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  1. I mean the voices, doesn't appear to be voice-over done for the game in french, is there? It is fine though! Glad I can finally play it in German, I always do my best to find a way to play the games in the language they were made!
  2. Hey there! No worries, I am infamous for my blocks of text, but it's the way I treat this types of conversation, as a letter of sorts (old fashioned as I am XD ). Thank you for all the hard work here! And thank you also for all the links and info provided! I was about to go to sleep at the moment, so I will check on them once I will be able to, but they are all definetly worth a visit! About the forums and the wiki, I came here first by following a stream of errors I was getting while trying to play LAN with a friend (I introduced him to Sacred, he finished the campaign only recently, as the pcs kept breaking, like a curse, when he killed the dragon guarding the fire element. And I MEAN it like a curse, because it happened EVERY SINGLE TIME. Lots of hours of play lost, we celebrated with a cake when he defeated Shaddar last week actually XD ). I can't quite remember how the site was before, main reason I was trying to make a new account (but never got the mail), and then, when I tried a different one, the site told me I already had an account. Glad I found you back! I was not in a mindset to read and see what this place really was when I first joined, I don't recall how long, but I know it was quite a long battle with the internet connection (we managed days later, after a break from all the problems). About italians, I am in italy out of necessity, but am not of the nationality (do let me know if I should change the thing, I thought it asked for country as in "what place are you in now?"), never knew Sacred was so popular here! I saw that there is no French version for the voice, do you know if it is as popular there too? (I am from Normandy, for context, but can barely speak my native tongue now, can understand a few things still though! One step at a time, I have more pressing concerns to fix first.) About Skeletor, it is indeed! It is actually a shirt that can be bought, the designs are all on this type of comedic style (that I remember), I also use this one: (edited here some text that the image butchered, if there is a spoiler function, do forgive me I didn't find it, the image, second one particularly, are massive. Not that Skeletor doesn't deserve anything less, but still XD ) This is the one I am using here (bigger if anyone wanted to see it or the like) I myself love them all. If there is need of a link for more of the images, let me know, I have saved it for the future if I can partake! Before I forget to type it (again), thank you for the Sacred wiki! Was it that one that also had the playable musics from Sacred 2? I used to go and listen to them on there, dreaming about what type of game that would be, and when I finally played it, the skeletons started chatting, and I knew it wasn't what I was expecting XD It is not bad, but it is not what I would call Sacred for a title for sure XD And happy to meet you all as well! Al Taro, fellow Amon-Shi!
  3. Wow that is so cool, I was living a lie all these years, thinking I was one of the few that knew this game. Glad to have asked about Adeline and found all of this, thank you for all the info! I will learn a bit that I can, and here's hoping too that the fire will burn! I always spoke to anyone that asks about Sacred, will direct them here too if they like it!
  4. This is amazing Editing the map WHILE IN GAME. Maybe I can still make something like I wanted to as well! Even just to f**k around with the assets! [Don't know how rules are for bad words, so I censored myself, just in case :3 ]
  5. Wow that is quite a lot! I went scouring myself and only, as you said, found snippets. There truly is hidden gold if one has the right knowledge/luck on where to look! I look into all of this, I know a thing or two about modeling and file-related things, maybe I can be of some help, or make some mods myself! (Will certainly upload them here if I come up with something). Thank you once more for all the info, must have been quite the hunt over the years to gather all of this. My sympathies for the deleted things on the post, I have had very detailed workings done be completely annihilated by the post doing something, glad you still re-posted what was deleted! [In case, one of the links, for the text, leads to an empty folder for Sacred Reborn, don't know if it's supposed to do that, but, just in case, be aware of. I am fine with the english version, but it would have helped tremendously when I had the Polish one XD I know a few words, but writing and speaking are not the same thing]
  6. A ride on razor's edge is one way to put it. Highway to hell is what I would say XD Thank you for all the info! I will look around and into Discord more then! About the mod, I will look into finding more about this (and the B command, if I can), and even if I cannot help, I might find interesting things to know. I think I remember reading, quite a while ago, that the code for Sacred was encrypted, hence why it cannot be re-made//NOPE was thinking of Ice Wind Dale II, if I am not mistaken yet again. The code for the game (Ice Wind Dale II or Sacred, whoever it was), was lost and I remember that no one, literally NO ONE, had a usable backup anywhere saved. I always hoped to create something using Sacred as the base game, I always loved the art design, I am guessing that is quite impossible then? Can the models be extracted in some way? I did some file manipulation myself (changed around the textures and meshes to play as different versions, still looking into how to play as Shaddar or one of the male Sakkara priests XD ), but that is nowhere near extracting the model proper. If I am not mistaken it is using the... Granny? Is it? And that was discontinued or something? Can't remember, I know I saw it also for the Sims 1, but can't be sure. Are there any english Discords? I can read and speak Italian, but I have quite a hard time with words of that language at times, and english is far more similair to what I used to speak (won't go into details, but, while I can still "feel" the words at times, I cannot speak my native tongue anymore, working on it though! One step at a time). Have to say though, love the voice-overs they did for the Italian version that I have found while looking around! Miss hearing that type of italian spoken in games, gives quite the classic feeling, like a story of sorts, don't know what differs from the more "modern" way of dubbing, but it feels different, at least to me. Didn't know Sacred was so popular (or at least, it seems to be) in Italy! I always thought it was a rare game, as I can never find much info when I looked for things in the past (thank whoever created the wiki! I saw links to it here as well, thank you if the same creators of the site are those too! These places are quite the treasure to find! And here I thought I would only find patches that I never played XD )
  7. I am in Italy currently, but am not italian myself (can speak it now though, just with a few issues at times). Thank you for the invite though! I myself prefer to come and go to check the forum for answers and the like. Still rather unfamiliar with this internet stuff (forgot I had made an account here actually, glad I did!), and Discord is too overwhelming. As for the mod, I saw that one, but I dislike anything that "buffs" and does anything such things to the game. No matter how considered useless a companion can be, I prefer to keep it as it was (I would LOVE something to give them healing easier or make them wake back up, like Wilbur does, though! Main reason I go to Porto Vallum and then use the portal to help the dude and his bodyguard get there safely, instead of traversing the road.)
  8. You cannot anymore?! That is so sad, is there a mod that re-enables this, or was it done on purpose? Thank you for telling me, by the way, I have been living with this question for quite some time!
  9. Hello! Wanted to ask if anyone else had this happen to them. This was years ago but have not managed to ask anyone about this, as I don't know anyone that might know, so I hope someone out here can shed light on how this happened. Adeline is the daughter that went hunting in Silvere Creek that we can save (and her grey horse) from wolves. Now, after returning her to her father I completed the quest, spoke to them both at least once and said goodbye (playing Battlemage). Much time later I could FEEL the ending approaching (we needed to storm the catsle), so I went all the way back from Bellvue to say goodbye and have one last hurrah (I remember I was storming the cities and villages to kill every Demordrey guard I could find, along with the skeletons and whatnot), and, went I went to Silver Creek, as I did with every other place, I stopped to speak one last time with the characters I completed quests for. But Adeline had an exclamation mark on her head. I spoke to her father first, suspicious that something happened, and he told me his daughter wished to speak with me, and when I did, I had the option to Accept of Refuse her as my traveling companion, as she wanted to, now, travel with me. I accepted, and stormed the place with her and the minotaur Moca (can't remember if they survived though), and wondered every since how did that happen, as Adeline never had such dialogue since. I believe the game was before I got the Gold edition (I can't remember if I had Underworld) and, even if I have (thanks to something that happened to me) memory issues, I KNOW this happened. I remember the grueling nightmare that it was trying to keep both her and Moca alive from Sakkara priests by juggling potions on their portraits from my inventory screen on the way to Braverock. Good thing about my memroy is that, with some things, I can experience them all over again for the first time more than once, and remember I already did them later, so I am all for doing another playthrough (even if Sacred is one of those games that I remember quite well compared to others), but none that I have done has had this happen, and a friend I introduced to Sacred (who just a few days ago finished the Ancaria campaign and is now playing Underworld), who is also playing Battlemage, had no such dialogue with Adeline, but, while checking to see, we found that he did not do the quest, and speaking to her right away did nothing new, even if he was at the Braverock part of the questline. If I had to guess, I believe it is either level or time based, the more I play, the more things I find that I missed or had no idea were there (and I started playing the original, unpatched, game thanks to a friend that lend me the disk, then had another lend me their disk years after with an edition called Silver, in Polish, then Underworld, but can't remember much of that time, and only recently the Gold editions with every possible patch that I could find added to it). Thank you all for any info, and remember to be on your guard, Amon-Shi!
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