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Mythos re-released on Steam on Sept.8, 2022

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I don't know what to say right now, I'm kinda speechless and don't really know how I feel about this right now :



I  was always hoping/dreaming for something like this this to happen,  and it did,

however in a very different and almost unpleasant way . quite different than what I wished for.


Mythos was a very special game to me, almost like Sacred 1 used to be, and I was 'really sad' when these 2 were shut down back then.


anyways, here's the facts:

HanbitSoft Inc. (listed as both Dev & Publisher on steam), re-released Mythos on Sept.08 2022 on Steam.


If you enjoyed the game nearly as much as I probably did, years ago, and always thought it would be nice to have it back,


don't get thrilled just yet - this re-release comes with one or the other caveat :


* this is not the original flagship version - ofc it's based on the (newer, heavily altered) korean version, similar to the one Frogster released back then in the EU (which too was an outdated/snapshot build always a few patch cycles behind the korean one as well) I got no idea if this steam release is based on one of the latest versions koreans had, or an older one..

* they patched out the entire multiplayer/online mode - it is currently SP only.

however you can still see the entire chat interface ingame eg. and can only chat with yourself, if you like - unlike Last Epoch eg. which is also still SP only atm but at least has global/local chat ingame for players to interact with

* the seems to be no more ingame / cash shop..

* ..and lots of items that you were able to buy/find in the korean version had a timer before they would deplete/run out; but since there is no more 'online' play they gave items timers like 'lasts 193831838183 hours' or so, which looks ridiculous/weired (maybe that's also just a string/translation error who knows)

*the game is  - just like the builds they were working on back then over @ Hanbit/T3Ent. in korea, - not fully translated yet..

*.. and it might never will be fully translated by them, because Hanbit/T3 has a (bad) reputation regarding re-releasing of games on steam years after they pull the plug of the original, and then leaving it in whatever state the game had been back then.. see Hellgate London on steam, according to customers/players there is a lot that they could at least try to  change / fix / implement, but it seems they never did.


I bought it anways,  at least it was only like 8€..

I know I shoudn't have, should resist to 'support' publisher/devs which such a rep..

but come on.. it's Mythos !   Im so sorry,  I just had to, see if it's real... :P  :)



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here is a short but really good review that someone did on youtube :




 there's nothing more to add. I don't understand it, it puzzles me a lot, and  just once again, makes me feel a little sad about all this.


ah whatever^^


Cya ! :)

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