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World Map Floating Text

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Is there something I can do to make the floating but persistent gray backed text labels be removed from the world map?  I don't mind them when my mouse moves to area, but the unnecessary "Active Resurrection Monolith" type of stuff where it is clearly marked by colored monolith on the map and place names is really annoying, making it difficult to study the map in detail.  I was hoping a key press would toggle the labels on and off, but it doesn't appear that is how it works.

Is there something in options file or script files that would disable it?  

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Thank you, that did it.  I didn't even realize the map had anything at the top right.  What a surprise.  Thanks again, that did the trick.

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52 minutes ago, Flix said:

One of the filters at the top right should turn them off.  I think it's "world objects".

Oh man, this isn't really what I was after.  I finally noted that "World Objects" was the text labels AND monoliths, teleports, stash, etc.  I don't want those items to vanish from the world map, just the floating text labels.   It is a half solution, I can toggle back and forth, though using a mouse to do this is cumbersome.  Rather have a hot key.

Just wish I could just get those text labels removed permanently.

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