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  1. I have taken alook at the starting attributes of our heroes, the new values will be (compared to EE): As a rule-of-thumb: divide the values in creatures.txt by 40 to get ingame values. Very close but not exactly accurate. The actual values are: Yellow means that there's no changes besides the Stamina increase,Green means there's changes. Since stamina has a highly diminishing return, increasing it will have little to no effect on lategame balance but it will somewhat help with early-mid game and make all heroes have comparable earlygame regen times, not too low and not too high. The inquisitor is an Either-melee-or-darkwizard-not-both kind of character. His debuff potential is highly required when going the spells route, but it makes his gameflow on the melee route feel klunky, just for the buffs there's some justification. It doesn't make sense to give him so much dex. On the other hand, he's a highly intelligent, ruthless, manipulating and super highly willpower kinda person lore-wise, the willpower of the inquisition is never to be underestimated! Now for the temple guardian, there are some major changes coming up soon which will explain the changes function-wise and lore-wise. Stay tuned!
  2. Hey Flix, I have a question about hirelings, e.g. alternate spells succubus: Their spells use "skill_enemy_focus", e.g. "enemy_firespiral" has focus_skill_name = "skill__enemy_focus", yet you didn't give the creature 3099 "Spell_Demon_Succubus_fire" nor their template creature 1790 "Template_demon_any_elite" that skill. Also I vaguely remember you saying somewhere that neither cooldowns nor regen times are a thing for NPC spells. So I wonder: how does this work then? If those are not a thing and "skill__enemy_focus" is actually useless, why does it exist then?
  3. Happy birthday vishanka! There's no birthday smiley so you're getting partying pirates instead
  4. You can find a full list of all existing spellclasses and spellcontroltypes here: lacks explanation though. But should still be useful, as you can go through them and test / rule out one by one.
  5. I don't know what is going on. The game is mocking me. I have done this exact thing already, first just with strength and then with all six of these, and it still broke scaling. Now because you suggested it (thank god!) I did it again, and it doesn't break scaling anymore. I have no idea what is going on, but I'm at a point where I don't care anymore anyway and be just glad that this issue is resolved.
  6. These are my mod's original creatures.txt, blueprint.txt, typification.txt and spells.txt scripts: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ip0Jh5B0re4hDvtVAU2E9AYJjCUxBuV5/view?usp=sharing I know the bug must be located somewhere in the former two scripts (but you need the latter two to prevent wierd interaction). Now please, for Q's sake, @idbeholdME @Flix @dimitrius154 @Vishanka @chattius anyone who is experienced with modding and has some dree time at hand, in the name of kane, can you please help me find out why in the burning hells of the prime evils these files break attribute scaling? I can't figure it out, I want to publish the mod soon and I don't have any more video game / star trek metaphors left. Oh and better don't play temple guardian, he summons fen fires which you are lacking the itemtypes for.
  7. Don't even play with Frenetic Fervor. It's all coming solely from items and the astute supremacy / nefarious netherworld lore skills. Something worh mentioning: I don't really know how intended that is, but BFG combined with pelting strikes has ridiculous attack speed: all the shoots are happening during the casting period. Not saying that it is breaching the cap, but it's behaving dfferently to other weapon CAs.
  8. Well I don't want to record it if I don't have to, but I have inquisitor builds with absolutely ridiculous casting speeds. It's a real machine gun, and even casting the buffs profits from it. I tell you, at least for this hero there is no cap. Don't know if playing mounted or on foot makes a difference.
  9. There is a fundamental difference between spells and weapon CAs when it comes to execution speed: weapon CAs have a cap (with working overcap mechanic, so if you have more execution speed on gear than the cap, then it saves you from debuffs), while spells can get down to 1 frame per cast in theory. I wonder wether weapon lore spells like deathly spears have a cap or not. I have no idea.
  10. @dimitrius154 I'm finished Model: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JD5jL9iGzNKLPzfZr0ztR8WX4zORQxDK/view?usp=sharing UVmap: https://I.imgur.com/EFg8n47.png Should look like this:
  11. And it's time for the daily update again: It's the tiniest amounts of improvements which take the modt amount of work
  12. Getting closer Had to add 1 million Bezier Curves to get here
  13. My opinion: New is better. Warmer colors, individual parts stick out less, grass colors more evenly distributed and all the flowers meld with the environment creating a wonderfully warmth landscape
  14. I'm working on it Want it to be perfect, less Elder-Scrolls-esque
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