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  1. Just try the pure hd mod from William Tokarev if you prefer the vanilla game with all its bugs and flaws.

    You can also go for Sacred Reborn, which offers HD and many more features like rebalance, new systems, new items... It is a tiny bit rougher at the beginning, though. But you get used to it in no time.

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  2. Yes. I believe as well that it is a daydream. Big respect to the maker but I doubt we will ever see a release. It is simply too much work. Also, I do not know if the Embracer Group, which holds the rights on the Sacred franchise nowadays, would interfer for commercial reasons.

    Suprisingly, Jonny Wild, the co ceo of Thoriums Life Leech project, which is also a Sacred remake, commented the video but did not mention Life Leech at all. For those who do not follow the Life Leech project on youtube, the channel fell quiet since quite a while. I do not say count one and one together, but it would be a shame if the team has closed the doors. LL really looked good.

  3. You can either go for Sacred NL, which offers HD support without rebalance, or for Sacred Reborn, which offers HD too, but has also a wide spectrum of bug fixies, rebalanced enemies, new systems and items. It is a bit rougher for newbies though, especially when you stumble into certain caves. :)

    Reborn Mod:
    Sacred NL:

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  4. 3 minutes ago, ocarinas said:

    I don't have a clear plan for my mod yet, but the current plan is it'll be a vanilla one but replace the main cast with sacred's one. They will have their original skills from their game and new additional skills from my mod. I'll think more after I'm done with the said plan.

    I remember that a user uploaded the character sprites a while ago. Do not know if the download is still available anymore, just give it a try. Check here:

    Flix might be interested in helping you, but I have not seen him for quite a while. Thats pretty much unusual. He was here every day. Hope he´s alive and well.

  5. Mmh. I just asked myself lately how long would it take to find all the gear I got, without pressing F8 all the time and without transfering stuff between heros. Years, I guess. Would my hero have then the same firepower like he has it right now? Most likely not.

    Under such circumstances, we talk about the "self found only" player, it makes sense to give the player the opportunity to boost the capacities of his hero for a moment. Since wilderness finds are to 99 percent useless, I had in mind to add magical fruits to the suggestion list. Imagine, piecing magical fruits to single shot combos together. The effects stack to make them useful, but there is a limit of allowed effects, let´s say 4, and if the player goes over it, the effects of the magical fruits cancel each other out. By turning fruits into single use combos, fruits should not start to pile up in your inventory.

    Fruits can be seperated in common, rare and very rare, weak and powerful. Some can only be found in the desert, some only in the forests of Tyr Fasul.  Modifiers, like potion find, or a certain a character class, WE or BM, increases the chance to find magical fruits, solving all quests in an area, pacifying it, leads to happy citizens, who donate what they can spare. Seraphim gets an extra bonus, Vampiress not. Playing a bad guy, opens the doors of the black market for you, where you can buy what you need, if you got the money... The possibilities are endless.


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