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  1. I can't seem to play this game anymore.I did a very good job with my High elf but the game gotten so hard.
  2. Okay thanks for the advice and I might have to start over.
  3. What about a beginner skills who is starting this game for the first time?
  4. He died to often and what I'm I doing wrong in my shadow warrior build.
  5. I'm playing on the xbox 360 and does it track all 6 charcters levels.
  6. I have shield lore,Ranged weapons and Exalted warrior Focus.
  7. Will the game let me keep playing the game if I do all main quest for all 6 type build?
  8. Like all side quest.Should I only do side quest? When is a good time to do the main quest?
  9. I'm having some problems finding the quest I need hekp with.
  10. I hope I'm doing a good job building my high elf.
  11. Can I show you my game progress of my six charcter build?
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