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High Elf Reborn a small mod to make High ELf great again

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I found out that HE set was build with modifier that don't work on Spell CA : Critical hit, regen per hit, leech life.  So I list them here

  • change "Chance for Critical hits" in HE items.
    • Adornments of the Ancestors - Mitts of the Ancients. >>>> Magic Coup is Hybrid CA = OK ?
    • Celdrahil's Pandemonium - Celdrahil's Flames.
    • Faladal's Blizzard - Faladal's Gloves.
    • Velaria's Heirloom - Hoods & Arms. >>>> seem like a set for use with Weapon (Offensive skill, Attack value, ...) = OK ?
    • Virgo's Revenge - Hands. >>>> seem like a set for use with Weapon (Ranged Weapon, Attack value, ...) = OK ?
  • change "Leech Life from Opponents" in HE items.
    • Adornments of the Ancestors - set bonus. >>>> HP Regen ?
  • change "Regeneration time per Hit" in HE items.
    • Faladal's Blizzard - Faladal's Gloves. >>> Chance to halve Regen Time ?

Interestingly, there's 3 set that are obviously designed for use with Weapon as they have Offensive skill, attack value, or things like that. So it's ok to keep those modifier in it. But I question Dev choice here as HE has only 1 Hybrid CA and no Weapon CA at all.

Anyway, I might have to look at ALL set (and maybe some HE unique) as they have strange design choice, like Dexterity, lack of defensive modifier, etc. And look at the lack of good caster unique weapon (there's like 3 good choice, 4 maybe).


For Critical Hits, there's a few possibility

  • Aspect Lore or Intelligence. increase Crit but also increase damage, etc.
  • Damage (Fire, Ice, Magic, ...). 
  • Ancient Magic.

For Leech Life, there's very little possibility. The best choice is HP regen/s.

For Regeneration time per hit, the only good replacement is chance to half regeneration time per half.


I'm open for any idea or correction. I may have missed a few HE item.




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Found a strange things with missile_adapt. using higher value to get more projectile can lead to having less projectile at after some CA level.
I didn't find why, It may be related to the second parameter but I wasn't enable to confirm it.
So I use 2 lines to add a second missile.

entry5 = {"et_missile_adapt", 300, 10, 0, 8 },
entry6 = {"et_missile_adapt", 300, 10, 0, 8 },


I began to test at level 140+ in nob. Already did a few balance change, I think I will do a few more.

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