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How do slot multipliers in the balance txt work?

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I'd like to mimic niobium level smithing in silver for a row of experiments. Unfortunately, I have no idea which values to input. 

The goal is to try seperate builds for my melee seraphim with strong depence on specific stats like crit or attack speed. 

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15 hours ago, Flix said:

  ForgeSlot_BronceFactor = 1000,  -- 100%
  ForgeSlot_SilverFactor = 1070,  -- 107%
  ForgeSlot_GoldFactor = 1150,  -- 115%

Adjust values accordingly.

Yes, but I don't know what numbers to input to mimic niobium.

Or if I should edit the second slot thing in the balance txt, bc someone made a post once saying that if you don't, the changes won't be applied to the character. Further, I'm not even sure how exactly smithing values have changed with the community patch( + addendum). Smithing arts have lost their value, + speed values don't behave as they should and I have no comparison point for rings/amuletts. Specifically, I'm not sure yet if the broken +casting speed is a bug or a feature, or if casting speed would do anything for the seraphim in the first place. Yet, it's my nr. 1 struggle with the build.

What good are combat arts with an animation so slow? She does more damage straight up hitting things with her swords 90% of the time. Increasing crit to around 50% has helped, but it's not perfect.

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