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A little problem with GOG Oblivion.


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Irritating rather than life-threatening.

I have played Oblivion for a long time. I love designing little mods, but that is "by the way". I have original disks, and have been using copies to preserve them. I got a bit sick at having to put the disk in the drive every time I wanted to play. So when the drive on the laptop started refusing to read the disks, I turned to GOG and bought their version - no disk needed.

BUT ....


OBSE Loader


You have an unknown version of Oblivion. Please check http://obse.silverlock.org to make sure you're using the latest version of OBSE, then send an email to the contact addresses listed in obse_readme.txt if this version is not supported in the latest release. (CRC = E243684D)




Much of the game runs without OBSE (I think), but it is an irritation. Works OK on PC.

I tried to get new versions of OBSE but got in a right old tangle and gave up

Anyone else had this problem?

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From what I understand certain files from the base game (BSA's?) are expected to be dated at a certain date (from back when the game was released). This is how mod programs identify the game files and then load other mods and scripts afterwards. The files from the GOG version have modern dates, which screws up the load order. The solution is to adjust the dates somehow. Check the GOG forums, I was reading something about it on there the other day.

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It might actually be almost as fast to simply install the GoG version to a different folder. I have 4 different copies of Sacred 2, one is from GoG, they all run with no problems.

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