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  1. Thanks for writing the guide. I made it up to level 50 whith a Demon some months ago and hell yeah it was fun! The Demon's wonderful agility, her devastating firepower, combined with her mean personality... the answer is YES! The demoness is worth giving a try!
  2. Mmh. I just asked myself lately how long would it take to find all the gear I got, without pressing F8 all the time and without transfering stuff between heros. Years, I guess. Would my hero have then the same firepower like he has it right now? Most likely not. Under such circumstances, we talk about the "self found only" player, it makes sense to give the player the opportunity to boost the capacities of his hero for a moment. Since wilderness finds are to 99 percent useless, I had in mind to add magical fruits to the suggestion list. Imagine, piecing magical fruits to single shot combos together. The effects stack to make them useful, but there is a limit of allowed effects, let´s say 4, and if the player goes over it, the effects of the magical fruits cancel each other out. By turning fruits into single use combos, fruits should not start to pile up in your inventory. Fruits can be seperated in common, rare and very rare, weak and powerful. Some can only be found in the desert, some only in the forests of Tyr Fasul. Modifiers, like potion find, or a certain a character class, WE or BM, increases the chance to find magical fruits, solving all quests in an area, pacifying it, leads to happy citizens, who donate what they can spare. Seraphim gets an extra bonus, Vampiress not. Playing a bad guy, opens the doors of the black market for you, where you can buy what you need, if you got the money... The possibilities are endless.
  3. Check here. https://sacredonlinecommunity.forumfree.it/?f=10777642 The user Tur0k wrote a Radmin VPN tutorial some years ago, but I think the situation is a bit difficult right now. You know world politics and bla.
  4. Reborn mod works too. -Open config, unselect "full screen" -Run Sacred Reborn GameServer, select difficulty. Check "Wolfes Lair" for the right levels -Run Sacred Reborn -Pick Multiplayer + LAN -Klick "Join", then "Start" -Go back to desktop -Run Sacred Reborn again and repeat the procedure. You can swap items freely then between characters.
  5. There is no need to register all across the internet. We can toss ideas here. Ruddick and William Tokarev are here frequently.
  6. From my point of view the NL mod is a techie version. A highly configurable tool which allows the interested player to change many, many aspects of the game. There are also interesting systems and concepts wich are currently maybe best described as some kind of foundation. The house, which stands on it, is still under construction. This might be the reason why "Sacred NL Pure HD" has more downloads than "Sacred NL". As Flix mentioned already, Reborn mod has the advantage that the player goes right into action after installation, there are no bigger configs to make. I understand that the concepts of Reborn mod (more slasher) and NL mod (more rpg elements) are different. Merging both mods in a gently way would be the best solution imo.
  7. Important infos. Inform the maker of NL so that he can fix it. Fixing the bugs needs already a Hercules, removing the unbalance between character classes and their specific items, sets and unqiues needs a Zeus. Combined with new quests, more immersion and blabla... Liftetime job. Since the maker has put so much work in, I think it is a Sacred-for-life-project for him, but I would suggest to outsource some non-coding projects to ease the pressure on his shoulders. He still has to do the QA, though.
  8. That is why I did not gave Sacred NL a try yet. I have played the bug infested, unbalanced vanilla edition of Sacred long enough and won´t go back. I think I have asked you before if you can introduce NL to the community. Can you upload the changelog of NL?
  9. Not suprising at all. Let me tell you that there are dozens of unused quests inside the global.res which were never implemented. It was planned for example, that the wood elf compagnion is lying deadly wounded in a cave and needs help. There are also several great ideas like bringing a healer, a cartographer and so on, to certain points. Obviously they had more plans for the game in the sleeve but maybe for time reasons they never were realized. And when the money started to roll in after Sacreds successful start, they took it and focussed quickly on Sacred2, leaving S1 as it was. NL has new quests already, Reborn goes on too, so nothing is lost.
  10. - Interdimensional trader A trader whithout own gear who buys, stores and sells the items you gave him. Heros of all classes, levels and difficulties can access the items. Makes sense for people who play "self found" only. Suggestion: The trader in Porto Vallum who is hiding in the cave. - Torches getting equipped like shields As above. They also got a light radius and can be bought in stores. Some might have special properties. - Pitch black caves and mines To look more realistic - Blanc background ambients for various caves, sewers and mines 4 blanc ambients for water caves, taverns, tombs, thief hideouts, or Dark Elf mines. To fill the blancs with life is the players job. - Ambient sounds getting silenced in caves and mines Bats, singing birds and gusts of wind are not welcome anymore in tombs, caves and mines. - Introduction of charms and rune words like in Diablo2 There are at least a dozen unused textures in the game, so why not turning the useless game boxes into tomes, rune stones, or charms? Since enemies do not drop game boxes, the player has to search them.
  11. From my side, big respect to all Sacred coders, who give everything to make both games more enjoyable. I hope people here will continue to work well together for years to come.
  12. Dont worry about the late reply. Have you told the maker of NL about the idea with the books already? The concept is good and a mod need ideas to seperate itself from the unmodified game. There are 100+ books in Sacred. The possibilities are endless. Imagine spawning a random underworld monster after reading a book, getting an ancient treasure map, a portal stone, 1.000.000 xp, loose all money, destroy all potions+ spawn a bunch of titanic flies... Mmh. Maybe a seperate topic, where we can toss ideas is better.
  13. Reborn´s "Dark Star" + 2x "Ring of Protection" = Good addition to every class. But I thought about the little discussion we had a few days ago. Sacred 1 is not dead, we simply fail to contact the remaining players and keep them together. On youtube for example, there are dozens of Sacred players. Surprisingly, they know nothing about mods, some even play in 1024x768 res. If someone could leave a comment under their videos, it would be surely useful. Speaking of mods itself, I think it is necessary to understand what the remaining playerbase accepts and what not. Adding any kind of eye candy is welcome, since the build of a player does not get touched by it. It think vanilla players like their malfunctioning, unbalanced game with all its flaws and errors. They have found a way to use all the bugs and glitches, poorly balanced CAs and items to their advantage. Adding new mechanics to the game like Overlookers did, shatters the players comfy bubble and forces then to think their build over, which most do not want. Either for time reasons, or because they are simply or not open for new ways. Under such circumstances, does it makes sense then to continue coding?
  14. Well done, Virian! What makes it interesting in terms of surface terraforming is, that you can see which base grond texture is used where and when.
  15. What strange stats the club has. Has NL a new system for items? Since you play NL, maybe you should introduce it a bit more to the community. Describe it, add some screenshots and so on. The NL mod itself has less downloads then the NL Pure HD mod. A shame because the maker has surely put a lot of work in.
  16. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. It is an incredible leap forward. Ruddick, thank you very much. I mean it. But I also have to say, that we had the topic at least since two years over and over again and we were running in circles. So please do not hold your knowledge back. Three cheers to you!
  17. For the records: I have muted the following file and put it into the pak folder. Just to test it. First try: SOUND_FX_FOOTSTEP_HEROFEMALE_WATER01 No then: 1116 SOUND_FX_FOOTSTEP_HEROFEMALE_WATER01 No then: 1116_SOUND_FX_FOOTSTEP_HEROFEMALE_WATER01 No then 1116SOUND_FX_FOOTSTEP_HEROFEMALE_WATER01 No again Since there is a difference between the extracted files and the sound list, new try: First try: 01117 SOUND_FX_FOOTSTEP_HEROFEMALE_WATER01 No then: 01117_SOUND_FX_FOOTSTEP_HEROFEMALE_WATER01 No then: 01117SOUND_FX_FOOTSTEP_HEROFEMALE_WATER01 No. File is .wav format, mono track. Thank you.
  18. RuDDicK would you solve the riddle please? I, just like the starter of the topic, am quite interested.
  19. I understand. It always hurts when your big hopes turn into dust. Thats a very painful experience. I think the slow decline is the fate of all old games and as soon as you understand, you become calmer. The best way ist most likely, not to force you into something at all costs. The community, despite being small, is still active and the door is open. Sacred will still be there in a few months and years and until olks return others can hold the torch for a while. It is like an open invitation. They will surely come back.
  20. You won´t come far. The extractor gives the wrong names for the files. Example: Wrong: 21204324 Right: Zwerg_Blasta_Bomb_Schuss_01 Even if you got the right names, you have to speak German, since all files are named in German. It is a problem which can be solved, but there is still trouble. The game does not accept the new files in the pak folder. A re-pack of the sound.pak is not necessary afaik. There is a person who has dealt with the issue before, but he is here only now and then. When I am back in buisness I will gladly ask him.
  21. I think he is playing Sacred NL. But speaking of Sacred, I am glad that the game still gets some overhauls and undergoes frequent repairs. Cant wait for the new version of Reborn.
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