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  1. Currently I cannot do much more but to give some advice. There's a slight chance that this will change in the future, but for now: 1. The surfaces in question are "seraphim-angeldustfx-wings-var1_c", "seraphim-angeldustfx-wings-var2_c," "seraphim-angeldustfx-wings-var3_c" in surface.txt. I'd suggest to first look wether the flags = SURFACE_FLAG_OPAQUE + SURFACE_FLAG_TENERGY, shader = obj_d_s_b, is present for all three since that's done very quickly. Remove discrepancies if there are any and check wether that does it. 2. If it's still missing, find the texture0Name = "maps/heroes/seraphim/sets/angeldust/i_sera-angeldust-wings-var1_d.tga" file somewhere in the graphics01 - graphicsxx folders and look for which one of the three is the red one (keep in mind .dds and .tga are interchangeable). Then I'd open the three textureXName files in GIMP for both the red one and another one for which the T-Energy-effect is present and compare the alpha channels of those files. If the alpha channel of the working one's texture0Name/texture1Name/texture2Name image is different compared to the red one's, that's most likely the reason. Copy-and-paste the alpha channel of the working one to the red one using layers, export, re-zip the folder and voila you've got your fix. 3. If it's not working, check wether an accident happened in itemtype.txt. Maybe someone confused "seraphim-angeldustfx-wings-var3_c" with "seraphim-angeldust-wings-var3_c". The itemtypes in question are 10603, 10604 and 10605. surface0 should always be the fx one and surface1 the one without fx. I think that pretty much covers all the options, I'm sure you'll get it to work
  2. Lol you accidentally created something beautiful Iirc, then texture3Name determines the flow of the lava shader. Try adding one additional texture and experiment with it I think flow direction is determined by the texcoords.
  3. Ah damn sorry to read that. Be careful, SSDs are hella dangerous and their danger is widely underestimated, esp. damaged ones.
  4. Phew, that's odd. Then we need to 'fake' it. Two possibilities: 1.Start with the first method of your last post. Add SURFACE_FLAG_SHELLFX and SURFACE_FLAG_TRANSPARENT. Remove SURFACE_FLAG_MASKED. Change fx/blue.tga to fx/noise.tga. Hope is that the normal map noise transfers some of the T-Energy into the transparent areas for a smooth transition. 2. Don't create the T-Energy effect from SURFACE_FLAG_TENERGY. Remove that flag and instead create your own T-Energy effect by using the lava or the mtllava shader collection (mtl=metal=more shiny with fake reflection from skyboxing). You can take a look at how Flix has done this with Tinworas Curse in EE.
  5. Oh yes, I completely forgot about SURFACE_FLAG_MASKED. Transparency on equipment won't be rendered ingame unless that surface flag is present (or SURFACE_FLAG_ZMASKED which inverts the alpha channel). Didn't use that in a while because lazy me used to set the alpha channel in the shader directly. Coding faster than image editing IIRC then with SURFACE_FLAG-TRANSPARENT there's no 'in-between' anymore. The pixel is either fully visible or fully transparent. Therefore it's superfluous to use it together with SURFACE_FLAG_MASKED. Either use the one or the other. transparent will overwrite the masked effect I think. SURFACE_FLAG_SFX has no effect whatsoever on any visuals. SFX=sound effects. I think this is the most promising attempt. I'd go from here and change the texture0Name to your edited version. The intensity of the t energy effect is set by texture0Name's alpha channel. I thought that the glow map, texture1Name might've been the one responsible for the black surface thing, but now that we've figured out that it was just me forgetting about SURFACE_FLAG_MASKED, it doesn't make a difference so you can just revert it back to fx/black.tga or whatever else you want the glow to look like.
  6. Btw your texture's looking great
  7. Hmm strange. I see two possibilities: 1. obj_fx_add doesn't transfer the t energy flag. Try using obj_d_s_b instead (or whatever shader collection the AS spider mount is using) 2. UV mapping issues with the model. Search for the model in the wing's itemtype.txt entry. Add “@te“ (no quotation marks) at the end of the model name. If it's not working, you need to ask someone who is playing the console version to look up the model name for you.
  8. This answers it: So don't worry, now I know enough. Try swapping “fx/black.tga“ with "maps/heroes/seraphim/sets/mystique/c_sera-mystique-wing_fx.tga“ So you're using the same texture twice, once for texture0Name and once for texture1Name. Use the original, not your edited version. Later, if you want to alter the transransparency, ideally you would want the original as texture1Name and your edited version as texture0Name. Which would require you to duplicate the texture and give it another name. Because then you can set the transparency of the effect in your edited version to as much as you want without changing the glow map's alpha channel. Hope this helps, if not or open questions left, let me know.
  9. JSo it is the surface flag we're talking about? I'm sorry, but this is now the third time I'm asking this question, please answer it. Keep in mind that I'm trying to help you from memory, I'm on my phone and not on my PC. For your problem, I think you're maybe editing the wrong texture. Try editing the diffuse map (usually texture0Name), not the glow map (usually texture1Name). The latter's alpha channel determines the t-energy-effect's appearance and the glow strength, while former's alpha channel determines the final texture's transparency. All this assuming that the effect is coming from the surface flag and not the shader and assuming that your surface.txt entry's shader is supporting the three-texture-model as descibed in my last answer. Also the thing with the black surface might mean that you forgot to add a diffuse map in the first place. But if we're talking about the surface flag, then I don't understand why you said it wouldn't work on PC and just on console. Because that's most certainly not the case, SURFACE_FLAG_TENERGY is fully operational and functional on PC as can be viewed in many areas, e.g. the Inquisitor's Astute Supremacy Spider Mount. If you say you were able to get the effect to work, do you mean by adding the flag to the surface.txt entry, by editing a texture's alpha channel, by giving the surface.txt entry another shader collection entry, by shuffling around shader files in shader.zip from console to unified or by editing a shader file in shader.zip itself?
  10. Soo.. what are we talking about now? If we're talking about the SURFACE_FLAG_TENERGY, a more or less detailed description can be found here: Keep in mind that I wrote this before I learned to script shaders. Important to notify is that not every shader in surface.txt supports a diffuse, a glow and a normal map. Some need more than three textures, some support just one. I recommend to use the SURFACE_FLAG_TENERGY only together with shader collections which support exactly these three texture maps (in this order).
  11. Hmm if you haven't already, try turning PhysX on. It changes/enables some FX. Actually Flix teached me that, I think in the d2f sorceress thread. Other than that there's not much I can do without my PC. Also, are we talking about FX, a shader (like e.g. fur.shader), a shader collection (like e.g. tree_TREE or fx7 as scripted at the beginning of surface.txt) or a surface flag (which sometimes, like the fur flag, triggers one or more shaders)? If it's not working, search for the shader in the pak/shader/console folder and copy/paste it into unified (with the correct path). Might have to re-enable the entries in surface.txt, if it's not already done. If that's still not working, I think there's no way around looking into the shader itself. The hard part for you will probably be finding the correct shader file in the first place.
  12. Thx friend, it helped I'm feeling somewhat better currently, at least stable enough to care a little about video games again and thx for advertising my work, I'm feeling so honored!
  13. Thx! I currently don't have access to my PC bcs health issues, but anyone feel free using the model if Dmitriy allows it. I doubt that I'll be able to finish my mod, sadly. But we'll see. It was meant to replace/add to all the female inquisition guard equipment. I propose you could ask @Flix to make such a module for EE for you. He's super friendly and usually open to suggestions, but might not have the time. I think he'd agree but you might have to wait a couple weeks/months.
  14. Hey all, just wanted to let you know that I'm having health issues atm and won't post for a while
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