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  1. With Last Epoch for example my Steam Controller works fine. For Sacred 2 I took a Steam Controller Profile in Steam but in the game it doesnt react at all. I find that strange because all what the controller does is emulating mouse and keyboard inputs. Any ideay how this mod could prevent this?
  2. Ok thanks. I always play completely zoomed out. But turning off AA helped luckily.
  3. Sadly the Hurricane Druid Skill brings my otherwise constant 60FPS to 20FPS. I played a Sorc to level 25 and tried all skills and didn´t have that problem with any skill. Setting Effect Details to low or putting off PhysX Effects did not help. That´s very sad because I wanted to play a build around this skill :-(. Please, any idea what could help?
  4. @Flix Thank you for this wonderful mod. I searched for something to shorten the wait for D2 Resurrected and this is more than that. Sometimes I have the problem that when I load the game that when I click on the ground my toon doesnt do anything. Another time it was that when I click on a item in the inventory nothing happens (cant take it), that happened out of nowhere after 1hour or so playing. I had to load new and then these problems were gone. Any idea? And to be on topic. At first I tried ice and fire sorc. But I was a little disappointed by the skills. Blizzard doesnt hit a thing. Meteor has a warm up I can make a coffe in :). Only ice nova I could work with. BUT I have an absolute blast with the arcane spells. I built Lightning for Area of Effect (4 chains), when they come close Nova and for single targets I mod Telekinesis this way. That works like a charm.
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