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  1. I assume your talking about the Modern Warfare 2? If so the game is phenomenal, if you have an HDTV it looks like your in the game for real. Jaw dropping graphics. Definately recommend COD MW2 because it has endless multiplayer games and about 15 different game modes in multiplayer. Hope this helps man.
  2. Yeah, but its not as bad as that one. The game is way more fast paced and you have to aim to kill. If your off your off whoever gets hit with the first bullet from a gun if the other person dont dodge a one or 2 then its a kill. Pretty sweet though. I definately think its the Game of the Year.
  3. You wouldn't happen to have a good 1 handed weapon would you? I'm level 81 can use around level 100. I can't do enough damage in platinum yet but I did jump to the forest guardian so I guess thats why. Haha, anyways any help would be appreciated.
  4. I bet thats fun huh? You socket it with high level in plat or niob? Because its not possible unless you got a higher level to socket. That takes the fun out of the game...
  5. Very True. I dunno there are endless hours of gameplay for MW2 due to the spec ops, regular missions, and the multiplayer. I will download the demo to assassins creed to check it out. I played a hella lot of Modern Warfare so I definately went out and bout this one. No faults whatsoever so far. Best game of the year for me!
  6. No FECAL MATTER! right? I think PS3 is way better than the 360 because of the free Playstation network, Blu-Ray DVD player, and the free updates. Nothing better than free right? However you did pay $300-400 for the system shouldn't have more of these ridiculous fees just to play online...
  7. Played MP last night it was freakin awesome. I would have to say that this MP on MW2 definately doesn't even compare to COD4 not even close. Yeah, definately impressed. Is a must to all gamers who love shoot em ups. Yeah, the "No Russian" level is pretty crazy thats a lot of people getting blasted as well as cops too. I thought it was a pretty cool level kinda screwed up but definatley something we havent seen before in a game.
  8. I played those when I was younger haha. You will definatley love MW2. Its kinda weird seeing war in your own country though....Im from the U.S. But overall played the game for about 3 hours so far and definately love it. Looking forward to the Spec-Ops mode though.
  9. Hey just wanted to say this game blew me away. I just bought it last night and the graphics are awesome. Its so intense its like your really there. I was going to play only about 20 minutes however I looked at the clock it 2 hours went by. I'm just on the "For The Record" beat some missions don't quite know if thats just a certain mission set. However, I do love the multiplayer in this I played COD 4 multiplayer a lot. Yet to try this one out on the MP may do so tonight. I do like there is another online option that being the spec ops (co-op) which is another added dimension to to the game. You guys should check this game out it is the Shiza!
  10. Its a pretty good movie. I saw it in theaters. Could have been better. There are some nice action scenes as well as that hot chick throwing herself at him. Pretty good all in all. However, The Punisher is better.
  11. Hell Yeah no problem. It would definately had been a bust. Just received the Stradal's Hammer and ellens compromise I think it is maybe. The ring was only +5 All Combart Arts but the hammer makes up for it. Very nice I must add does good damage and nice mods.
  12. We figured it out my buddy forgot to get 1 of the people the one thats quest related around the "Ghost Village" Figured it out though that damn bridge was locked but finally got through it after we completed that quest to open it. Thanks though for your help!
  13. Are you guys playin on the same console? I think you gain less experience that way. However, if your online mode (joined game through an invite) you get an XP bonus I believe. Also, if you can get 2 other peeps to join you just random people you level even better. I don't co-op on the same console I do it online through the invite. On the same console I think you get less experience.
  14. Buy a PS3 haven't had any problems and dont hear too many being reported. However, my 360 doesn't read the discs all the time it says that there is a disc read error however the damn disc is untouched not even 1 scratch on it. Also, it would lock up occasionally. Sorry man for your loss it does suck. Get a PS3 though its worth it. Blu Ray player and whatever you want it for also FREE ONLINE!
  15. I've never had a problem having to fight more than 1 namless at a time. It never provoked the other ones into teaming up on me. However Im a duel wielding seraphim so maybe the BFG does provoke that or ranged weapons at that. But never had a problem.....Dunno what would cause this.
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