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Sacred Guides, Builds and Maps for the Game, Extensive Listing

An extensive listing of Sacred guides, builds and maps for the game.

  1. DarkMatters Featured Sacred Guides and Builds Index

    All Sacred Guides in an extensive listing and index here at DarkMatters.

    2 posts
    2 topics_no_number
  2. Sacred Guides: Unique and General Gameplay Guides.

    Miscellaneous guides for unique builds and overall better Sacred gameplay. These are about imagination and vision. Enjoy.

    353 posts
    36 topics_no_number
  3. Sacred Guides: The World of Ancaria According to Myles

    Various reference articles regarding the world of Sacred as compiled, written and edited by Myles.

    50 posts
    9 topics_no_number
  4. Sacred Guides: WoodElf

    Builds on making this jack-of-all-trades fighter do his best.

    118 posts
    14 topics_no_number
  5. Sacred Guides: Gladiator

    Builds for the strongest toon in the game.

    98 posts
    9 topics_no_number
  6. 128 posts
    11 topics_no_number
  7. Sacred Guides: Seraphim

    How to make yer Wonderbabe sing!

    128 posts
    21 topics_no_number
  8. 51 posts
    8 topics_no_number
  9. Sacred Guides: BattleMage

    Post your Battle mage builds here.

    127 posts
    11 topics_no_number
  10. 75 posts
    7 topics_no_number
  11. 59 posts
    15 topics_no_number
  12. Sacred Videos: Community Submissions

    Sacred builds, strategies, tips and tactics all brought to life in video. This forum welcomes video submissions from the entire Sacred community. Get those cameras rolling!

    371 posts
    47 topics_no_number

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