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  1. Trying to gain some insight on the precise diminished returning behavior of leveling skills particularly high, I was looking at the skill level to effect size tables recently and tried to discover the formula behind it. You know, stuff like Weapon Lore, where it starts with 12% at level one and the per level increase decreases with level slightly. Many skills share the same values (there is only a few different datasets actually). To my surprise, it's really hard to pinpoint what it actually is, which is made worse by the fact the values are rounded to whole percentage points. A way to appr
  2. Hello everyone, hope some people are still active around here. I've registered here at DarkMatters in order to contribute to the SacredWiki. I did everything as stated in the OP, but attempting to log in to Sacred Wiki returns an error, stating there is no user by my name, so the transfer from DarkMatters -> Sacred Wiki domain hasn't happened yet. Do I need to do anything else? When will I be able to contribute to the wiki? Thank you in advance.
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