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Suggestions for the DarkMatters Download Section

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On 2/12/2024 at 7:56 PM, Lindor said:

The darkmatters download section is not very well structured, honestly it's a mess. Why not structure everything by dependencies? E.g. I never know where to upload my tools to. They're not CM or I&B or EE specific. The section really needs to be restructured.

I don't know why but I feel like sharing my ideas today.

I'm thinking like following ideas:

  1. A Tree-Based dependency system for mods and character downloads
    • Require everyone who wants to upload something to mention dependencies on upload so it gets automatically sorted into the tree which gets automatically structured this way. Basically Everything in the tree would at some point depend on Vanilla, which of coure is not downloadable.
      The download section will then automatically be structured based on the dependencies chosen.
  2. also a tree-based category system:
    And I think this should be a whitelist, no other categories allowed. We don't want people to upload their music or sweet cat images here.
    • mods
    • Modding Tools & Spreadsheets
    • Characters
  3. Also a Tag-Based Category System for Mods
    XOR: Exactly one must be picked.
    OR: At least one must be picked. Multipe can be picked.
    • "SMALL", "MEDIUM" and "LARGE" (XOR)
    • "Functional", "Graphical", "Sound" (OR)
    • "Well-Tested", "Untested" (XOR)
  4. Disallow item downloads since you can very easily force the game to drop any specific item ingame and if every item gets downloadable for every version of the game, the download section would easily blow up to petabytes and become less overviewable and more messy. Instead, Pin a post with the reasons for this decision and link Flix' Tutorial on how to force-drop any specific item ingame to the download section
  5. Ability for potential downloaders to filter the download section for what you're looking for.
  6. Ability for uploaders to change your selected tags and dependencies anytime
  7. Every creator is notified upon enabling the restructurization of the download section that they have one month to fullfill the new requirements after which an admin sorts the uploads for them. This way we don't loose old uploads for which the creators are not active forums members anymore.
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