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  1. Hello Aduncio

    Sry for the late reply. I have checked Wolfe´s Lair, the "bonus" to two handed weapons exits already since a long time. Since Overlookers are reworking the whole thing, the issue will be taken care of sooner or later. There are many more of such mishaps. Well. Until the issue is solved, just ignore it.

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  2. Hm. Where did it all go? Guess I added too many things to the fist post. Well,

    ...here are the Discord invitation links.


    ...and some promising Youtube channels:


    ...and the link to the italian Sacred forum:


    ...plus the link to Project Life Leech, the S1 remake:


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  3. I know Icewind 1 and 2. Loved the first one for its beauty and the second one for its surprising depth. For a slasher it was quite
    good. Yes it is true. The new owners of the franchise, Beamdog, cant recreate Icewind 2, since the source code is lost.
    Speaking of remakes, there is a new Sacred, aka Life Leech, looming at the horizon, created by a long time S1 fan, Thorium.
    He posts frequently on Youtube. Looking good, imho, but a final release is surely years away.

    Sacred can definitely be modded, the problem is, that the info about the how-to is scattered across the forum. You find snippets
    here and there, sometimes hidden in lengthy posts, sometimes buried under several answers.

    I will sum it up quickly:

    Extraction tools for textures and various other files.


    Available languages, dubbed
    https://mega.nz/#F!lsEnXC7a                     Key    !uQ-hA-2MoDyosoH758uDyA


    Available languages, text
    Needs installation, followed by the renaming of the text file + relocation. That should do the trick.
    You can also ask italian users here, or in the discord forum if they can send it to you.

    How to import models into the game


    Various mini mods and treasures


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  4. It is of course your choice. Just want so say that the most parts of the remaining S1 community, including modders, have left the forums and turned to
    Discord. There are quite some S1 italian players and makers on youtube, if Discord is nothing for you. Just search for Tur0kz, UglukPVP, or
    Frederico Sassetti.

    The broken controls, guess you talk about the button B, which is meant to heal henchmen quickly, when pressed by the player according to the handbook,
    is only one of hundreds of bugs which never have been fixed. Reborn team has squashed countless of them already, but there are still many to go. Since
    no one else handles bugs, the games code is encrypted btw, there is no quick and easy solution for your problem I am afraid.       
    A possibility is to ask OLKs, the guys from Sacred Reborn, on Youtube if they can add your, definitely valid point to the to-do list, but a standalone
    version, separated from Reborn is, imho, unlikely.
    Until then, all you can do is to equip Adelina better. You can either pick ranged, but no Elven stuff and no crossbows, and socket some useful rings. Max
    sockets are 3. Sword and shield style is possible too, max sockets are 6 to 7. If you ask me, get her some Life Leech and Wounds increase damage dealt
    modifiers. Confronting Dragons while Adelina follows you, is a ride on a razors edge.


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  5. Reborn Mod turns Moca and Wilbur into useful henchmen, giving them the right gear, like the Albion sword, makes them even better. Adelina has not been modified yet and due to her low stats, she is rather a burden than a help.

    Since you are from Italy, Id suggest to join the italian discord group around the Sacred Tribute team. You find the invitation links on youtube, gog and steam. 

  6. Lindor, do you find S1 immersive? I tried more than one time to find my way in, but it all did not apply to me.
    I read the books I have found, gravestone and statue inscriptions, talked to NPCs. I always had the feeling that
    the whole thing does not fit together somehow. It looks not like a gameworld, grown in harmony, rather like a
    hastily glued together meat loaf. After a while, I skipped everything in frustration and turned to relentless
    Speaking of Underworld, when I am in hell in a few years, the Devil will force me to play Underworld over and
    over again until the world stops turning. Especially when I reach Purgatory, I shall be forced to click at all
    NPCs and have read their one liners.
    Oh, did I tell you already that I got myself some help from a bunch of rpg geeks who help me with an alternative
    timeline, universe, history stuff, lore... and so on? I will keep you up to date.

    Dimitrius, since you seem to got a unique version of the game, is there a bigger difference between your
    version and the version you get in the store? Just curious.

  7. It looks like the spawn counter for the region bosses. You have to kill the necessary amount of monsters
    to spawn the region bosses. Check wolfies lair for further info.
    I would like to encourage you to explore the game mechanics a bit more on your own. The most questions
    you ask are getting answered in the sacredwiki. Wolfies Lair is an incredibly valuable source of
    informations as well. If you plan to fool around with the balance.bin, you are mostly on your own.  

    I give you a good advice: Only one sword at a time.
    Do not try to forge 143.879 swords simultanously, no, make only a single one, but work hard and give
    all you got. Then move on to the next sword. Thats how you make good mods ...and swords.

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