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  1. STILL gaming despite starting off with THIS!2073254950_Dragon32.jpg.fbbcf2b2ed172c91ba834d727175d0d0.jpg

    That was my first computer. I still own the bugger, it's 14 inches wide, 16 inches long, weighs 2.5 Kilos and is so DESPERATELY underpowered that it could only just manage to play Manic Miner in Black and White!!! So next time your State of The Art Gaming Rig lags a little bit or drops the framerate every once in a while......Just remember, your gaming experience could be worse...  


    1. chattius


      My first was an used Rockwell AIM65. When my parents asked what it can do (1 KILO-byte RAM) I coded a machine language program to control our heating system. End of MY AIM65, it was controlling the heating for nearly 25 years and saved thousands of litres of oil.

      I got an AppleII as a replacement which quickly got radio equipment because my dad was big in radio: shortwave, long wave, morse ...  End of MY AppleII

      Next was an Acorn BBC Micro, 1 year then I made the mistake to code an interface for a stitching machine.

      Then I got a Commodore Amiga 1000. It looked way difference to a normal one: I installed a 68010 CPU with double MHz, ROM Kickstart instead Floppy, 5MB (!!!!!) Winchester HD, .... Short gaming for me because I was drafted short after and siblings refused to hand their(!) gaming machine to me.


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