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Found 2 results

  1. Problem is that CM patch removes physx, I need this little file so I can enable it, shared file can help other people too, to make Sacred 2 look better.
  2. Hello, I'm completely 100% new here. As soon as my account was validated, I jumped right on to creating this topic. Firstly, I'm a long avid player of Sacred 2 (Have it 3 times ) - So finding out that the servers went down... It destroyed me. I then googled Private Servers to see if I can get any info on if there's anybody hosting some and I found Dark Matters CM Patch 1.40 and I downloaded it. I love the changes. I just want to thank you from Dark Matters so much for trying, and keeping an abandoned game going. Trying to polish out the bugs and flaws, and doing things the original devs appeared they didn't seem botherd to do. I read on the forum somewhere (I forget where) that theres a bug report place for the CM Patch, but I have tried looking for it and I can't seem to find it again, so I will write it here in hope that someone can direct me to the right place When questing, sometimes when a quest goes down a level, it'll direct you to the nearest enterance and not the correct one. I'm not sure if this is just mine or its a CM bug: The Concert questline is bugged for me. Directly after the concert, all the characters dissappear and the quest circle stays 2 quest steps behind (clearing the camp of undead?) Dragon Mage: When in Dragon Berserk, you can temporarily bug duration of it by killing something a split second, or at the same time of when it's supposed to end. I did this, it gave me an extra 10 minutes at least. Seraphim: When using skills, and dual weilding, sometimes she'll not use the skill, but it'll go on cooldown still. Dryad: Sometimes she'll say there's too much junk in her trunk, but her ass isn't fat. Not sure if this is an actual bug though. I'm sorry for a stupidly long post for my first one. But I really did just want to give my appreciation and my bug list. I hope theres going to be more patches. You've achieved to get another fanboy of Dark Matters. <3 Thank you again so much for keeping Sacred 2 alive. ~Saeo.
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