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Usurer Quest Bug?


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Doing a quest with the Inquisitor in Thylysium called "The Usurer's Quest". I'm assuming this is part of the Shadow campaign; I've never seen it before. Anyway, you are tasked with collecting money from  three (I think it's three) people who owe the usurer money. I found the first two and collected the gold no problem. The quest circle then takes you to a third house, but there is no money to be found. Is this something that takes a while to show up, or could the quest be bugged?



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It's a very buggy quest that was unfinished in vanilla release.  This was supposed to be fixed in CM 1.60.  I know Marcus made some updates to it that were included.  I contemplated porting over some additional quest changes to Enhanced Edition that Dmitriy made in his mod but I can't remember if I did so.

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Sounds like the quest is still unfinished. In any case it cannot be completed by my currently in use character. Unless the bug is random. I'll try again at a later date with a different character and see what happens..


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