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  1. Like I said that option is up to you. I just find that with this build and the Def skills I do not take enough dmg to make Purifying Chastisement worth while vs the Dopples extra dmg output. That and I gave my Dopple the Gruesome Inquisition tree line so he is more or less the 3rd skill line for me lol. but like I said if you look at the way it works out, there is plenty you can move around and still keep it and effective and fun build with a play style more to your liking. I find the survivability is higher this way then with other builds I have tried. Guess what I am saying is my pr
  2. I am New to this site but I am not new to the game. I have run 4 different Inquisitors up to there 60s and 2 into the 70s. I am now on my 7th (lucky number) and Finale Build and I have it all worked out for a Battlemage Setup. I am currently level 42 on this build and Take very little DMG at all even at end game. That in my opinion is great for an inquisitor. This is Possible by keeping your combat arts at a steady increase with your skill level. SKILLS: 1. Duel Wield (a must for the dmg output) (75 points) 2. Astute Supremacy Lore (120 points)
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