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  1. male seraphim? Good grief no! As for the TG, "it" doesn't have any gender
  2. Your lipstick? You mean, you smooch them?
  3. That PhysX stuff is totally pointless, as it does nothing special - neither in Sacred 2, nor in other games. That's why Ageia went belly-up and was eventually bought out by nVidia.
  4. I'd say, an additional damage of 1 is too ludicrously low to care about
  5. Otomatrix, why is your inquisitor wearing a carpet on the back?
  6. The German Collector's Edition also has an audio drama CD and stickers on top of that - is that not included in the English version? Besides that, I also got a free Sacred 2 T-shirt because I was one of the first ones to buy it when it came out
  7. I think weapons that can only be used by one class (e.g. Blowpipe -> Dryad) should be listed separately.
  8. My Seraphim with her new cat girl look, only one of the hair styles in my new Seraphim Hair Stylist Pack More here: http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?sh...p;#entry6832260
  9. Here's more reason for admiring the Seraphim in my new mod 1.3
  10. Is that guy trying to disguise himself as Seraphim or something?
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