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LocNar's Mob Ruling Inquisitor

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Howdy all!


I've been wanting to create an Inquisitor. I had previously made a dual wielding offensive crusher and also a corpse exploder but was never really satisfied with them. Then I started this Inquisitor and found almost by accident that he's a very successful crowd controller and effective overall character. Some of the mods can be messed around with but the major points are laid out below. You may scratch your head a bit but he's proven himself well with no deaths and barely taking any significant damage.



Level 1-50ish: Vitality

Post 50ish: Intelligence



1. Nefarious Netherworld lore [keep up with level]

2. Astute Supremacy Lore [keep up with level]

3. Dual Wield

4. Concentration

5. Nefarious Netherworld focus [as many points as needed to keep regen playable]

6. Astute Supremacy focus [as many points as needed to keep regen playable]

7. Constitution

8. Armor Lore [mastery]

9. Bargaining [get mastery at least]

10. Toughness [mastery level]


***Note: You won't see any tactics lore here but he doesn't need it given his high magic abilities; dual wield with CE is a very good attack***


Combat arts:

1. Buffs:

a. Reverse Polarity: The mods to use are to reflect as much as possible [this really takes effect later on when half of the attacks are being reflected.]

b. Zealous Doppleganger: This buff provides a great meat shield and can wreak havoc all over the place.

***Note: Given this character isn't a melee machine so Purifying Chastanement isn't necessary. Plus Soul Reaver doesn't work well with the Doppleganger's ability to cast it also***


2. Attack Combat Arts

a. Callous Execution: unmodded. I use it as my main attack. [socket your weapons in another slot] The damage isn't huge but with dual wield you get 2 strikes and can still cause significant damage.

b. Clustering Maelstrom: mod for higher damage [not higher colision dam] and increased range. I also found the bleed mod to be useful.

c. Levin Array: mod for increased range and crits.

d. Eruptive Desecration: Mod for increased range and damage. [Great for cleaning up mobs]

e. Disloged spirit: Mod for increased duration and dam [excellent against bosses]

f. Inexorable Subjugation: Mod for increased dam and life of the 'subjects'

***Note: Paralyzing Dread is bugged on the console and will not work***


3. Items:

a. I really like Ker's Hand with this build. Gives you +experience and good sockets for those +all skills ammys and rings.

b. Some of Idgard's are good like the helm, armor plate, and shoulders [stay away from the gear that promote GI arts as you won't get much use from those]

c. Gear with increased run speed works very well to keep the Inquisitor moving and laying waste in a hurry.

d. +all skills gear is necessary, hence the bargaining skill. This build requires high levels for health and regen and can use all the help he can get.


4. How to use:

a. Callous execution is your main melee attack. Slot it as your main 'A' button

b. Get your buffs up a fast as possible [obviously get the doppleganger first, then mod Reverse Polarity]

c. For single or double enemies: cast an Inexorable Subjugation and take over one enemy, then CE the other one. Do this often! These 'subjects' will fight for you relentlessly until they 'die'. You get the experience from their kills. I haven't seen a cap on the amount of subjects you can have so create a mob of your own and watch them crush everything around them. Also, at times your doppleganger will cast IS too. When he does, assist in the kill as his IS isn't nearly as strong as yours.

d. Mob control: Combo up Clustering Maelstrom with Levin Array. Then use IS and CE or blow up a corpse to clean it up.

e. Bosses: Here is where things get a bit slow. If you have a mob, then things will be much easier. But combo Dislodged Spirit with Inexorable Subjugation on the boss, then CE him, and re-cast the combo. When your regen gets fast enough, you can re-cast the combo without even using CE. The boss will barely have enough time to swing on you. And with Reverse Polarity, there's a good chance that you'll reflect it anyway.


Good luck and have fun with your own personal mob fighting in your honor!



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Level 80 in platinum. No deaths and using Inexorable Subjugation to create a killing horde, usually around 5 active at most times. Even though there's no offensive skills, the dual wield remains a good and simple choice against most enemies while subjugation recharges [which is quick].


Mob killing remains simple and easy. Bosses/mini-bosses offer no difficulty.



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