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  1. Not me started it. For example, I have a negative attitude towards the possibility to download all items and all characters of the maximum level. I did not come to the topics about such stuff and did not leave comments about it. Even now I do not write why I have a negative attitude to this, just used it as an example. Even so I give enough explanations and hints during this discussion: Seraphim in ReBorn has various damage types. Almost like all heroes has in ReBorn. How especial damage types works. In vanilla you don't care 99% of the time about enemy resistances. I think I know enough about this, otherwise I would not have made such a video. You may use different abilities and different slots. For example, if player made a Wood Elf magician, then he can use ALL her spells, there is no like "Thorn Bush" build. About month ago, the thought came to me that many players do not understand this. But this is a separate theme for discussion. Lindor's characters in download section are cheated. Someone may think they don't, because no one write about it. Someone don't like cheaters, so using such characters can put a person in an awkward situation. Btw, SHE used for creating these characters contains some bugs... ______________________ Since ReBorn 1.0 few people told me that because of my attitude ReBorn is doomed. But ReBorn is 4.0 and I did not see those people anymore. Same case here. And it is not only about ReBorn or me. Such people tell same words everywhere about everything.
  2. In multiplayer party. Super fast with Veteran Mod. I did it multiple times with my clan. And also doesn't mean you did. I am not see in downloads notification that your characters are cheated or made with SHE. Why just don't add to downloads SHE itself? First words of your answer to Flix ↓↓↓↓↓ So weird understanding of "defend". Especially so defending was phrase "in a stupid way" that you deleted after Flix warning! You already told that you an inexperienced in ReBorn. So why even give "helpful" incorrect comments about things you don't know? Your problem is you trying to give an experienced opinion about things you don't know and don't understand. And it is the only problem there. Stop lie. If you don't understand game mechanics and I told you about that it does not mean that I'm attacking everyone who prefer exploring. It is not about all casual players, it's only about you. I show the lie of one casual cheater who poses as an experienced player. It is good if such players would be scared to write lie in this thread. And also you lying that I'm attack all people who prefer exploring, but truth is you have nothing to answer to me. Don't project yourself onto me. EASY Already did a lot of explanations that you are don't know game mechanics and cheater, so you are just casual player. So... ONCE AGAIN ↓↓↓↓↓↓ Finally it ended. I am so bored with your lies and your crying over the fact that I proved that you do not understand game mechanics.
  3. PvP is not an indicator for balance. At first, Sacred have awful net code with a lot of desync and bugs. At second, Sacred already has not the best balance at all and even worse in PvP. I think Sacred was never created with PvP in mind, it just for fun option. Btw, Lindor's characters are cheated. The proof is 99,98% map explored (impossible to get such explore % in a fair way). Probably maded with "Sacred Hero Editor" (SHE) program from Sacredvault.org.
  4. So much crying from you because I'm call you who you are. Not me created terms "Casual players" and "hardcore players". For example, all gamedesigners knows difference and draw the line between it. I already wrote that there is no anything bad in term "Casual player". No. In vanilla players may not care about enemy resistances 99% of the time. For most fighters best damage is physical, because it's easier to get than other damage types. Exception is only Dark Elf and in some cases Daemon. LOL Do you know you can swap forms? If you think that exist separate builds for each form then you don't understand anything about builds. And even more big BUT thing for you: You can swap weapon slots and make one weapon slot for each damage type. Then why you write in the ReBorn thread? I don't think so. Because you wrote it is must have for ReBorn against immunity of the bosses to some damage types. It was clear you meant it allows to penetrate resistances. Or you meant that damage multiplying helps against immunity? Or no one knew before me. The fact is, I'm the first to say about that, so I'm the first who notice that. ONCE AGAIN ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ It amuses me how you twist the words, BUT I did not write that you are lying on purpose. But you made false assertions and it is called a lie. There is an important difference, just so you know.
  5. This line made not by me. It always existed. Yes, players may like both ways, but one of the ways always preferred more. Players have various preferences. It's okay. I don't tell that casual players are unterplayers. I don't mean that "casual" is a bad word (for bad meaning I would prefer "noob" word). Everyone plays as they want. For ReBorn we spent lot of time to make friendly experience for casual players at low difficulties. I don't need any proves of your game knowledge. I just really don't like when someone publicly wrote things about ReBorn that not true, especially if it positioned as experienced opinion. Other people read it and think it's true while it's not. You wrote incorrect things about Seraphim for ReBorn. You wrote incorrect things about especial damage types from sets. And all this in a key of bad balance in ReBorn. I don't care if you don't know something or don't know how it works. But I'm not going to ignore lie about my mod. Especial damage types not exist, these final set bonuses just multiply all your damage (up to 2,34 times for niobium). And 10-12% of your total damage showed as separate number of "especial" damage type. So it's just a damage multiplier and other color for part of your damage. I even saw code of this, because in ReBorn we fixed this crazy damage multiplier to values that presented in description.
  6. PURE. MAGIC. DAMAGE. BUILD. Why people like to talk about things they don't know and/or don't understand? You completely don't know how special-damage set bonus works. But that's okay, because no one before me understood how it works. Maybe you know the game world, but I'm already see that your level of understanding game mechanics is a little bit higher than beginner (casual). The core players in Hach'n'Slash arpg is hardcore players. Casual players like you just finish the game and forgot it. Maybe such players will return once later to refresh memories and complete the game on silver once again, but they are not core players. Torchlight 3, Pagan Online, Wolcen, Warhammer: Chaosbane — all these games got negative or mixed reviews because nothing interesting for hardcore players. And Diablo 2, PoE and Grim Dawn are kings of the genre because hardcore players like it. And why Diablo 3 is deader than Diablo 2? Maybe because of garbage endgame for hardcore players? Did you even think a lot of players likes to play second way? Did you even think about social aspect? Players like to try different builds and looking for the best one (even if best is not exist). They like to show how good their build is and discuss various mechanics. They don't want to play the first way. I totally don't understand why casual player who prefer exploring over mechanics write such a big post in the theme of the biggest balance mod I'm not like lemons. I don't eat lemons. I'm not go to lemon's house and don't tell to lemon and it's family my opinion about them. I don't spread oranges so that people no longer eat lemons (especially if they like lemons).
  7. It is an example of one location. But what about Valley of Tears, Hell's Ridge or Embalmed Forest? I am trying to look globally: Is it OP against most dangerous challenges? No. Is it OP against all enemies? No. Is it useful in any location? No. I think if we will make these buffs weaker then it became unattractive to level up during leveling. You can comfortably kill regular enemies with other ways. Archers mostly dangerous on initial levels. And not much enemies at all that uses spells. Maybe good solution for both opinions is change % chance of deflection. Just for example, fixed 50% (or 33% +0,1% per level). But it's not about easy values changing, need to rewrite code of deflection value progression. You forget that buffs may be used on allies. Sacred allows to play not only solo, but also in party up to 16 players. With your example you still have 85 sec cooldown at level 255 (not high cooldown reduction, but also no bonuses to these Combat Arts from items). With 85 sec cooldown it will be enough only for one ally and yourself. But most importantly is you need a good timing for buffing. If with such cooldown you want constantly use these buffs on yourself and on your ally, then you need to use it every 90 sec. If you made small delay, for example 20 sec, then for about 20 sec you got time window of not having these buffs on you and on your ally. Such hard timing is difficult and uncomfortable. For real character cooldowns would be lower, but player also may want to use it not only for one ally, right? And also player can't support hardtiming of buffs during all game session, so need some reserve of time. So, even with 25 sec cooldown (about 1k cooldown reduction) you could comfortably support these buffs only for 4 or maybe 5 players. Also don't forget that casting buffs every 25 sec on different targets would become annoying pretty fast. Our balance concept assumes the use of buffs on allies. If our concept assumed that you need choose to use buff either on yourself or on an ally, then we would made cooldowns a lot higher. We also get feedback in private format and a lot of russian feedback. If you don't see it this does not means it not exist or it small. And again this song. A lot changes already made since you tried Dwarf 2-hander: reduced bosses health, buffed some enemies of Ancaria, implemented possibilities to get proper damage types. I think currently playing Ancaria campaign on silver is extra comfortable and almost no difficulties for experienced player like me. So for usual player Ancaria campaign on silver should be interesting to play or at least comfortable. I promise you that once I will made an stream sessions with Dwarf 2-hander completing both campaigns in solo mode . But all my commentaries during stream will be in russian.
  8. Yes, I understand you talk about deflections. Still want to see how these deflections allows Dark Elf to: stay afk and not dying in any boss cave. stay afk and not dying in overspawned golems' cave. running through Anducar's thorns and not dying . stay afk and not dying against dragon. stay afk and dying in Sakkara's field. It works well mostly against regular enemies of Ancaria which dying well even without it. Maybe it looks OP, but it's OP only in limited situations. And what do you mean by that? No need testers for it. We looking at players' feedback about bugs and balance for actual ReBorn version and make changes if we think it's needed. We can release new version in any time if needed significant fixes and/or changes. Solution is to make 2 versions. One version for each opinion, like "Dax edition" and "Ysendra edition". Or one version, but with variable elements for which you have different opinions. Or you could make common foundation and then continue each in your own way. More work, but every developer get what they want and users get more content. Screenshots are all that users got, so current result is about zero.
  9. This example tells nothing. What level, what difficulty, against what enemies? Show how Dark Elf staying afk and not dying in Boss Caves, or staying afk and not dying in overspawned golem's cave, or running through Anducar's thorns and not dying. Then we could talk about "nearly invincible". Why you think that for comfortable using of buffs must be required combos? Missile- and Magic Deflection may be used on allies, it's not self-buff only. So cooldown allows to use it not only for itself, but on allies too. Also not all builds needs in Concentration skill, so not all builds may have a low cooldown on these buffs. Even more, we don't want to force players to focus on cooldown reduction bonuses in order to use buffs. I don't think Soul Catcher is strong buff. It don't help against bosses. Soul harvesting is slow, so it don't help a lot if you can die in 1-2 sec. We have no testers at all. All tests we do by ourselves. Easy to tell, but hard to do. We can imagine a lot of cool stuff (up to new location, characters etc). But it is just a fantasies which stays only fantasies. The key things is time required and difficulty of changes. It's impossible to directly set up health for creatures. You can't just set up 50k health, 100k health etc. Creatures' health based on strength + phys regen + health multipliers per difficulty (same multipliers as for enemies) + constitution skill (which have different level for different difficulties). In the same time all creatures' damage from hits is highly dependent on strength, so increasing creature's damage always increases health. At low levels bosses kills summoned creatures pretty fast, so players who put everything into summons may got raped with 300 sec cooldown. Players would be just stand and wait about 5 minutes until cooldown ends for summoning new creatures and it will repeat multiple times. Also summoning only in night time would be annoying, because Vampiress is main summoner character and her summons will be not available for half of the game time. In multiplayer you can set up ingame time. So everyone would be refresh ingame time to 9:00pm. For singleplayer you can't do so, but someone just make trainer with ingame time configuration. Same as for wolf. Don't think this Combat Art too strong, but maybe can increase cooldown. Combat Arts have no minimal cooldown limit. But in general it's possible to do some code changes that allows it. Even so minimal cooldown of 2 minutes is too much. And then you will write that it's too strong? Problem of Time Control and Mongoose is it have only "range" parameter. And effective range is limited by your screen. In original Sacred there is no sense to level up these Combat Arts. In ReBorn it has, but bonuses are small. Need to global rework of these Combat Arts. It requires time. For me it's easy to get through the whole game with any character. Some people wrote that it was too hard, especially with bosses. Thanks. We appreciate it a lot.
  10. I made a video with fast "Ancaria" campaign walkthrough (less than a hour for all campaign). I think it may be useful for someone as guide (admins may put it on wiki if they want). Also for someone it may be just interesting to watch. I switch language of the game (English, German and Russian) on dialogues and some important items. Ingame language switching and HD provided by NL mod. NL not include balance changes. NL provides some cheat options, but I disable all of them. You could Download NL mod here. How to set up NL mod you could find in this guide. UPD: Added video with "Underworld" campaign fast walkthrough.
  11. You told about this? It is amount of bonuses from items, not level of "Weapon Lore" Skill. ____ For Combat Arts max level is 510. 255 from runes and 255 from item bonuses. For getting 510 level you need 255 + 255. If you get more than 255 from bonuses then bonus that gives surplus will be fully not icluded. For exmaple if I have 250 and 10 from bonuses then it will be only 250, because summ will be more than 255 and 10 bonus will not be included. ____ For Skills max level is probably 471. 216 from skillpoints (because you can't level up it higher than hero's level) and 255 from items. You may have more that 255 from bonuses, but only 255 would be work. Displayig in hero's panel is incorrect and shows max 255. But you may see difference in bonuses from Skills. ____ 255 cap is because only 1 byte given for calculation. 1 byte = 256 values starting from 0, so total amount of values is 256 and max value is 255. ____ Thanks for the quote
  12. No. It's all music instruments. Small drum in this case is dragons in original Sacred. Bigger drum is modded dragons. Piano is like other creature type. When someone told us about problems we check it out. If we can't disprove it and problem really exist then we do something. It may takes time but it's reliable way. More often we just playing our mod and change things that we think should be changed. I'm ok with your feedback . I speak with you and even made video for you . But what I really don't like is that someone told stupid nonargumented things or nonsense arguments. Pretty fun that one of these people just watched unknown stream and now talk badly about ReBorn. And another one is russian whom noone knows in ru-community and whom think that original Sacred have excelent balance, but for some reason he interested in mod like ReBorn and decide talk badly about ReBorn (maybe he just offend that can't play with HD or maybe he just banned in ru-community and tries revenge).
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