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GuildWars Character Show Off and More


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I made a thread about this as the intrest in gw is rising, im sure there is an old thread like this but I made a new as the intrest is.. new? o.o


Anyway, post pics of toons you want to show of, achivements you are proud... etc here (in pictures ofc)


the toons I play the most; never decided for a main rly.. lol.




Warrior: Deadly sweet spice

Ritualist: Erling spicy ritual

Assassin: Spice roal assassin

Monk 1: Healthy spice

Monk 2: Healing spice

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EDIT: Sorry, forgot to add my thoughts about your post, Erling. Is that the Assassin's Monument armor set? Also, well done on getting the different unique gauntlets! :paladin: Closest I've come is collecting about 40 destroyer cores :(


I've been playing GW off and on since the beta and all I have to show for my accomplishments is an achievement done in the very last expansion of the game, GW:EN. I have a full set of the Ascalon Ebon Vanguard (Monument) armor bought with having enough Ebon Vanguard reputation points. Here is my main char, Churduk Ladoch, wearing the set:




Sorry I don't have a direct image link. I'm at work and don't have access to my thousands of screenshots :D


The only other thing I've come close to bragging about is I have 3 or 4 pieces of the Ritualist Elite Luxon armor set but I'm not even close to being able to afford the next couple pieces.

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My toon is still such a noob. Especially since I haven't been able to play since college, because...whatever reason XD;;;


I'm jealous of your awesome armors! o3o

Maybe when I get my computer again we could play ;3


One of these days I'll be cool, and then I'll post a picture <3

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