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  1. stone henge -> wood-henge https://arkeonews.net/archaeologists-discovered-130-dwellings-around-the-ringheiligtum-pommelte-monument-german-stonehenge/
  2. Jetsons -> Flintstones There was a time when TV had only three channels and series for the whole family were the way to go. Jetsons, Flintstones, ... all about problems of normal families even if playing in stone-age or space-age. When I was young whole family watched them. Now with all these TV channels and a TV or computer monitor in each room... Sometimes I wish the old times back.
  3. we have storm with a mix of rain, hail, snow around freezing temperature maybe black ice at next morning Our third surprised us, the half year report from school has only best marks - even in sport Must be it was swimming this half year. Last was handball and she plays too cautious because she didn't want to break the fingers she needs for her music school
  4. spinner -> jet-powered motor glider RC model (I am too lazy o build a single german word for it) A spinner is the aerodynamic cover of the propeller nose. We are currently building a jet-powered motorglider model of our own design. Twins learn basics of planes and flying, also 3D printer using, cutting balsa wood, ... Currently they are the only ones in family without a glider license because of some years missing in age. We restored a vintage training glider in covid years so the costs for glider licenses are actually lower than for a driving license. I have requests from a collector for our glider which is 1a condition. Would be nearly enough money for a vintage jet powered glider. Since it would start on its own there would be no lifting costs for starts and we have a field which could be used for starts and landings. We would be a family of '''jet pilots''' The spinner with a foldable propeller glider with a retractable jet engine for starts and no thermic
  5. breakfast -> fasting Many countries use a word for breakfast which translates as stopping to fast after a night with no eating. German and scandinavian use Frühstück (early/früh piece/Stück of bread) or Morgenbrot (morning bread) and don't think about fasting. A Bauernfrühstück (farmers breakfast) is spezial because it should give enough calories for hard farmwork, same for the twins which are in their main growing phase and always hungry. Nowadays you can get it at restaurant the whole day.
  6. bill 101 -> Euro English After the Brexit no country in the european community has english as its official language anymore, but many have some rudimentary knowledge from school. I dislike this variant of english because when doing contracts it is often not precise enough. Our company is doing all contracts in german after the Brexit. Saves a lot of money for scientific translators and international lawyers. Works nice because we have more requests than we can handle.
  7. fire -> 112 In most of europe 112 is what you call if you would call 911 in north america Pic from the local forest fire last summer, collecting place, see the 112.
  8. Extra Cheese -> Flammkuchen We do it at baking house days sometimes with Quark, raisins, onions, hazelnuts, bacon, Schmand, beargarlic... Much like this but this pic lacks the bear garlic
  9. Labradoodle -> Siegerländer Kuhhund An old dog race used in the haubergs in my area. Bred for intelligence and agility, good looking was not a goal. The Kuhhund (cow dog) used to keep the cattle -which should feed from the leaves and herbs in the forest parts short before coppicing- away from the parts used for grain. Our Kuhhund is a very good frisbee catcher.
  10. A weasel can enter a hen cage if there is a hole bigger than just two centimetres. It wants to bring its prey to its hideout but can't leave with a hen in its mouth. So it let the dead hen go, kills a hopefully smaller hen, repeat till all dead because a hen never fits in just two ceentimetres. There are weasel traps which catch them alive. Killing is forbidden here. The twins have a tame one, hand fed after the mother was killed by an eagle owl. Better than a cat, because it can enter mouseholes. Terroir -> Terrier Both relates to latin terra=earth. A terrier was a hunting dog which was digging into the holes of badgers or foxes. My hunting dog is a German Shorthaired Pointer because I most often need it to trail animals wounded by cars. Also she is really family friendly.
  11. chicken curry -> Mistkratzer Our hens live in the open and have access to the dunghills and compost. Mist is dung and kratzen is scratching. So it are hens which scratch the dunghills in search for worms, maggots, mice,... The word is most often used by restaurant chiefs who prefer hens with less taste of their own done by a diet with a special corn mix. So they can use their fine spicing. Mistkratzer have a strong taste of their own which I actually like because I grew up with it. My younger brother with a Mistkratzer and future Mistkratzer. The cage is a protection against hawks, otter, weasels,...
  12. delicious -> family recipes If I had to choose between the same menue from either a 5star restaurant or the one from mom or grandma, I would vote for the family one. Must be that I was watching them while cooking and remembering the love they put into the food, or that they we were a large family and making big portions just taste better, or memories connected with the food, or... A german actor was saying: A snob is someone who considers a lobster just a starter for a real good jacket potato. With this definition I must be a snob because I really like jacket potatoes filled with Quark and would leave the lobster alive.
  13. cheesecake -> village baking house day My favourite is a thin cheesecake with yeast dough from full grain spelt, a layer of poppy seed (or place some spots with a spoon in the cheese) and then a topping of Schichtkäse and some sprinkles on it as mom did it. Schichtkäse translates as layered cheese. Quark (soft cheese) with different fat contents is poured into a container. The high fat one is more yellow, the low fat white so it gives a nice texture.
  14. music -> Erklärungsnot (the trouble to explain something) How to explain to the twins that Ticket to Ride from The Beatles is probably not about a ticket to drive bus or train. The Beatles lived in the red light district of Hamburg. The Bockschein was the health ticket for prostitutes to be allowed to do their job. Summer of 69 ... it is not about the year ...
  15. Joy -> Freiheit (freedom) X-Mas 1989, readiness duty at naval airwing, I wasn't firefighters yet but weapon officer in a subhunter plane. We had the TV on when it was performed. Some moments in life you just never forget. Leonard Berstein did Beethoven's 9th (ode to Joy) in Berlin short after the fall of the wall.. He let the chorus sing Freiheit when it would be Freude (joy) in the original. Interstingly both Schiller (text) and Beethoven had Freiheit and not Freude in early versions. https://www.udiscovermusic.com/classical-news/bernstein-beethoven-ode-to-freedom/
  16. pinocchio -> ice cream You can order a pinocchio in some ice cream parlors for your kids. Typically a ice cone is broken in two parts. The bigger one gives the hat, the smaller one the nose. Some use special cups.
  17. 80's -> cold war Alphaville - Forever Young Nena - 99 Luftballons ... Living in the yet divided Germany in the 80's was a constant fear that the cold war would turn into a hot war and if going nuclear all the 'tactical' nuclear weapons would turn Germany in a desert. Most people forget that Forever Young tells about the fears of young people that they perhaps won't get old. Doing the lyrics version because the lyrics were whatwe feeled at that time. Nena -> 99 Luftballons was brought into the USA by GI's returning from Germany. Only song who was number one in both the german and the later english version 99 Red Balloons I think. But the 80's ended with The Scorpions and 'Wind of Change'. But winds have their own will, see the Russia-Ukraine 'conflict'.
  18. McDonalds -> X-Mas Market There was a food truck selling Waffelpommes (translate as waffle pommes frites) with a sweet softcheese/strawberry dip to look like ketchup(majonaise. But it are sweet waffles made to look like fries:. Our waffle iron could be upgraded with these special waffle fries forms. Video looks so easy to make.
  19. waffle fries -> Belgium What are waffle fries? Are they these longly waffles which are fried and look like french fries, or are they these potato cut to look like a waffle and then fried? But both, french fries and brussel waffles, are from Belgium.
  20. food -> potato Potato harvest is kind of a family reunion in our case. We do potatoes for nearly the whole family, but at harvest they have to help at a weekend The dried plants are put on heaves and burned to prevent fungal potato plant diseases if having them on a nearby field the coming year. In the hot ash we place potatoes, kind of campfie potatoes. They have a nice strong potato taste and we cut them in halves and smear Quark on them. Wish mom will be back at the next.
  21. steak -> deer I know that the americans are proud of their steaks. But the word is from nordic german and just means roasted (on a pole). So a lot of animals qualify for the word steak. My family does mainly steaks from deer, easier access for me than good cattle steaks. Often it has to be wrapped with bacon stripes if it is too dry. And then the old wild game rules: serve with what the game was eating: juniper, mushrooms, ...
  22. paella -> pilaf I do a very regional spring variant: Grünkern (smoke dried unripe grain from spelt) instead rice, bear garlic instead garlic, dried mushrooms from late autumn, very thin slices of roasted deer, thistle oil, Quark,some berries from forest, a nomato (no tomatoes) sauce with local stuff to get the typical slightly red colour,... We got so used to Grünkern so we take it in nearly all recipes which have normally rice. Luckily I can buy it in 10 pound bags. Grünkern is way better than rice if a visitor has diabetes. A nearby farmer has spelt and I asked him to get some this year for trying to make our own village Grünkern in the remaining heat of the baking house. A 91 year old remembers how it was done. So we will have a Grünkern-day in our village. I did some vegs in our new indoor garden so I may experiment a bit.
  23. Piranha -> The Man from U.N.C.L.E. The AMT Piranha was the car used in the TV series.
  24. Close do the Döner the twins like to eat while waiting for the train home from school? Ever since our first I have an agreement with the döner restaurant that the kids can make their homework in the hour waiting for the train there and I pay him monthly. I played soccer with the owner when I was younger. Or the low carb variant more aas a salade:
  25. friendly -> Broholmer The Broholmer is an old dog race from Denmark. It isn't much used outside central Europe. The twin sister of my wife has one as family dog. She lives near Marburg which has a bid hospital for eye surgery and several schools for blind people. The Broholmer is often used there as a guide dog. We have too many lakes and ponds so I prefer our Leonbergers which are great water rescue dog after some training. A Broholmer:

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