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Hi all!


There is 8 skill quest. That means in each difficulty u can get 14 skill and 3 atri points.

So how u gone do that in easy way? Without run out of air in each difficulty and take more then 3 4 hours to do all of them.



In multiplayer cooperation and underworld campaing u can save and u can change the difficulty without do the campaing in each diffculty like in single.


So u need to be around level 50 - 55 go on the skill quest and before u take the rewerd just save. Change to silver or gold go on and the all of the reward again. Thats all. :D

In bouty hunt quest u need to do it in cooperatin mode just save before u take the reward each of the kills. And if u reach around 20 22 u will get the skill reward.

IN MULTI PLAYER EVERY SKILL U CAN GET ONCE. I tried. I am just curious about that. Except the become of the true warior.


Become the true warior:

This is little tricky.

So u need to save before u get the legend weop, kill the golem and the guard and between u fight with the guard.


Before the guard way:

If u load the saved game, and wanna talk and figth with the guard they wont... Couse u need to kill the golem to achieve that. Thats why u need to save legend weop and golem.


Between fight with the gaurd:

In this case u just load and kill the guard this is the easiest way, but this is buggy.

Example: If u go with the level 100 char, the gaurd will be level 100 when u fight with them. Then u wanna do it with a level 50 char in bronze and the gaurd again level 100 so u will die or hardly survive it before u quit. THIS IS BUGG, but we generated. :(

The trick is that u need to be level 60 and do it the same time silver and gold. Save another between the fight so u will have 2 of them and the another one try to do it on 140 level platinum and niob.


Why I not recommanded to do on level 60 bronz too? Couse if u reach level 61 u cant go back to bronz... So u try to do it on 55 as many as u want and reach level 60 and go back to do in silver and gold too.



In this case if u deal with the guard in fight more then once. U can get more skill points. So if u dont care the more skill just kill all of them and quit. If u wanna the 6 points and u dont reach it first time. Just quit. These means 1 or 2 will need to live not to cheat.


Otherwise u get 2 - 4 points and if u go back u get again and again when u kill the last one too. I tried with a TEST char so I got 3x 2 points.


I hope I could help u. :D

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