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  1. Another video about sacred guys,hope you will enjoy it !
  2. until now nothing,I've heard the creator of NL Mod have this type of modding in his mind,but until release is just a thought
  3. Hello everyone ! Is someone here ,who recently tried to mod the chest or the inventory in Sacred Underworld ? What I mean by this ,is to have a more space ,maybe page's for inventory ,im asking because im the kind of guy who likes to collect a lot of stuffs in Sacred,if this mod is possible to exist,for me it will be the ultimate mod for Sacred
  4. Everyone can play sacred in the way he wants,there is HD mod for Vanilla Sacred,or NL mod which improve the quality of the game ,or the Reborn Mod which change the "META" off the game,the reason I play Reborn ,it's for his ballance changes,more easy to get your char level 216 and many other reasons,I wont spend 50 hours on cave's just to get a char from 140 to 216,of course, for people who likes to play vanilla but with better monsters and better experience drop,they can try Veteran mod,the mod I've played before Reborn got released,this is my opinion
  5. what do you mean by this,I dont fully understand what you mean? and thanks one more time for your feedback
  6. Sure I have no problem,im happy that you enjoy my video,as I've said in the description of the video,this one is for the old players who come to play sacred again in reborn,to have an idea on what to use in the game,of course ,I can make hundreds of videos about things like this for sacred,but it need a lot of time ,for editing and script
  7. Unseen video for Sacred ,check out my new video guys !
  8. I dont recall the exact words of what @MetaLsaid,but it was something like this ,he doesnt fell to do sacred anymore,because unfortunately it s a dead game and he doesnt want to make from this pleasure a maniac think,he hoped that Reborn mod will bring back the old community and the game will be played,at least 50 players at niobium ,but this didnt happen ,so he said, he will take a break from sacred ,he didnt said it was forever or not ,he wants to spend the time with his friend playing other things to.
  9. From what I know ,there won t be a new version of reborn,4.6 is the last one,unfortunately
  10. That's a pretty good feature,how can I do it to?
  11. Hello everyone ! it's been some time since I posted a video,but I have a new one for the lovers of sacred gold ,hope you enjoy it !
  12. Thank you for feedback ! ,the music is from the new game Konami released,Yu gi oh Master Duel ,it has very good music ,so I pick it from there
  13. Hi everyone ! I've made a new video ,hope you enjoy it !
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