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Sirius: Legend Of The Temple Guardian (Short Story)

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Sirius: Legend Of The Temple Guardian

By She-Hawk © 2023


Author’s Notes:


This story is a piece of fan fiction of my own imagination, while in part, remaining faithful to Sacred 2. This story focuses mainly on the Temple Guardian, inspired from the holographic messages left to himself, as well as from the messages left behind in various T-Energy Consoles. My use of English and Grammar are as good as they can be. I tried to use Grammarly for this project, but after reading back what it had done, I did not recognise my own work. I do not expect you to understand this, just please bear in mind before commenting, that this story has been done without the aid of Grammar Check or Grammarly. One last thing, this is a very short story, I did try my best to make it longer, but sadly, my imagination wasn’t up to the task. I ask that you respect that, as well as my lack of good grammar, etc. before leaving a comment. Thank you all in advance.




It Was the year of the Great War. In all of Ancaria, the battle was bloody and devastating. “Kill the dragons, kill them all.” Came several different voices in unison. They were the Dryads, The Seraphim, The Centurions, a warrior race, the High Elves, the Inquisitors and the Temple Guardians, biomechanical beings that have waged their own war on the Seraphim alone, but as of right now, all of the waring armies had come together because they all had one common enemy, which was the dragons. Ever since they had emerged, they had attacked all of the different races without provocation.

However there were also several disputes over the use of T-Energy, a power that only a select few had access to, but the other races wanted access to it too, believing that they had just as equal rights to it. So once the dragons were dealt with, they will go back to fighting each other.

The battle was finally over, he could rest for a while. But that was when it hit him and it hit him fast. Everywhere he looked, there was carnage, death, and destruction all around him, the carcasses of dragons and other creatures lay strewn all over the battlefield.

“What have I done?” He said, but that wasn’t right, he was part of a collective now under the control of the Great Machine, he was they, them. But something had changed and he was not too sure what that was, or why. “Come on Brother, we are leaving now.” He looked up and saw his brother or at least one of them.

“Solon. Why are we here? Why did we have to fight?” He said. Wait… he had a name too, it was vague at first, but yes, he had a name and it was Sirius. But they, don’t have names, or do they? “You must be, malfunctioning brother. That name is meaningless to us. We no longer have names, for we are the Temple Guardians and we are many.” Replied the one that Sirius had addressed as Solon. But what they had said, did not compute. Temple Guardians are what they are, not their name, yet that part seemed right, sort of.

It was all very confusing for Sirius. “No brother. I am not malfunctioning.” Said Sirius all of a sudden, as though he was sure of himself. He was, well, sort of. It was as though he was almost two distinct individual entities, all at the same time. Though, that did not seem right either. No matter, something else was bleeding through, something that Sirius had no time to completely analyze.

“Yes, brother. You are. We have won this war. It was our destiny to win this war. Let us help repair you.” All of a sudden, an arm came jutting out of Solon’s top left shoulder, but at the end of it, there was some kind of a probe device, which he now intended to put through and into their brother’s head. Being part of a collective, Sirius had sensed his brother’s actions, but rather than allow the probe to penetrate through his head, his defenses took over, and quickly with his sword in his hand, he sliced off the arm that protruded dangerously close towards him.

“Why do you attack us, brother?” Asked Solon in shock and alarm. “No, why do you attack me?” Asked Sirius. “We were not attacking you. We were attempting to repair you.” Replied Solon. “I am not malfunctioning.” Replied Sirius in anger. Wait… What was this? An emotion! But Temple Guardians do not feel such things.

As strange as it was, it was there nonetheless. “I am not defective brother, you are.” Replied Sirius and Without warning, another arm came from the top of Solon’s other shoulder, but once again, Sirius immediately detected this, and with his sword, he sliced off the other offending arm, knowing that his blade was the only weapon that could cut through Temple Guardian Armour.

Solon then suddenly charged at Sirius with their sword and both swords clashed together, deflecting blow for blow, being brothers, or part of the collective, made them more than an even match for each other. Neither of them could get in a striking blow that would do any much damage. But just then, Solon somehow was able to attack without Sirius being able to detect it.

‘Not possible.’ Thought Sirius, but he now looked at where his left arm had been completely severed. “You will pay for that brother.” Remarked Sirius in full, complete anger. But this emotion was a negative one and it had now caused some sort of feedback or something. As he stopped in mid-swing of his sword. “What… what is this? What are you doing to me, brother?” Asked Sirius in total alarm.

A part of him was fighting to be part of the collective, but also something else was going on that made him feeling emotions to be possible. “We are doing nothing to you brother, you are doing this to yourself. We sense something in you and it is trying to disconnect us. We shan’t allow it.” Said Solon sharply and they now aimed their pulse cannon arm at Sirius, who was now unable to move, as something was happening to him.

But just as Solon was about to blast their brother into none existence, there came a sudden and almighty powerful blast, it came directly from a Seraphim, surprisingly enough. The Seraphim were the enemy of the Temple Guardians, anything that was against the Great Machine was their enemy. But for some reason, the Seraphim were, even more, their enemy, but Solon never questioned their core directive.

The blast, however, was so powerful, that there was simply nothing left of Solon, there was now, just a pile of dust on the ground where he once stood. “Why, why did you help me?” Asked Sirius in total confusion.

“I sensed a change in you and I found in you a kindred spirit and I simply could not allow for you to be destroyed, even though we both serve different creators. There is, however, something of the light within you, which in a sense makes you kind of a brother to me I suppose.” Remarked this rather unusual Seraphim.

“Your brother! But we… I mean I. I am not related to you in any way whatsoever.” Said Sirius.

“Yes, I am very well aware of that fact. But like I said, you and I are connected now, as you have the power of the light inside of you and there is nothing that you can do now to change that fact.” Replied the Seraphim.

“Light? What light?” Asked Sirius in total confusion.

“I do not fully understand as yet, but you have been touched by the creator. He must think that you must be worthy and it is not my place to question his divine gift upon you. Though my sisters would completely not understand or even accept such a fact.” Replied the Seraphim, sounding a little sad upon saying that.

“Then if I may ask. What makes you so different?” Asked Sirius, feeling weaker with every passing moment. Something was changing him all right, but what, he could not completely fathom, nor was his mind, able to process any of it at all. Too much was inside of his mind and it was as though he was now having a battle from within, he was having a battle with himself. Which made no sense.

Regardless of that fact, something was happening and it was completely beyond him to be able to do anything about it.

“I honestly don’t know. I have always been different from my fellow sisters, which sadly made me an outcast to them, so now I travel alone in the hope that one day I will be able to reunite with my sisters.” Replied the Seraphim.

“I am… S… Sirius.” Replied Sirius feeling the strain on his entire body and mind.

“I am Seraph-Thena.” Replied the Seraphim and she helped Sirius get to his feet. “What you are feeling right now is the Power of the Light completely purging the darkness from within you. Though you might not be quite the same afterward.” Remarked Seraph-Thena matter-of-factly.

“We. I mean me. I. I cannot lose my memories. I do not want to lose my sense of self, not ever.” Replied Sirius.

“Then I suggest that you activate Emergency Protocol Alpha One.” Suddenly replied Seraph-Thena.

“What? Wait! How comes you know so much about us? I mean about us Temple Guardians that is?” Asked Sirius in shock and alarm.

“Oh, you would be very surprised as to what I know. Remarked Seraph-Thena.

“Where… where are you taking me?” Asked Sirius.

“I’m taking you to an ancient sacred burial site that will be able to hide you from being detected by the Great Machine.” Answered Seraph-Thena.

“We. I mean, I… I do not know of such a place.” Said Sirius sounding a bit puzzled.

“Of course, you don’t know. No one does except for me that is.” Replied Seraph-Thena.

“How comes you know and are aware of such a place then?” Asked Sirius curiously.

“The creator has endowed me with special knowledge that only I, for now, can know about, until when the moment is right for the time that my fellow sisters are ready to be given such knowledge too.” Replied Seraph-Thena, somewhat cryptically.

“I don’t understand.” Replied Sirius.

“Neither do I, just yet. But I am patient. I know that I will understand fully and completely in time. Once I have gotten you to the ancient, sacred burial site, you can initiate the Emergency Protocol Alpha One Program there.” Said Seraph-Thena.

It was a long journey and Seraph-Thena made sure that they were not being followed. She kept to the shadows, as so not to be seen with the Temple Guardian. For she knew the truth, that the Temple Guardians were the once great protectors of Ancaria, way before she and her kind had come along and they did not like the fact that something rather than someone was doing their job for them. Though that matter is a lot more complicated than that.

But right now, Seraph-Thena did not focus on such matters. She finally came to the entrance of the ancient sacred burial site that was oddly located in TyrLysia, which was a stone’s throw away from Sloeford, which was a quaint little village. The ancient sacred burial site did not look like anything remotely special, but that was the whole point of it. That way it could be kept safe in plain sight and no one would ever be the wiser about it.

“What about my arm?” Sirius asked.

“Don’t worry there are a few of your kind too, scattered about the battlefield, I’ll take one of their arms, that will do.” Replied Seraph-Thena and she was then soon on her way.

When Seraph-Thena got back, she began to set about fixing Sirius’s arm. While she was doing that, there was a full complete hologram of Sirius, that appeared in front of Sirus. The only difference between the two Temple Guardians was that the Hologram’s left arm was intact.  However the Hologram was supposed to look like that, as it was a representation of his true self.

“Oh dear, this arm will not do at all.” Said Seraph-Thena, but it was a good thing that she had decided to bring several pairs of arms with her, just in case. But to no avail, none of the other arms would attach to Sirius’s left shoulder. But just then, Seraph-Thena had a sudden idea. The hologram’s prime directive was almost complete, when Seraph-Thena, came up to Sirius, holding something in her hands.

“What is that you are holding?” Sirius asked.

“It is your new arm, I made it myself. I had to do so because your true arm was cut off in such a way that no other actual Temple Guardian’s arms would fit into your shoulder joint, but this one will, as I have made it specifically for you and the problem that you have with your shoulder joint mechanism.” Remarked Seraph-Thena sounding quite pleased with herself.

“Then please attach it quickly. I can feel my systems starting to shut down.” Said Sirius, a little harshly, though he did not mean to do so.

“I shall seal up this tomb, for when the day shall come for you to be reactivated. As your battle is not yet over Sirius. Not by a long shot and I am sorry to say that I, however, shan’t be here for when that day shall come. As it truly will do so.” Said Seraph-Thena, as though she knew something that Sirius did not.

But Sirius said nothing, did nothing, for he had completely shut down. Seraph-Thena was soon outside the entrance of the ancient sacred burial site alongside the hologram.

“Here we must part ways.” Said the Alpha Copy of Sirius.

“Then I suggest that you shield yourself from being detected by the Great Machine. Also as a safety precaution, to ensure the memories that you now hold within you remain safe, find a way to keep them safe in different containers of some sort, that way it will make it near to impossible for the Great Machine to find where they are. If you keep them, they and you won’t be safe at all.” Said Seraph-Thena.

“In that case, I will use the various T-Energy Consoles, the ones that are working that is. I shall hide the memories inside those and deactivate them. They shall only be able to be reactivated by Sirius.” Said The Alpha Copy Hologram and then he was gone.

Seraph-Thena though did not want to leave Sirius behind. “Do I really have to leave Sirius behind though-art creator?” She asked. Just then a voice from thin air boomed loudly in reply to her.

“Yes, my child. Don’t worry, his destiny is now his own. I need you elsewhere. When the time is right, you shall be reunited with him and of course, your other sisters.”

With that, Seraph-Thena used her powers to seal the entrance of the ancient burial site, and then she left, knowing that her sort of brother, would be kept completely safe.


The End.































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