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  1. Version v15c


    Diablo 2 Fallen v15c Hotfix Patch for "Opponent's Armor -X%" modifier not spawning on weapons. Introduction: Diablo 2 Fallen is a semi-conversion mod for Sacred 2 that transforms the game world, character classes, items, enemies, and many more aspects into those of Diablo 2. Relevant Links: D2F Development Thread D2F Release Thread D2F on SacredWiki The Hellfire Arena Please read the following! This mod requires the latest version of the Community Patch (1.60) to be installed beforehand. Do not to have any other mods installed if you're going to play D2F. None. This is a huge mod and compatibility is very limited. Custom versions of many popular mods are already integrated. The Music Pack is a separate download available HERE. The music pack is required, otherwise you will experience some regions with no music at all. Leave "commentary" to NEVER in the options menu. If you don't turn commentary off you will hear a weird mix of vanilla and D2F character voices. Leave "Number of Speakers" to STEREO in the options menu. If you try to use 5.1 audio then the music and many sound effects will not play. The fonts needed for the interface are located in the "pak/fonts" directory of the mod. They are three .ttf files. Right-click each one and select "Install" to install them on your system. Detailed Install Instructions (New Users): Download the Generic Mod Enabler (GME) and install it to your Sacred 2 root folder. Mod Enabler is available at http://www.softpedia.com/get/Others/Miscellaneous/Generic-Mod-Enabler.shtml Root folder for Steam is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Sacred 2 Gold Root folder for GOG or disk version may be as simple as C:\Sacred 2 Gold After running the GME once, it will make a folder called "MODS" there. Extract the contents of the D2F .zip file into the "MODS" folder. There should be four folders: "Diablo 2 Fallen v15", "D2F Inferno Patch", "D2F SuperSpawn, and "D2F Docs." The Docs folder is just for information and is not necessary to play. Extract the D2F music pack contents ("music" folder) into the "pak" folder of the mod. So the structure will look like: [Diablo 2 Fallen v15/pak/music]. Run the GME and enable Diablo 2 Fallen v15. It may take a long time to install. The GME will back up your clean files and will allow to you to easily enable/disable the mod as you wish. -Optional- "Inferno Edition" and/or "SuperSpawn" should be enabled after enabling the main mod. Overwrite warnings are to be expected. Disable before disabling the main mod. The fonts needed for the interface are located in the "pak/fonts" directory of the mod. They are three .ttf files. Right-click each one and select "Install" to install them on your system. Play with NEW characters only. Previous Users: Disable the old version of D2F with the GME (important!) Remove the old D2F folder from your "MODS" folder. Place the new "Diablo 2 Fallen v15" folder into the "MODS" folder. Enable as usual. -Optional- "Inferno Edition" and/or "SuperSpawn" should be enabled after enabling the main mod. Disable before disabling the main mod. Use old characters at your own risk. Legacy characters may have re-rolled bonuses on random items or odd/broken behavior for in-progress quests. Thanks to: Pesmontis for all his ideas and insight, and helping me import countless new monster and item designs. dimitrius154 for invaluable advice, contributing new models and textures, and coding. Silver Fox for scripting advice, and his work on textures, making new items, god statues, and the Druid's quest. Vampire and desm for making the French version. Wardust for hundreds of ideas on changing textures of the landscape, enemies, and the characters. steinerrr for ideas on how to increase the power and challenge of monsters. Caledor for ideas on adjusting balance, skill effects and the inventory interface. Ysendra for some Daemon textures. Jordan0422 and Tharkun who did testing and provided lots of valuable feedback. Charon117 who made tools for cleaning & optimizing scripts. Lindor for some script-sorting tools and Lua advice. The CM Patch team and all the modders who came before me, made modding tools, and showed me the way. Everyone who played the mod, posted feedback, and gave support. This mod is very much a product of the entire Sacred 2 community at DarkMatters. Thank you!
  2. A pernicious Boss Creature, resembling an Ice Phoenix, known as The Narmul, resides in a lonely, stony, and icy courtyard; many frozen Seraphim stand scattered throughout, frozen in combat and posed as statues accompanied by other wandering unfortunate creatures, all now mere trophies of this abominable beast. The Narmul must surely be the mightiest foe that our brazenly determined High Elf has yet faced. For, he has an array of formidable Combat Arts and four giant crystals which provide protection from any damage. His initial attacks are not dissimilar to Dragon Strike but for inflicting intense Ice Damage instead. He may, after the second protecting crystal is destroyed, command an avalanche-like attack of icy chunks that inflict both Ice and Physical damage. If the remainder of the crystals are destroyed the nasty beast may then draw his opponent closer to him and he may drain the energy away from their Combat Arts and begin some wickedly potent Magic based melee damage attacks. Watch now, as the chilling scene unfolds before you.
  3. The Gyrvim Island Dragon (also spelled Girvym) may surprise the unwary traveler who wanders recklessly into the labyrinth of passageways underground, accessed by a single and unassuming entrance nigh to a lone merchant. Beware, its deadly Fire, Magic, and Physical attacks and hope that it does not use its cloaking ability to place you at a further disadvantage. Eager to explore for treasures, our heroine the High Elf wanders into the lair of this sinister beast.
  4. Making her way through the deep, thick forest of Dyr Lain, our indomitable High Elf heroine unexpectedly encounters a fierce, unfriendly, and powerful tree boss, the Forest Guardian, who possesses many powerful tricks that could make this encounter our heroine's last. First, he may bind her in vines to prevent her from fleeing, moving to cast spells, or even protecting herself. His "Hard Hit" does a tremendous amount of physical damage; he may slow her run speed or even boost his regeneration were she to find the capability to land any hits of her own. Lastly, If she is fortunate enough to do any significant damage he has an unanticipated spell which will fully restore his health. Let us find out how our lady reacts to this unforeseen mortal threat.
  5. To complete the Main Quest, our temerarious lady, the High Elf must enter the Great Pyramid of the Lost City, Ciria Delith. Regrettably for her, it is guarded by a terrifying flying daemon, Kral of The Winged Daemons. Kral may inflict Tail Lash, TBall (a missile-like attack), and deadly Sonic Scream attacks. Kral is bolstered a group of four Lightning Tower traps which cause magic and also physical damage. Let us now see what transpires.
  6. Having accepted a special request from a mage, tasked with defeating The Earth Lord, and having found fulfilling the chore well beyond her powers, our fearless heroine the High Elf unhesitatingly accepts this weighty responsibility. She has not been forewarned that this Elemental Boss has an arsenal of magical powers at his disposal. He may summon a small earth elemental as a distraction that may also inflict some degree pf damage, yet it is the three greater of his powers that are far more hazardous. His Meteor Shower, Fire Trap, and Hard Hit inflict massive amounts of fire and/or physical damage.
  7. Asmarael, the Queen of Spiders, possesses a vast array of Combat arts that she, as a pure caster, may employ in any encounter. So, this time, the High Elf surely needs to be fully prepared and remain wary. Some of Asmarael's Combat Arts do Magical damage and Magical Damage over time. She may also cast a "rooting" spell to prevent her opponents from any movement and she may also invoke a mist which creates a large amount of Damage Over Time. Additionally, she may cast a lightning spell that causes Physical and Magic damage to, and push opponents away, from her. She also has a buff-like aura spell that may leech life from any enemy within range; she has a healing spell to restore her. Lastly, she may summon three Hunting Spiders and a Giant Spider to assist her by attacking foes.
  8. The dreaded Dragon of the Bengaresh Desert resides in a secluded lair, deep within the mountainous region to the east of Dar Al Badja. Dealing physical, magic and fire damage, this foe is not one to be taken lightly. Nevertheless, our dauntless heroine presses forward without hesitation.
  9. Welcome back to Niobium Boss Battles (CM Patch 160 Version) with our heroine, Tarellethiel, the High Elf. Today our resilient and indefatigable lady will encounter and engage the execrable and phantasmal entity, the Banshee. Let us see what happens!
  10. This is yet another idea I've had brewing in my head for a very long time. I found some time over the weekend to actually flesh it out enough to be able to share some of my ideas. I want to make a mod that adds new bosses and enemies. In addition to working with a few really cool monster types from Sacred 2, I also had this idea of "Wild Mounts." Why aren't there more tigers or lizards running around Ancaria? Most of the mounts have ecological niches where they would fit in, and it would be interesting to face revamped versions of them as foes (like the little Hell Hounds/big Hell Hound boss in the Blood Forest). Right now what I'm showing you is a boss roll-call. I've done just the barebones work here, creating the creatures, placing them on the map, and sketching out a basic quest-line for them. It's a looooong way from being finished, and since I've never made a quest before, it may not even be possible to do them. But, it's fun anyway, so, here's my ideas in rough campaign quest order: Radismus & Lucidius - Burning and Crystal Skeletons Two Elven sorcerers consumed and corrupted by a lust for power and magic, the twin brothers Radismus and Lucidius turned to dark magic to acheive their aims. They made their lair in the depths of the abandoned prison island off the coast of Thylysium. The remnants of corpses and evil psychic emanations of the sprawling stone dungeons was the perfect environment for the two necromancers to practice their craft. Evidently they acheived their goal of immortality, though in the most gruesome way. They remain as skeletons, shackled to a single room in the deepest level. Radismus remains consumed by his fiery hatred, and Lucidius frozen inside his icy misery. Their bodies are ruined but their magical power remains lethal. Shengis - Mountain Troll Shaman Deep in the mountains of Nor Plat, you find an injured allied Orc soldier. For days, the Orc has been tracking a particularly powerful Troll Shaman named Shengis. The Orc is unable to continue the hunt, but as a new member of the clan, you decide to finish the job. Shengis is brutally strong and possesses an arsenal of spells. Bast - Dragon Berserk On west Dragon Sea Island, a fearful dragon cultist approaches you and frantically tells you that one of the neophytes, Bast, has been attempting dragon magic way beyond his skills. Most recently he has foolishly dabbled with the Dragon Berserk spell, and lost all control after the transformation. He is now rampaging across the island. As a Dragon Berserk, Bast can use Lacerate and Blood Frenzy, and should be approached with the utmost caution. Father Dagon - Unique Monster After entering the Swamp through the magical portal, you meet a few members of an elven archaeological expedition hiding among the stone ruins of Khatuz. They tell you that they unearthed some ancient manuscripts in Bengaresh, then followed the signs north to the Hissil'Ta swamp, and in their searching awoke something terrible. Creatures that should lay in a deep dreamless sleep are now returning to life and corrupting the marshes. Something is gathering and controlling the Olm, normally mindless swamp creatures, and organzing them into fanatical legions. You decide to track down this unearthly being in the northern swamps. Mother Hydra After defeating Father Dagon, sinister clues point to an even more terrible and powerful creature in the drowned bogs of the southern swamps. Fighting down fear, you resolve to track down the ultimate source of the evil and put an end to it once and for all. Kumonga - Shroud Spider Kumonga is an enormous solitary Shroud Spider that lives in the vast wastes of the Bengaresh Desert. There are no settlements or structures near his territory. It is a desolate, barren place shunned by all. Kumonga comes from the ancient Du'Rach word for "spider," and there is evidence that its presence was known even in ancient times pre-dating the first human and elf settlements. Tekeli - Monitor Lizard The village of Eloeth Sun is split between a town on the Dyr-Lain mainland and a small island settlement, connected by a long wooden bridge. On the mainland, near one end of the bridge, you see a Dryad lizard trainer, visibly upset. She tells you her oldest Battle Monitor, Tekeli, has gone rogue the previous day. Half-blind and half-mad, the huge lizard went berserk and broke free while being saddled, fatally biting one Dryad rider and crippling another with a lash of her tail before retreating to the beach. The other Dryads were forced to abandon the small island village until someone is able to subdue the beast. I had a terrible time trying to un-saddle the Sabertooth Tiger and getting the fur effect to show up. It kept crashing my game, so my idea to make a Sabertooth boss in the Temple of Tears may or may not be created. I may put something else in that location, since it seems like the perfect place for a boss. I would probably integrate this with the Enhanced Spells Mod and/or the CM Items Mod, just so there aren't too many overlapping mods creating confusion and installation woes. That's all for now. Any thoughts on what might make a good boss, location, or quest storyline?
  11. Yet again heedlessly hurling herself headlong, High elf Tarellethiel, challenges one of the most menacing managers of mayhem, The Abishai Of Dissension. This boss monster has some truly nasty tricks at his disposal.
  12. Wandering around Diaanja's retreat as a loyal dog would while protecting it's master's home, her Hell Hound quickly discovers our heroine, Tarellethiel on her way to discover a way inside.
  13. As part of the quest Diaanja's Refuge, our handy heroine must defeat Mishirla in her progress to her final destiny of encountering the much dreaded Abishai of Dissension.
  14. Will our heroine Terellethiel be the high elf who saves Christmas, or will the icy cold heart of a Frost Dragon, The Grinch ruin the season and disappoint the children, stealing their wonder and joy?
  15. Another boss that must be defeated as a part of the quest, Can Christmas Still Be Saved, is Walther. As a part of the CM 160 Patch the boss was changed to a Human Boss form the formerly humanoid Troll Boss.
  16. With the culmination of the quest, In the Name of God, Tarellethiel must defeat the Human Boss, Haenir. Ever defiant, even to the point of heedlessness, our brave heroine flashes through the icy cavern and into the frosty, freezing, fray.
  17. The Garganthropod, known to the humans in the desert and to others who oft listen to tales of faraway lands as a particularly toxic, malevolent, and resilient giant scorpion, our heroine waltzes in once again with no fear and hesitation to greet it in her customary manner.
  18. Driven by her insatiable wanderlust, our intrepid heroine Tarellethiel discovers yet another reclusive Boss well secluded in his mountain lair in the southeast region of the swamp near Lizurath. The Hissil'Ta Swamp Dragon is indeed a sly and a ruinously baneful creature who is not prone to mercy, yet neither is our heedless heroine. Let us then discover now what shall transpire.
  19. The dreaded, disagreeable, and dangerous Desert Dragon did dwell deep within his hideaway hidden in the confines of a remote mountainous region due west and then south of Sulinar. One fateful afternoon he was relaxing and contemplating an attack for fun and feast upon any of the nearby human settlements when our heroine Tarellethiel discovered his lair, catching him quite unprepared.
  20. A vile and formidable creature, the Minotaur boss Holos The Paralyzer is not one with whom to be encountered in a haphazard manner. Leave it to our heroine Tarellethiel the High Elf to stroll into the fight as if she were going to attend a Sunday picnic. Let see what this irritable, powerful, and pugnacious recluse Holos has in store for her.
  21. Our heroine Tarellethiel really must focus in this fray with the vile, despicable, and mortiferous Dark Prince. He is arguably the most difficult of all bosses for a High Elf to defeat due to his use of Expulse Magic which negates the effect of her magic attacks. That effective defense may be combined with his clever ability to disable the buffs that she employs for her protection and to lower the regeneration time of her Combat Arts. Furthermore, this despicable, deadly dark mage also has poison missiles and can awaken wave upon wave of ghastly undead to unite with him in the horrific battle. Let us now discover what transpires in this enthralling and spine-tingling episode of Niobium Tier High Elf Boss Battles. I certainly hope that she has an ample supply of healing potions on hand.
  22. Our diligent and dutiful heroine, the High Elf Tarellethiel, encounters the chilling boss monster, the Swirling Mist of Miasma. In this video you may be able to get a better view of his angry and sinister face while the brave High Elf works to relieve the village of Neithu'Thaz from the bosses' attack.
  23. This time our hero, Tarellethiel the High Elf, takes the business to The Flame Lord in a daring quest. How will it turn out against this Boss Monster with so much fire damage at his command?
  24. Our Heroine encounters the Insect Boss, Scaron, on the Island of a Thousand Paths. Will she allow the enormous eight-legged creature to "bug" her? Let us see what transpires.
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