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Requiem - Character Pix

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Haaay wait for me! lol


Ye, I was sleeping, but but...but. hehe


And I was cooking pancake for lunch while you were playing!


Hehe loging in in 2 mins.

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me and my puppy, Freddy!


level 30 now...bored...alone :S



*old picture*





Edit: LOLOLOL Inserted the chestnut picture from "Currently Eating" topic

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I have not yet actually played this game however I have seen a great deal of it and have begun downloading it to play....

No Lies even I must applaud Gravity corps. Character Modelers they have clearly outdone themselves. from what I have seen they actually did not use mocap to make their character models and even better they did it using simple mesh/polygon models! truly amazing... not too long ago I myself took a whack at a polygon model char.... It had to be destroyed immediately for it was a disgrace to me and my teacher....

LOL anyways jus stopped by to say hello and that someday I may meet you on the game...






Someday soon...

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I miss the pure sauciness of the characters. That and the grotesqueries of the created enemies. A wholly different tone from Sacred 2. Still miss it though.


And btw, mastersgtjames, welcome to DarkMatters.





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