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  • The title was changed to How to edit Sacred Underworld skills?
2 hours ago, CarlJohnson said:

I would like to change some skills parameters (for science), but I don't know how.

I will try to help you,but I need to know,what do you want to change? if the skills for eg at 10 points give 150% spell regeneration you want something like 200% ? 

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On 4/2/2021 at 12:53 AM, CarlJohnson said:

I want to increase duration of Gladiator's Dagger Stare and Heroic Courage.

Aaa you re talking about abilities/combat arts,dont know about that ,you should contanct someone from Reborn mod ,they have change parameters on abilities ,so they know,im not sure if they are gonna help you,but you can try 

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