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  1. Dont mention it. I can upload the vanilla shield textures tomorrow or so, if you are interested. It is not difficult.
  2. Yes. I recommend to get yourself "Gimp". It is freeware. After you have edited the texture, put it into the PAK folder. Thats it. You should know that Sacred might use the same texture for various items. So, the newly colorized item might appear somewhere you do not expect it. I would say, start with the shields. That is easy work. Done in a few hours.
  3. As for Sacred 2 it all goes well I think. Overlookers got ripped very early. There is a guy who has uploaded the new versions of Reborn immediately after release and revealed years later, that he is not part of Overlookers Klan. Such things are always painful for the makers. Maybe that was the reason they have switched to bit.ly Look here: https://www.moddb.com/downloads/sacred-reborn-v321 Speaking of missing feedback, it is a well known problem here. Work in the first line for yourself. Thats the best way to deal with the issue.
  4. The poll is interesting! The question is, which approach is the most reasonable. Work silently and unleash the whole shebang as a whole: + Calm and relaxed working + Far less pressure on the modder due to the lack of a demanding community + Strong focus on the project since distractions are missing - Community looses interest and moves on, or has never heard of it. - No checks and balances from a third side. - No feedback, input, or morale boost, since the community is not involved in the making. Step-by-step release with fequent updates: + Mod gests constantly checked by the community, feeback is coming in all the time. + More players become interested and want to play the new mod. - People go easily into the but-it-is-not-exactly-like-I-want-it mode and start calling your mod cheap trash and cr!p. - High pressure on the modder to deliver all the time can lead to frustration and finally burnout. Share with other modders only until the mod is ready: + Give and take. You help fellow modders, they help you. + Qualified ideas and input are coming in. + Expertise is exchanged. + Make some friends in the best case + Relaxed working withing a circle of people, who know how much work it is to get things done. - People dislike each other, maybe even start fighting - You (might) get ripped Sorry for being off topic a bit.
  5. There are people here, who do the coding. Even if you cant see it right now. You can toss ideas at any given time. If they find an audience, is an other question. Speaking of your style of play, well, lets say it is refreshing. Something entirely new. But since S1 is concepted as a fast f!ck-sh!t-up-and-do-not-look-back slasher, I do not think many others will give it a try. I would rather suggest to join mod teams and to work on ideas. I really like the book-thingy. Its pretty cool.
  6. Some concepts are quite interesting, like the books, that give once various boni. Maybe the idea will make it into Reborn, or NL mod. But the remaining ideas heavily interrupt the games flow. Who wants to go back to desktop every two minutes? Especially in the early levels you level up like crazy. You have to ask yourself what the gaming shall be. Burden, or fun.
  7. I think supersexycool describes it the best way. Combined with other mods, Sacred 2 becomes a whole new experience.
  8. Hehe. The boar has the same facial expression like my dog when he did something wrong. Even the tongue is out a bit!
  9. Videogame addiction and massive consumption of video games is slowing down your mind and has a tremendously negative effect, especially on young folks. Which are the future of any country. Unfortunately, the whole article is hidden behind a member wall in the "Der Spiegel" magazine. Is it overreacting then to keep sh!t away from the population? I think not. We all know that the Prohibition did not work out, so the change must come from the inside. Example: After taking a swim, your brain will release all brain chemistry related drugs at once for easily 15 minutes in a row. Thats the key. The secret is, to trick your kids into the pool and let them swim for a while. A big, fat win for all sides, except the sad-faced gaming industry, which stands crying and alone outside. What shocks me is the completely ruthless buisness behavior in the US. I tell you straight in your face, that US companies have no problem with it to devastate even their own population, as long as they can mooch off money. Example opioid crisis, or even worse, the story with the endocrine disruptors. Scary stuff. Since you speak German, I will gladly link the whole story on "arte" for you. Just let me know. Speaking of good clean fun, why not play old games? The 90s are full of flawless videogame gems. Bug free mostly, cheap and they run on the oldest machines. Modders keep things up to date, even continue working on the game. There are infinite numbers of rpgs, shooters, tactical games, slashers, what ever your heart desires, you will find it. Imho today, you will hardly find quality stuff like Deus Ex, Xcom, Ultima series, Jagged Alliance and so on. Games of today simply aim for visual overload, often combined with a ridiculously poor story. Followed by user binding, personal data collection, including data sale by the game company, merchandising and more and more often, the nasty tricks we talked about before. Conclusion from my side: Just stay away from such games. Even drug addicts believe, that they are in control of the drug. The sad truth is: No. They are not. The drug controls its user. The addicts are either to stubborn to accept it, too optimistic, or too dense.
  10. The game we talk about, is a harmful way of money making. By creating a game addiction, the customer shall be drained to the max. Tell me in a few simple words: Where is the difference to drug addiction or alcoholism? As soon as you are addicted, you come back frequently to buy your shot. Does not matter if it is opium, booze, or an item upgrade, you have just bought for 10 bucks. The company wants to see cash and the only thing that matters is, that the addict is sending money in constantly. What happens to you, if you loose your job, ruin your family, your life, or your health, is none of their concern. The governments of Denmark and Belgium acted absolutely correct and protected their citizens from such a sh!t.
  11. The uploader of NL is also the maker of NL.
  12. Both mods, NL and Reborn, made huge leaps forward. It would be wonderful to see a harmonic fusion of both paths.
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