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  1. Quebecois -> Quetschekuche met Riwwel Local slang for Zwetschgenkuchen mit Streusel. prune-plum cake with Streusel. In baking and pastry making, streusel (German pronunciation: [ˈʃtʁɔʏzl̩]) is a crumbly topping of flour, butter, and sugar that is baked on top of muffins, breads, pies, and cakes. This time of the year the sour prune-plums are ripe. Sour- so a sweet Streusel topping on the yeast dough layed with plums. Old ladies from village will do some in the baking house next week.
  2. Texas Renaissance Festival -> Braunfels People from Braunfels founded New Braunfels. Braunfels is a very small neighbour town from Wetzlar where I was born. I am member of the Braunfels Glider Club, My older sister was born just 100m from Braunfels castle, I think funnel cake was brought from Germany to german speaking parts of USA. Here it has several names like Strauben, Trichterkuchen, Kringelfritz... My Grandma did a not sweet variant with parsley and bear-garlic.
  3. arachnophobia -> ironing There is only one local spider I really fear. Big beasts in the garden which catch clothes with their nets. Always means that a long and nasty ironing session of the victims is close. These cloth dryers are called Wäschespinnen (cloth spiders) in German,
  4. Have to do a business trip to Rotterdam and put this on the playlist for returning at night with the car.
  5. Burt Reynolds -> Sex Not only sexiest man alive but also here about 40 sexcs in the trailer:
  6. band -> citizens band radio Still not all in my area covered by cellular phones. Cable telephon has cables often attached to trees which may fall in storm. So we still have citizen band radio and short wave as backup.
  7. Was my company car. The option for extra cargo weight demanded better brakes which had to be tested and certified for this change. Believe me already certified ceramic brakes were the cheapest!!! option. Brembo said that there ceramic brakes last a car life if you are not exceeding 600C. You need 2-3 sets of compound brakes for a car life. So the costs are quite the same and the ceramic has more advantages. I am not speaking about normal cars. But 200km/h, heavy load and 60000km a year change a lot in the calculation.
  8. I used to transport heavy prototype parts to customers. Add that I live in Germany's mid mountain range and that 200km/h downhill with a heavy load works hard on the brakes if somebody changes lane too close. Ceramic lasts longer and is way more expensive, but ... having normal brakes checked and perhaps replaced each half year isn't cheap too. Main reason is the fading effect: if you have to do heavy braking two times in follow normal brakes loose brake power.
  9. Cleaning my uniform and my Flügelhorn for a funeral of a firefighter tomorrow. Firefighters never die. They do a final climb on a rescue ladder long enough to reach heaven... Will play 'Der Gute Kamerad / The good comrade' with our third on trumpet and me on the Flügelhorn
  10. mushroom weather, sunny in afternoon and wet in morning fog 7 pounds while doing a walk with the dogs: different boletes, chanterelles, blusher, champignon, ... could add bear garlic from our indoor garden for a nice mushroom pan The nice thing with bear garlic: has garlic taste but you don't smell for it
  11. Sorry to hear this. If it was after a repair, Did you have a paper contract with the garage of the mechanics? Take a witness and demand that the garage fixes the new problem for free. I miss my former business car. Some month ago I had to do full brakes and the car behind crashed in mine. My BMW GT was quite new with brake assists and ceramic brakes. The car behind was 20 years old, heavy and bad brake discs. Still few weeks for a new company car. Had to be build individual because I have to transport heavy metal probes at speed 200km/h. Because flying is no option, triggering explosives alarm at airports.
  12. Moulin Rouge -> Eurosat - CanCan Coaster A rollercoaster in a hall. Virtual reality, lot of elements from the Moulin Rouge. Best is thatthe fun park which has it is just one hour away. Normally we visited the park twice a year.
  13. mustang -> Dülmener There were a few at an animal show for horses, caddle, goats, sheeps, ... at Wetzlar I visited last year. Took a monochrome analogue photo with my old Leica. The Dülmener or Dülmen is a German breed of small feral horse.[5] It was formerly known as the Merfelderbrücher.[6] A herd of approximately 300 head lives in feral conditions in an area of about 3.5 km2 in the Merfelder Bruch, near the town of Dülmen in the Kreis of Coesfeld in north-western Nordrhein-Westfalen, in north-western Germany
  14. rally -> vintage car My self-paid first car was a third hand NSU Prinz from 1967. Less than 1350 pounds weight with a 130 horsepower rear engine. I sold it for a motorbike when at army. Some years back I found out that the wife of the person I sold it to had it still rotting in a garage after the death of her husband. I bought it back. You have to drive it to understand why I like this little king of hilly country roads. The engine cover is mainly a bit opened: cooling and as a spoiler. And yes it is a four-seater family car when I am atthe wheel. My wife uses it for vintage car rallyes. She has these racing genes: her grandpa was german motorbike champion at sidecar racing. Her father had a bike repair garage mainly for race bikes,...
  15. masses -> Autokorso a public celebration with honking cars driving in a row; on any occasion, but commonest with weddings and football victories In the sacredwiki is a video with my family mid in it and no chance to drive home https://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred_2:Soccer
  16. Top Gun -> anthem Harold Faltermeyer as composer and on piano. Add Steve Stevens on guitar. Not much more needed for a powerful song. Hans Zimmer is another great composer. He and his orchestra did an interpretation of the anthem ( and other songs from movies)
  17. air force -> siren Germany had a test run for sirens, warning apps, radio warnings, ... yesterday. Some old people still have panic when the air raid sirens are howling. In peace time the signal is for stay at home, close doors and windows switch on the radio. It used at terror, chemical disasters. But the 84+ year olds think bombers and run out of the house and look for a shelter in the open or an old bunker.
  18. boogie -> bogey When at naval airbase a bogey was an unidentified possible hostile aircraft.
  19. Yes he wrote a single book: The Leopard Lampedusa -> Seelenverkäufer / Seller of Souls Lampedusa is an island in the mediterran now known because it is overrun by migrants They arrive there by rotten ships which areN't seaworthy at all. Ships which aren't seaworthy but on sea are called seller of souks in German. In former times these ships had high insurances and were sinking to get them. Now the ships are written up and used by people who earn a lot of money from migrants to bring them to Europe,
  20. The place with the horses is where our oldest fruit trees are. The apple tree with its blossoms is an old variant and cut in plateau shape by my grandgrandpa to spend shadow for working horses, planted somewhere in the 1930ties. Behind it are thorny bushes with sloes. On the hill at the horizon is my backup income: big beeches and big oaks. Urban place has some advantages: the headline of the local newpaper was that the last!!! cinema in our district with 140000 people is closing. Not so bad beause of the movies - but as a teen cinemas were a dark place to meet my girlfriend. It is so stupid. film studios demand most modern technology to allow cinemas to run their movies. Who cares, as a teen I would have considered dolby stereo and bright digital beamers as disturbing while ssitting next to my girlfriend. So less income because of covid, not enough money to update for new movie techniques ... goodbye cinema. Teenage kids will miss you.
  21. We were watching USA vs Germany at the home of an american family who had US TV. Game wasn't broadcasted on FreeTV in Germany. We watched the very exciting game which was a fight with open visors: 113:111. And the underdog was winning. And suddenly end of broadcast, no interviews, not showing the excitement of winning, just switching to a replay of a show. The american family and ours changed looks, what happened. Are the runners of ESPN not accepting an underdog winning? It was a good and exciting game and it didn't deserve this total opposite of fairness and sportsmanship.
  22. Congratulations - Surely something that changes life There is an old african saying: It needs a village to raise a kid! Hope you have your village: family, friends, good neighbours in times of need ,... We were lucky in this and we hope you will be lucky too
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