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Sacred 2 PS3 Build and Group

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I'm playing at Gold atm level 43 seraphim, If someone want to join me you can add my psn: nikydarklord


If you can give me an advice for my build I appreciate it

Seraphim level 44 now and with these skill:

Tactics lore

EW focus (battle stance, pelting strike and dashing)

Armor lore

RT focus (divine protection)

Dual wield







I don't know what to pick, I could pick Enhanced Perception and  Bargaining

Or even pick Warding Energy lore for divine protection buff, I could pick CM focus for heal

What do you think?

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  • Nikydarklord changed the title to Sacred 2 ps3 build and group

I'm level 71 with seraphim niob campaign and still 3 skill to locate

I just create a vd dryad because I never used to play with exploit, I'm glad I can play her xD

Leve 42 with just 3/4H of gameplay, seraphim level 71 with 30H

If someone need to reach niob I'm hosting everyday a public game ^^

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  • 2 months later...
23 hours ago, Nikydarklord said:

Still playing online, my nick on ps3 nikydarklord

Thanks for your player update info, Nicola... and delighted that Sacred has still got you hooked!



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  • gogoblender changed the title to Sacred 2 PS3 Build and Group

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