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High Elf Addendum skill choices


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Hello;) As stated in the topic there are 13 skill slots in Addendum and I would like to ask for Your opinions about best selection for this class. 

It is a fire build btw and in Addendum You can have all 6 mods for each Combat Art.

1 Arrant Pyromancer Lore

2 Arrant Pyromancer Focus

3 Delphic Arcania Lore

4 Delphic Arcania Focus

5 Concentration

6 Spellcraft Lore

7 Combat Discipline

8 Armor

9 Constitution                       

10 Toughness

11 Combat Reflexes

12 Spellwarding

13 Damnification Lore

I think those skills cover it all. There is ton of damage, status effects, DOT, regen, hp, hp regen, reflect damage, more crit for you less for foes, armor, resistances, evasion... You name it...

But there is no weapon or shield skills and most important no Bargaining and Blacksmith. I wish there was 1 more slot at least for Bargaining ;(


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