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  1. Wow, sorry guize. Not been on in a while due to having to reformat the PC and work changed and oh yeah, we got another kid on the way... little girl due 2nd Feb... Thanks for all the positive comments, people. Didn't realise so many others would get such a great deal out of this build. If I'm honest, it was my first ever attempt at making an all-round character that would never be short of goodies, and it works! Although just to add, a friend took this build on, but put a lot of points into his strength, and while he's just as adept at getting good deals and drops, he's a veritable slaughterhouse! He deals out 2.5x what I do, but - and I can't remember how exactly - his build suffers a little elsewhere. But yeah, this build, even though it doesn't use the max number of skills, is pretty much complete. Once you go past the end of this build, how you continue to create is totally your choice. Just remember to bang points into Bargaining and EP! (Also, my seraphim carries two axes as backup weapons, and even though she doesn't have Hafted Weapons, she sometimes dishes out more damage with them. Just thought I'd throw that out there. )
  2. LOL. Just had a new friend added on PSN from here, directed by the Jan Sales Shopper build, so it sounds like I did something right! Wanna know what else is funny? Despite having obtained far too much gold, far too many amazing weapons and armour, and almost a full chest of other goodies, I'm still only in the desert! Expect plenty of Sacred 1 questions and lots of Sacred 2 help around the boards.
  3. So I just inherited a laptop, and bought a copy of Sacred Gold (the first one) for a few quid. Expect to see me here more often. Again. Dear lord.... Ascaron, give me my life back!
  4. My January Sales Seraphim was started on Silver, is currently on level 71, in the desert region, and a few weeks ago I did a campaign speed run with her on Bronze and beat it in 5 hours, have only used weapons and armour I've bought/found.... Zero deaths so far, and given the build I made, I have yet to fall below half health, even in boss fights. Will keep pushing her, let you know how I go.
  5. Sorry its been a while, been busy playing Dead Space and Brutal Legend and oh dear lord everything else.... Okay, so, where we at, lessee.... 1. Where did I put my stat points? Okay, well, pretty much anywhere you like, but I would recommend putting them into those which will increase your attack power and increase your defence. Magic isn't so much of an issue as the majority of enemies (or so I've found) tend to be more about the ranged/melee attacks rather than spells, and those that are, well, using this build you've most likely slaughtered them before they attack you with their magicks. 2. Thrust or Succession? Gah, I meant Succession, but still, with Thrust you get more damage, so I'm guessing the two would even out anyways. 3. Next skills? Constitution is a must if you want to become nigh-invincible. It ups your HP by a large amount if you pump a lot into it, and can mean the difference between life and death. After that, you can choose pretty much whatever you like, cos your build (for what it is designed for) is complete after only 8 skills (9 for you, as you chose an additional skill). I'm hoping to get back into this very soon, so expect to see a fair bit more of me around these parts again. Don't worry, I hadn't left! Just had a hell of a time recently!
  6. Because level 65 is the last level where you can learn skills. 10 skills, and thats your lot. Which is why most guides stop at 60-65.
  7. Yeah, I'm getting some in a trade soon, fingers crossed. Sorry man. All excited for naught.
  8. I'd prefer both, as per my January Sales Seraphim, but if you only had one choice, I'd go with EP to enhance the drops, both cash and item.
  9. Nope, its definately the "this is a new item that you got since you last looked through your inventory" reason. I know this, because its the only reason a zero-star level 10 sword will sparkle when I'm dual-wielding two level 70 Ysandrifa's Law and they're not sparkling. And then once I exit and re-enter the inventory, the crap sword doesn't sparkle. Truth.
  10. I can promise you that this is across the board. There is no animation for getting on or off. I have the special collectors edition for PS3, and there's no animation. Friend of mine has the regular PS3 edition, no animation. Another friend (and almost everyone here) has the PC version, no animation. I think that was just a teaser trailer thing, not in-game.
  11. Dobri hit it spot on there. Focus on fixing what you got before moving on.
  12. I love how you're all on about breakfast, and its 12pm here. Of course, I'm in the UK and most of you are Stateside, but its still kinda amusing in a really sad way. Speaking of which, I've had neither breakfast nor lunch.... no wonder I'm hungry.
  13. Thats a shame - online MP is a blast with friends. Not tried open servers, but spent many an hour slapping orcs with my friends. But yeah, its like with Halo 3 and other games like it. You want to play games to have fun, but you always have a few idiots ready to ruin it for everyone else by talking smack, kicking people who shoot them, etc.
  14. Yeah, its cool. I don't mind a bit of editing. I think I went a bit too far at one point.... But yeah, what annoyed me is that I've traded with a fair few people here without any kind of issue, then this tool comes along and just ruins the experience.... *sigh* I just hope that upon reading this, people might be a little more considerate towards others when it comes to trading stuff. Network issues, buggy games, it all plays a factor, and next time you're getting annoyed at someone taking ages to get into your game, just try to imagine what you'd be thinking if your machine AND connection suddenly went the way of the world's economy.
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