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  1. Add this line: mgr.addCreatureSkill( 209, {skill_id = 6, advanced = 0, skill_name = "skill_offhand_weapon_lore", }) Where the high elf (creature 209) gets her skills. They're sorted by skill_id, so you know where to best insert it. Like any other character as well, the high elf won't be able to dual-wield by default, she will first have to learn the dual wield skill ingame.
  2. Well I won't do it for you, you'll have to do it yourself, but don't worry, I will help you if there are any specific questions. If you're novice, I'd recommend to just work on the textures first, you can later try to work on the model once you've had your first success. find the shadow warrior textures (not just the main, but also hairstyles etc.) edit them in GIMP or Photoshop to your liking choose some shadow warrior armor set which has models that fits the style of your dark elfs clothing find their textures edit them to your liking If you take the high elf and not the shadow warrior, you'd have to grant her access to dual wield and edit her voice too, so there are additional steps. Entirely possible but overcomplicating things. You can mod the shadow warrior directly and just turn your mod off once you want to play standard shadow warrior again.
  3. https://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred_2:Tokens 45/(1+((500+100*15)/1000))=27.2727272....
  4. Well that was a brain lag. it can easily be done in creatures.txt. It's about time I get back to odding next week - I'm a bit rusty it seems xD Sure you can mod the shadow warrior instead if you want to do so. Your dark elf doesn't seem to have the muscular statue and the shadow warrior doesn't have quite the pointy elven ears though. The inquisitor's robes on the other hand don't quite fit the armor style, I get that. You can of course also go with the high elf, it's just a little bit of extra work for her voice. Since dual wield can be added more easily than I thought, it's not quite as challenging to go for her as I imagined at first. Just that it might be that there are no animations for her dual wielding, haven't checked. In the end the decision is up to you.
  5. Hello again xD I find it great that you have some ambition to get into modding and while entirely possible, it would be quite challenging to achieve so don't be too upset if it doesn't work out immediately as you envisioned it. Those are not goals which can be achieved easily by changing some code in the Lua scripts. Regarding the gender, the gender itself is defined in creatureinfo.txt. That alone however does not change the appearance of the model and neither does it change the character voice. To change the appearance of the model, you can go easy mode or hard mode. Easy mode would just involve retexturing which can be achieved quite easily with some image editing software like GIMP or photoshop. You can find her textures in pak/graphics02/mq/maps/heroes/highelve and pak/graphics02/mq/maps/heroes/highelve/default. A litte bit more of a challenge would be to replace her model as well. You can find her model and animation files in pak/graphics05/models/heroes/highelve. You can use some male high elve models which are already existing in the game e.g. But you'd need to assure that all the animations work correctly with the new model. Remember you need both the .GR2 file for the animation and the entry in animation.txt. If you want to go hard mode, you could also try and do some remodeling, however that would require you to be able to export your model into the granny 2 file format for which you'd currently need to have access to 3ds max. Or you could wait until some miracle happens and someone sucessfully publishes an importing/exporting plugin for blender. For the voice, they're in the locale/speech folders. You can create new .ogg files using Audaity, e.g., and replace the old ones. For the dual wield, I'm not entirely sure how to do that, it's not a lua script so I assume you'd need to be able to edit the binary dll files in order to achieve this which is very difficult. Flix definitely knows how to achieve that as he's done it multiple times, e.g. granting the inquisitor access to shield lore. Also let me ask: why do you want the high elve to become Drizzt do'Urden and not the inqisitor? He seems like the better choice as he already is male, has a male voice and can dual-wield. You'd just need to edit his hairstyle, maybe retexture some armor to fit his clothing style and you'd be ready to go.
  6. Well I returned the page to the state it was in before backup. We'll see what happens. https://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred_2:FX
  7. contrary to what I said I'm gonna start tomorrow
  8. good weekend sir I'd pobably like to work on the page again this weekend, maybe even today, but I think I wait till you're online you think I can use javascript in the wiki editing prompt, maybe with the html <script> tag? for the table I scripted? I want to try this idea and report wether it worked.
  9. Congratulations and kudos to your endurance! Very impressive
  10. that would be 13:00 for me, right after lunch break We'll see. I'm busy this evening, honestly I'm busy the entire week including the weekend.
  11. Yeah did it. The entire confusion came from the redundancy of the meaning of the word "Set". We should really invent another name for the more general meaning. Something like "armor class" or so. But I'm not entirely happy with that one either, one could confuse it with the damage channel armor.
  12. Uhh nice! Do you know what happened? Can I restore this site safely without breaking anything?
  13. I made a three video series showcase about how I mod the game. Unfortunately the microphone is located directly above my air cooling system which is a little bit annoying, tried to reduce it with filters but it's still annoying, but I can't afford to buy a better setup at the moment so there's no way around that, I'm sorry. The mods themselves are by no means ready for release yet, but once they are, they will be included in my mod. Here is the playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNivmXF9pkw&list=PLsg8VzvHqlE4GSl2LUhOPQiMeBlZH6pyX @Flix @dimitrius154 Sorry for borrowing your good names Any specific area in the game where you want to live?
  14. Is it possible to get the source code of grnreader98v2.1 or v2.2? It's time to attempt creating a Sacred 2 .GR2 import & export plugin for blender. (You know me, I post this, then forget about it and in like half a year later come back and do it )
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