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Dual wielding toon

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Hi guys....well...this whole HE has turned out not to be exactly what I was hoping for but the game itself is awesome and I can see a lot of potential :)

I was fooling around with Shadow Warrior and Inquisitor. And I like Inquisitor's look way better ;) 

I also fooled aroud with dual wielding.

What toon would you recommend for a dual wielding character - inquisitor or SW? I am not hellbent on playing on Nobium - I will beat the game on silver and play on gold or platinum.

Ive already googled it but didnt come up with definitive answers and u guys here are certainly best-informed :)


EDIT: I remember reading something about going 2h weapon...too, so dual wield or 2h? I need something easier...less...strenuous on my intelligence ;) 

Cheers :)

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In my opinion the Shadow Warrior is the easiest class to play because it's simple and effective, the Inquisitor probably has a lot more of micromanagement involved.

With that being said dual wield is your go to option if you don't want to choose a weapon skill, since it overturns the attack speed and attack value bonuses of the weapon skills. So you can just go for dual wield and pick up whatever weapon you fancy the most. Concentration for playing with Grim Resilience and Reflective Emanation, a balance between offensive and defensive skills and you're set.

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