.
  17. Hello to all my friends. I wanted to put myself in the witcher and finish pillars of eternity. Alas your mod is awesome, it's a treat. A big thank you Flix, you deserve to change ideas. (I will always be for the translation). Diablo 2 Fallen is now my favorite play. Happy holidays to all .
  18. I love the black interface fallen mod. That's the vanilla game I love the colors. I'm a big fan of your mod Flix, I do not play without him
  19. http://hpics.li/a1239c6 http://hpics.li/0099160 http://hpics.li/3b32385 http://hpics.li/209faf7
  20. Thank you my great friends. You can combine with this: http://www.mediafire.com/download/3qrti28xfj42apc/Menu.rar All fonts have been colorized . This will not please everyone . It's very flashy . How can I put the pictures?
  21. I can not stand the black quest book . I changed all the colors : http://www.mediafire.com/download/6eqjb6cab4fq345/Book.rar You can use Mod Enabler
  22. Improved version: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ocdxtt2bkzhvcxn/Icon+map.rar
  23. Thank you dear friend and happy Christmas to all. In three years, I could create a dragon
  24. Good evening to all brave warriors. A tiny mod. It changes the quest markers on the world map. It is not very nice but there is more clarity. http://www.mediafire.com/download/y9bg404b9sjsa9e/World+Map.rar You can use Mod enabler.
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