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  1. Are you using Xrystals multiplayer solution? If yes, know that he said a while ago, that he is sick of it all a bit. Maybe he has abandoned the project finally.
  2. It is possible and not difficult. I think the whole thing takes 4-6 hours until finished. Step 1: Better save than sorry - Make a savety copy of Sacred's sound.pak (You find it in the PAK-folder) - Get yourself some chocolate/coffee to mini-boost concentration (+20) during the renaming/import job. There are lots of sound files waiting for you. Step 2: Get the tools - MultiEx Commander: https://multiex.xentax.com/ - The script for MultiEx Commander + Sound List + Video Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LklSgJDcMfA Step 3: Do the paperwork - Launch MultiEx Commander, open the sound.pak and export the sound files you need. Double check them with the sound list. (Also: Always play the sounds to be sure) - Rename the exported sound files with help of the sound list. Please note that the sound list and the sounds from the sound.pak are numbered slightly different. (Sound.pak is always right!) Step 4: Import job - Fire up MultiEx Commander again, start importing the renamed sounds. - save - done
  3. Well done indeed Flix, but I hope you do not move away from the franchise, because it would have a severe impact on the forum, turning it most likely into a Deadite. Imo the only reason that Sacred 2 is still alive, is your and Dimitrius relentless work and communicative forum presence. Lindor and Vishanka give a good and strong bonus too, but only together you keep it going and fuel each others fire a bit. If one man alone has to keep it up, it might quickly lead to internal contradictions, followed by a slow quitting.
  4. Of course you can buy armors in shops, Reborn or not. Are you perhaps looking for blue and yellow stuff and do not have the trading skill? Is it that what you mean? However. If you got trouble with poison resistance, get yourself a speedy horse to dodge attacks. In the western desert close to the teleporter stands a 220 mp/h horse. All you need now is a good bridle. Since you got the bravemart unlocked already, simply trade, until you got something useful.
  5. Some nice work here. Do you plan to give the Dryad an overhaul too? If so, check here: The green painted nobles look promising.
  6. Just klicked at the link. Bad idea. Errm, usually the gog and steam versions are fitted for modern systems. For me, gog works best. Just wait until you get it for one, two bucks. Happens every two, three months.
  7. Check here: https://www.protondb.com/app/12320 Maybe someone can help.
  8. You can ask William Tokarev for help at any given time. Dont be shy. He is here frequently. Also, I digged out some posts which might be interesting: https://www.nexusmods.com/sacred/mods/13?tab=posts
  9. Well, welcome back then. And back in action immediately. After you did not show up anymore all of a sudden I thought that something might has happened to you. Lets go back to our mods then.
  10. Just try the pure hd mod from William Tokarev if you prefer the vanilla game with all its bugs and flaws. You can also go for Sacred Reborn, which offers HD and many more features like rebalance, new systems, new items... It is a tiny bit rougher at the beginning, though. But you get used to it in no time.
  11. Flix was not here since several months. Try to contact him on youtube, steam or gog.
  12. Yes. I believe as well that it is a daydream. Big respect to the maker but I doubt we will ever see a release. It is simply too much work. Also, I do not know if the Embracer Group, which holds the rights on the Sacred franchise nowadays, would interfer for commercial reasons. Suprisingly, Jonny Wild, the co ceo of Thoriums Life Leech project, which is also a Sacred remake, commented the video but did not mention Life Leech at all. For those who do not follow the Life Leech project on youtube, the channel fell quiet since quite a while. I do not say count one and one together, but it would be a shame if the team has closed the doors. LL really looked good.
  13. "Evil Lynn" just came to my mind. https://youtu.be/SwfVuMHWnKk?t=525 https://youtu.be/x0UiY-3yDKk?t=195
  14. Looks interesting. Wasn´t it a one of your pet projects? I remember we discussed the matter years ago.
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