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  1. Hay guys, I want to know your favorite character build that y'all have made in either sacred underworld or sacred 2. Ill start us out. My favorite build was a dwarf merchant/support character in Sacred Underworld. I got him to about level 22 (as of now) and he focuses on getting the most money out of merchants & buffing my brother's Daemon (the damage dealer between us two). My dwarf wields a large axe/hammer for damage, a musket & shield for taking down annoying ranged/flying enemies, & a small axe & shield for an increase in speed. My dwarf has fully upgraded his barter to his level, has been upgrading his smithing so that we don't need to go to towns for a black smith. his ready to use skills consist of his morter shot, his normal cannon shot, his flame thrower, & a combo that combines all 4 of his passive buff skills (this doesn't include his greed skill, though.) Now that I have given my example, please give me Y'alls builds.
  2. I am aware that there are many who have played Sacred 2, but after some time the game became less exciting, due partially to repetition and subsequent familiarity. There have been discussions in this regard before, but rather that bump an old thread, I thought best to start this discussion fresh and offer several suggestion of my own. There are things that I have found that have helped me continue to enjoy the game and many of you have done the same or similar things, some of which are obvious, yet I thought that by mentioning so many in one place others would find ways to make playing Sacred 2 fun, rewarding, and interesting once again. This thread is for they who feel the need to do so or have suggestions that may aid others who do. First, I would like to mention perhaps the most obvious way to achieve the aforementioned goal is to play the Gold Version with the latest community patch. For one thing it adds quite a bit of dimension and some new quests to the game as compared to vanilla Sacred 2 Fallen Angel. Doing so, you will be set up to select and ready to add some impressive Mods that really change the game and offer the opportunity to transform the game in numerous ways. If you wish for a quick way to see and navigate to some outstanding Mods, simply look at the huge stack of them in below (one may also find them in Flix's custom signature). It is noteworthy that by using the GME, Mods do not have to be permanent as they may quite easily be “switched on and off.” Diablo 2 Fallen Mod Sacred 2 Enhanced Spells Mod Flix's Music Mod for Sacred 2 Elite Mounts Mod Sacred 2 Character Editor List of Mods and Modding Guides Sacred 2 Nexus Sacred 2 undressed Mod Community Items Mod Perhaps the Mod most worthy of mention is Flix's Enhanced Spells Mod. It changes enough in the game to make things quite interesting immediately. The Combat Arts for each of the characters get a new look, but most importantly, each character gets some changes to a few of their CAs that really make thing exciting, such as hurling opponents with the concussive force of specific and powerful CA executions. These changes to the build options for characters makes for an important way for things become new and exciting. The game may become indeed monotonous for the non-adventurous player who focuses solely on one character and one or two different builds. More on this point later, I shall surely mention. More info here: Sacred 2 Enhanced Spells Mod 1.4 The Special Mounts Mod is also an exceptional Mod worthy of mention because each character has the availability of several new mounts which allow them to add to the previous available choices. One character I oft gravitate to is the High Elf; she has the choice (with this Mod) of several specialized dragons that actually fly (up to approx seven meters above the ground; the fight animation is marvelous) and a Hippocampus, the twin of the legendary, "lonely Hippocampus." For more examples, please check here: Elite Mounts Mod Seek new goals in the game that you may decide upon for yourself. One that I have found that works for me is to shop for specific items and jewelry in particular. Because the merchants all around Ancaria will reward the player who completes many quests with rare (yellow) items it is likely that they will vend, with the Bargaining Skill selected, rings and amulets with significant enhancements. For example, Fire, Magic, Ice, & Poison +X% rings that double what is normal for a given level are offered after quite a number of quests have been completed and the region in which they are finished seems to make no difference at all in relation to where they are offered for purchase. Shop for the items that best compliment the build you are working with, of course. I promised that I would address more on the issue of trying new characters and new builds. So, for each that you have played and new ones that, for whatever reason you haven't attempted one may wish to venture into a new selection. I have found that characters that I was hesitant to try before somehow ingratiated and engrossed me as soon as I "adopted" them. There too, the game seems so much different as one trys out a new character and their builds. Yet another way to make the game interesting is to download some new items. I believe that most of the weapons, shields, jewelry, etc. Is now available for download and there is so much to try that will compliment ones character and build. There are two new pieces of jewelry and one sword that was recently made available that are very powerful “developer only” items. In fact, that they will never drop in the game unless, if at some point in the future, they are patched in. Try changing the Game settings to alter the camera so that the zoom curve is different. Although as one gets closer to a "zero zoom curve" it becomes more difficult to move through the game you may find, nevertheless, just the correct angle that enhances the visual aspect in such a way that suits you and changes the game for its betterment. You may also wish to turn off the Buff Display or other settings to make things look a bit different. Are you playing the game on the highest settings? If you have a newer PC and/or a new GPU you may find that the amazing amount of difference in the detail is quite significant from when you played it before on lower visual settings. I found that just adding a new, mid to top of the line Nvidia GPU makes a big difference in the look of the game and the appearance of foliage, ground, etc. and in the textures throughout the game as well. If you have either tried all or most of the above suggestions, or if you are still looking for something else to add freshness, try the Diablo 2 mod. It is truly a stunning and fun new game in and of itself and we have many to that for it. Flix is one of them and he is continually working on it to improve this incredible Mod and push it well beyond its already remarkable state. I don't know how it is possible to make it much more inviting that it already is. I have little doubt that there are those of you who have other ideas for making the game Sacred 2 feel new, different, fun, and exciting. I welcome everyone who so wishes, to share your ideas and opinions here.
  3. Aspect Lore Skills - The Hidden Effects Introduction Players of Sacred 2 learn early on that to have the most effective Combat Arts (Combat Arts), they must enhance them by taking either an Aspect Focus or Aspect Lore skill, or both. Both types of skills earn the player modification points with which to customize their Combat Arts, so picking at least one is important (I usually prefer the Focus skills, but that's a discussion for another time). Aspect Focus skills are fairly simple, because they all do the same thing: they improve regeneration time and allow the player to raise their Combat Art levels higher without a regeneration penalty. Now that's very important, but also very predictable and not very interesting to discuss. What IS interesting are the Aspect Lore skills. Now, according to the manual and in-game tooltips, Aspect Lore skills also all do the same thing: they increase Combat Art damage, critical chance, and casting speed. Seems pretty simple, but questions arise: What about all those Combat Art that don't do damage? Are they enhanced by the Lores? If so, how? And what about all those Aspects that use Tactics Lore as the aspect Lore? Does it act just like the other skills? Tactics Lore doesn't increase casting speed, so how do I increase the execution speed of Combat Arts affected by it? This topic will address those questions and more. CA Effects That Are Increased In Place of Damage Many times when a CA does not do damage, the Lore skill will enhance some other major property of the CA. This section will list those types of "other" effects, organized by the type of effect and listed in descending order of frequency: Life Leeched per Hit (7 Combat Arts): This is a very powerful modifier because it is a special type of damage that cannot be resisted by enemies. Lore skills will boost this damage and therefore the amount healed as well. This property is only granted to Combat Arts through modifications, and it is highly recommended. Note that the Dragon Berserk form has this effect natively but it's not increased by Lore. Armor (7 Combat Arts): Another very commonly increased value is armor (resistances). This applies to both Combat Arts that increase the player's armor as well as those that enhance the armor of any minions (summoned creatures). Note that Lore skills will only enhance armor when a combat art directly provides armor resistance values (flat numbers, not percentages). Hitpoint Regeneration (5 Combat Arts): Hitpoint regeneration is another common property, mostly appearing on buffs and temporary buffs. Lore skills will increase the rate of hitpoints gained per second. Max. Hitpoints (2 Combat Arts): Only two combat arts will boost the player's maximum number of hitpoints: Grim Resilience (Shadow Warrior) and Familiar (Dragon Mage). These buffs will both provide even more life with a Lore skill. Healing (2 Combat Arts): Not to be confused with hitpoint regeneration, Healing directly and instantly restores hitpoints. There are only two Combat Arts that have this effect visibly increased by Lore skills: Hallowed Restoration (Seraphim) and Charged Grid (Temple Guardian). At least 8 other Combat Arts can Heal (for example, several in the Inquisitor's Nefarious Netherworld aspect), but the healing numbers are not immediately visible, so further testing may be required to be sure if the Lore affect them - if it does, then this effect is the most common of all. Block Warding Energy (2 Combat Arts): This value is unique to Energy Shields. There are two energy shield buffs that use a block warding energy value (Seraphim's Warding Energy and Temple Guardian's T-Energy Shroud), and they are both increased by Lore skills. Block Warding Energy is a special type of flat damage mitigation that blocks a certain amount before the damage is applied to the shield/hitpoints. Lore skills will increase the amount of damage blocked. In-Combat Energy Shield Regeneration (T-Energy Shroud only): This value is unique the Temple Guardian's energy shield buff. Normally shields only regenerate out of combat (the rate is increased by Warding Energy Lore), but with a modification, T-Energy Shroud can regenerate in-combat, and the rate is increased by the aspect lore (Tactics Lore). Stealth Value (Shadow Veil only): This is another unique value that only appears on this Shadow Warrior CA. It increases how close the stealthed Shadow Warrior can get to enemies before they "see" him and pierce his shadow veil (ending the cloaked effect). Spell-Banishing Effect (Expulse Magic only): A value unique to this High Elf CA. Increases the effectiveness of Expulse Magic's ability to cancel out enemy Combat Arts (the enemy spell will have no effect). Chance that opponents cannot evade attacks (BeeEffGee): This modifier is available on the BFG and it increases the chance of "sure hit" - a very effective offensive property. Note that several other melee Combat Arts can be modified to have this property, but since the value isn't visible in any tooltips or bonus lists, it's impossible to tell whether it's increased by Lore skills without detailed testing. Tactics Lore Tactics Lore serves as the Lore skill for many aspects of the various character classes. Most but not all Combat Arts in these aspects will be Weapon Damage Based Combat Arts. The increase to damage and critical chance of Tactics Lore therefore naturally boosts the power of any weapon-based Comabt Arts within those aspects. Occassionally Spell Damage Based Combat Arts are found within these aspects as well - their damage and critical chance is also enhanced. It may seem unusual that Tactics Lore (a skill that boosts weapon damage) can also boost the damage of certain spells, but it can in a few instances. Five spell-based combat arts are in aspects that use Tactics Lore: Dust Devil (requires "Sanding" modification to do damage) Deathly Spears Belligerent Vault Killing Spree T-Energy Shroud buff (requires "Derogate" modification to do damage) Note: For these combat arts, Tactics Lore will ONLY increase damage and critical chance, while casting speed is increased by the appropriate weapon lore (for example, Sword Weapons when wielding a sword). This applies to ALL combat arts in these aspects, even the buffs and temporary buffs. This is somewhat unusual and counterintuitive since although the weapon itself may not be used for the combat art, its attack speed is. Remember: For aspects that use Tactics Lore, casting speed and attack speed are one and the same. That means that weapon lore skills (such as Sword Weapons) and modifiers like +% attack speed can boost the casting speed of these spells and buffs. Likewise, the casting speed will be penalized by wielding a weapon with too high a level (thereby lowering attack speed). Finally, Tactics Lore can increase other, unusual properties of combat arts within those aspects. This is a list of all the aspects that Tactics Lore serves, along with any unusual effects is has on Combat Arts: Dryad Capricious Hunter: No additional effects beyond damage and critical chance.Inquisitor Gruesome Inquisition: Callous Execution - Increases life leech damage from the "Draw Life" modification. Ruthless Mutilation - Increases life leech damage from the "Dolor" modification. Seraphim Exalted Warrior: No additional effects beyond damage and critical chance.Shadow Warrior Death Warrior: Demonic Blow - Increases life leech damage of the "Life Leech" modification. Grim Resilience - Increases the hitpoint bonus and the hitpoint regeneration from the "Rejuvenation" modification. Malevolent Champion: Frenzied Rampage - Increases the life leech damage of the "Vampire" modification. Augmenting Guidon - Increases the hitpoint regeneration of the "Healing" modification. Temple Guardian Devout Guardian: Combat Alert - Increases the hitpoint regeneration of the "Repair" modification. T-Energy Shroud - Improves the block warding energy value, increases in-combat shield regeneration of the "Recharge" modification. Complete List of Aspect Lores: This is a complete list of all Aspect Lore skills (minus Tactics Lore). Visiting each Lore's page on the Wiki will list any unusual effects it has on the Combat Arts within its aspect. Dragon Mage: Dragon Magic Lore Elemental Magic Lore Mentalism Lore Dryad: Nature Weaver Lore Cabalistic Voodoo Lore High Elf: Arrant Pyromancer Lore Mystic Stormite Lore Delphic Arcania Lore Inquisitor: Astute Supremacy Lore Nefarious Netherworld Lore Seraphim: Celestial Magic Lore Revered Technology Lore Shadow Warrior: Astral Lord LoreTemple Guardian: Lost Fusion Lore Source Warden Lore

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