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  1. A complete and detailed guide about my greedy ranger Dryad Greetings everyone! I am finally back on this wonderful Sacred world and, since there are a lot of common builds for Dryad such as archer, voodoo focused or pure caster, I wanted to develop a little different build. Recently I finally managed to try out a personal project which I was thinking since I have returned to the Sacred games (about a year ago). The build is focused on a Dryad that can basically do everything – kill fast, deal tons of damage, have a lot of defense and resistance, find lots of valuables and good items and a
  2. Jubei, the Mentalist Dragon Mage 1. Character introduction Once a noble apprentice of the High Temple of the Mages' Guild seeking magical knowledge, Jubei quickly earned a name for himself in the Great Council. His fast learning abilities combined with the accurate magic and fighting skills acquired during the short stay at the Temple turned him into one of the most promising students in the land. The ranks and grades he obtained were bolstered day by day, slowly climbing on his way to the top. One day, following his hard work and commitment at the Temple, Jubei managed to came into
  3. Hi, so I started a buid but I'm stuck on a question. Should I start on 100% intel and carry a magic stick or balance it with strength and take a hammer with both hands? Obviously I'm willing to take any other advice ! Shadow Veil (Buff) A B A Spectral Hand B B A Skeletal Fortification A B A Reflective Emanation (Buff) B B A Grim Resilience (Buff) A A A 1-Astral Lord Lore 2-Astral Lord Focus 3-Concentration 4-Discipline de combat 5-Tactics Lore 6-Damage Lore 7-Speed Lore 8-Hafted Weapons or Magic Staffs ? 9-Armor Lore 10-Ancient Magic
  4. Version 1.0.0


    I never liked the design of this set, with the yellow face looked more like a beetle than anything else, I finally gave it a more demonic touch and includes the sword. Installation: Copy the mq folder to the path C:\Program Files (x86)\Deep Silver\Sacred 2 Gold Edition\pak\mq Requirements: Armantin's Legacy http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred_2:Armantin's_Legacy
  5. Im looking to put together a sword and shield build for a seraphin to got to niobium difficulty and would welcome any tips on improving her. My focus is to make a strong char that rolls with a sword and shield, slow but steady wins the race. The skills Tactics lore [75] Exalted warrior focus Sword lore Armor lore [75] Constitution [75] Toughness Combat reflex Spell resistance Shield lore Enhanced perception the ones with the brackets are to be 75 on lv75 ? The battle arts Battle Stance mods Aggression Flexibility Ret
  6. I saved my chars from vanila and I am just about to instal the new 1.60. can I continue with my old char or do I have to start new char.
  7. Hello all! I really hope someone can help me with my melee TG shopper build... The possibilities on the last 2 skills are killing me! I want to be able to use deathly spears effectively and survive decently. As it stands, my first 8 skills are: 1. Enhanced Perception 2. Bargaining 3. Armor Lore 4. Hafted Weapons 5. Tactics Lore (better weapon damage, DS damage, and derogate damage) 6. Devout Guardian Focus 7. Warding Energy Lore 8. Combat Discipline (haven't taken this YET but it does make deathly spears better I hear) So this leaves me with a few options for my last two skills. I am keepin
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