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  1. requirements: shadow warrior(haven't tried this with any other character yet) high defense high hit point regeneration reflective emenation grim resilience(optional, but nice to have on you) in the forrest right out side of Grunwald Cave Dragon location, there are human mobs that summon elementals that will attack you. keep reflective emenation up, and make sure your health is regenerating too fast for the elementals to do any real damage. stand in the middle of a crowd of these human summoners, and just let the elementals attack while RE mows them down. any additional mobs will be killed by RE, discovered this doing a solo boss run on the dragon in gold difficulty. the summoners will not attack you themselves, but will keep summoning elementals. with my normal equipment on and stats, I have 4040 armor, 6.2k hp, and 132/s hit point regeneration. at level 50 in gold difficulty these mobs do not budge my health one bit.
  2. What the most effective way to mini boss farm on ps3 is? which bosses are the fastest to get too? side question: after killing a mini boss around the map......do they dissappear forever in your save game? or do they have a respawn timer? any help is appreciated. edit: by mini boss I mean mobs like the white griffin, harpy queen, etc....
  3. Thank you very much for the info. Another quick question, Is there a weapon database for sacred 2 somewhere around here?
  4. Hello Everybody, New player on sacred here. I never heard of the first sacred, but a buddy of mine told me this game was pretty good so I decided to check it out for myself, and well, I'm impressed with it to say the least. But I have a question, Where does Armantin's Legacy set for SW drop at? Can't seem to find that info anywhere. Any help would be appreciated.
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