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  1. Not me started it. For example, I have a negative attitude towards the possibility to download all items and all characters of the maximum level. I did not come to the topics about such stuff and did not leave comments about it. Even now I do not write why I have a negative attitude to this, just used it as an example. Even so I give enough explanations and hints during this discussion: Seraphim in ReBorn has various damage types. Almost like all heroes has in ReBorn. How especial damage types works. In vanilla you don't care 99% of the time about enemy
  2. In multiplayer party. Super fast with Veteran Mod. I did it multiple times with my clan. And also doesn't mean you did. I am not see in downloads notification that your characters are cheated or made with SHE. Why just don't add to downloads SHE itself? First words of your answer to Flix ↓↓↓↓↓ So weird understanding of "defend". Especially so defending was phrase "in a stupid way" that you deleted after Flix warning! You already told that you an inexperienced in ReBorn. So why even give "helpful" incorrect comments abou
  3. PvP is not an indicator for balance. At first, Sacred have awful net code with a lot of desync and bugs. At second, Sacred already has not the best balance at all and even worse in PvP. I think Sacred was never created with PvP in mind, it just for fun option. Btw, Lindor's characters are cheated. The proof is 99,98% map explored (impossible to get such explore % in a fair way). Probably maded with "Sacred Hero Editor" (SHE) program from Sacredvault.org.
  4. So much crying from you because I'm call you who you are. Not me created terms "Casual players" and "hardcore players". For example, all gamedesigners knows difference and draw the line between it. I already wrote that there is no anything bad in term "Casual player". No. In vanilla players may not care about enemy resistances 99% of the time. For most fighters best damage is physical, because it's easier to get than other damage types. Exception is only Dark Elf and in some cases Daemon. LOL Do you know you can swap forms? If you think that exist separate
  5. This line made not by me. It always existed. Yes, players may like both ways, but one of the ways always preferred more. Players have various preferences. It's okay. I don't tell that casual players are unterplayers. I don't mean that "casual" is a bad word (for bad meaning I would prefer "noob" word). Everyone plays as they want. For ReBorn we spent lot of time to make friendly experience for casual players at low difficulties. I don't need any proves of your game knowledge. I just really don't like when someone publicly wrote things about ReBorn that not true, especially if it
  6. PURE. MAGIC. DAMAGE. BUILD. Why people like to talk about things they don't know and/or don't understand? You completely don't know how special-damage set bonus works. But that's okay, because no one before me understood how it works. Maybe you know the game world, but I'm already see that your level of understanding game mechanics is a little bit higher than beginner (casual). The core players in Hach'n'Slash arpg is hardcore players. Casual players like you just finish the game and forgot it. Maybe such players will return once later to refresh memories
  7. It is an example of one location. But what about Valley of Tears, Hell's Ridge or Embalmed Forest? I am trying to look globally: Is it OP against most dangerous challenges? No. Is it OP against all enemies? No. Is it useful in any location? No. I think if we will make these buffs weaker then it became unattractive to level up during leveling. You can comfortably kill regular enemies with other ways. Archers mostly dangerous on initial levels. And not much enemies at all that uses spells. Maybe good solution for both opinions is change % chance of deflection. Ju
  8. Yes, I understand you talk about deflections. Still want to see how these deflections allows Dark Elf to: stay afk and not dying in any boss cave. stay afk and not dying in overspawned golems' cave. running through Anducar's thorns and not dying . stay afk and not dying against dragon. stay afk and dying in Sakkara's field. It works well mostly against regular enemies of Ancaria which dying well even without it. Maybe it looks OP, but it's OP only in limited situations. And what do you mean by that? No need testers for it. We looking at player
  9. This example tells nothing. What level, what difficulty, against what enemies? Show how Dark Elf staying afk and not dying in Boss Caves, or staying afk and not dying in overspawned golem's cave, or running through Anducar's thorns and not dying. Then we could talk about "nearly invincible". Why you think that for comfortable using of buffs must be required combos? Missile- and Magic Deflection may be used on allies, it's not self-buff only. So cooldown allows to use it not only for itself, but on allies too. Also not all builds needs in Concentration skill, so not all builds ma
  10. I made a video with fast "Ancaria" campaign walkthrough (less than a hour for all campaign). I think it may be useful for someone as guide (admins may put it on wiki if they want). Also for someone it may be just interesting to watch. I switch language of the game (English, German and Russian) on dialogues and some important items. Ingame language switching and HD provided by NL mod. NL not include balance changes. NL provides some cheat options, but I disable all of them. You could Download NL mod here. How to set up NL mod you could find in this guide. UPD: Added video with "Unde
  11. You told about this? It is amount of bonuses from items, not level of "Weapon Lore" Skill. ____ For Combat Arts max level is 510. 255 from runes and 255 from item bonuses. For getting 510 level you need 255 + 255. If you get more than 255 from bonuses then bonus that gives surplus will be fully not icluded. For exmaple if I have 250 and 10 from bonuses then it will be only 250, because summ will be more than 255 and 10 bonus will not be included. ____ For Skills max level is probably 471. 216 from skillpoints (because you can't level up it higher than hero's level) and
  12. There are new russian mod appeared. It also include HD and have no any rebalance: https://vk.com/sacred_nl All info in russian.
  13. No. It's all music instruments. Small drum in this case is dragons in original Sacred. Bigger drum is modded dragons. Piano is like other creature type. When someone told us about problems we check it out. If we can't disprove it and problem really exist then we do something. It may takes time but it's reliable way. More often we just playing our mod and change things that we think should be changed. I'm ok with your feedback . I speak with you and even made video for you . But what I really don't like is that someone told stupid nonargumented things or nonsense arguments.
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